Back to . . . . . Almost Normal 8/5/2012

Whew!  After a week full of out-of-the-ordinary activities, we’re finally beginning to get back to normal here at the Horton house.  As exciting as the Tweet-Up and the Harlem Globetrotters were, I just have to tell you this old girl is ready for some quieter days – and that’s just what you’re going to get on this Sunday evening – normal, everyday doings on Mackinac Island!

Blake arrived in Pellston late Friday afternoon, and for once I greeted him at the gate without a camera in front of my face.  I’ve learned that our grown-up children aren’t nearly as ready to “pose for blog photos” as our grandchildren are, but no worries.  I’ll get him between the cross-hairs of the camera lens a few times before the week is up!  After getting back on the Island, we went straight from the boat to the Chippewa, stashed Blake’s luggage in the corner of the lobby, and ate dinner upstairs on the outside deck, looking out at the ferries coming and going.  After getting up at 3 a.m. in Fort Collins, CO to catch a 6-something a.m. flight out of Denver, and with stopovers in Cincinnati and Detroit, Blake was more than ready to call it an early evening.

Saturday was hot, but during the night the wind started blowing, and by the time we walked down the hill to church this morning, the temperature had dropped, and a sweater felt good.  Much more normal for this time of year!

No big stories to tell tonight.   We strolled downtown this afternoon with Maddie and Bear to visit 9-year-old Nora Bailey, who broke her arm when she had to jump off her spooked horse last week.  After delivering her favorite fudge, we walked back home, and I snapped some shots of the outrageously gorgeous flowers that are blooming now on the Island.  With the heat this summer, and with everyone working overtime keeping baskets and gardens and window boxes watered, the flowers are really showing off!

Before we’d gotten down the first hill this afternoon, we ran into Paul and Elaine Williams, blog fans from Yale, MI who visit the Island several times during the summer.  They were on the way to our condo because they had a gift for Ted.  They said, “Brenda is always getting mentioned and getting little gifts, so we thought it was about time Ted got something!”  Out of the bag came this t-shirt from the Yale, MI Bologna Festival.  The slogan is  . . .

. . . “Full of Bologna and Proud of it!”  Ted loved it, and I thought it was perfect for my hubby!   Thanks, Paul and Elaine!

Only one little section of the beautiful landscaped gardens at Bay View Inn of Mackinac Island.

The side of the Bay View runs all the way down to the Marina, and behind the Inn are shops and the wonderful J.L. Beanery, which offers breakfast and lunch!  Blake loves to sit at the Beanery and work on his laptop when he comes to the Island.  Yep – he’s another one who is forever connected to work – regardless of where he is.  But working there – right on the water – is pretty nice.

Flower boxes on the Island House porch.

Sign of a wonderfully busy summer – the yacht races are all over, but the marina is still full of boats!

The outside patio at the Chippewa Hotel is always a happening place. This afternoon fan favorite Myk Rise was entertaining – every table was full.

We walked up the boardwalk and met one of the wedding carriages, returning a brand new “Mr. and Mrs.” to town.

What an absolutely gorgeous day on the Island!

Hostas near the Grand Hotel shade garden.

Grand Hotel sunflowers!

The Grand Hotel on this beautiful Sunday.

My big boy – posing in the flower garden.

This is from a couple of weeks ago, but I had to share it with you. This Mackinac Island policeman was running radar – parked behind a garbage can on Cadotte.  It’s funny to see it, but it’s also serious.  People travel way too fast down Cadotte Hill on bikes – and most are not wearing helmets.  Very dangerous!

Just crept into the den and caught Blake off-guard for this one. So much fun having him here!

OK – on Wednesday, we really get back to normal.  Mystery Spot, Reader Photographs of the Island, and whatever else might be going on this week on the rock.  See you then!


22 thoughts on “Back to . . . . . Almost Normal 8/5/2012

  1. So glad you get to relax a little and spend some quality time with Blake. Nothing will ever be normal but a little quiet time will be good :). Love the pics and I have a picture of that very same officer in almost the very same place on Cadotte. He was a very nice guy who didn’t mind us taking his picture. Also told us that he DOES give tickets to speeders if necessary. LOL!

    Hi Blake! Enjoy your time on the island!

    • We were in Mackinac the week before the 4th and did stop at welcome center to see if Ted would be there, we are from Albany and were visiting friends in Indiana and went up for a few days. What a lovely island but it was very warm that week, we ended our trip in Chicago on the 4th and it was 106. It was cooler in albany Ga that week, oh well! Angie and Paul Laramore

  2. Brenda,

    Those photos really take me to the Island. It certainly looked like a beautiful day, just the kind you want when you only have a few on a short vacation!

    Question for you, I have two extra days before my island reservations, I wanted to go somewhere on the way that I have never been, somewhere peaceful bed and breakfast preferred…thinking Traverse City, Petoskey, Soo, what do you think would be a good place to stop overnight?

    Looking forward to my mystery spot prize!

    Have a great week!

    • Jeff, if you don’t mind another opinion, our last 2 times going to the island, we stayed at a wonderful B&B in Charlevoix. There are several in the area. It’s a wonderful town surrounded by water inbetween Traverse City and Petoskey. We traveled to Traverse City and visited the Mission Peninsula (only an hour from Charlevoix). Lots to see and do in the surrounding area. Check it out 🙂

      • By the way, go to Mackinaw City by way of “Tunnel of Trees” and stop at Legs Inn for lunch. You won’t be sorry.

      • HAVE been to Charlevoix (although not overnight), and it is beautiful! Stafford’s Weathervane Restaurant is right on the water, and the food is YUMMY!

    • Good morning Jeff! Uh oh – I’m the wrong person to ask about where to stay NOT on the island, because I’ve never stayed in any of the places you mentioned. Let’s ask my readers . . . . can you help Jeff out with a quiet B & B in any of the places he mentioned???

      • Jeff, out on Old Mission Peninsula is a great b&b called Chateau Chantel. It is up on the spine and has views of both bays. Oh, yes it is in the middle of the grapes. A beautiful place.

  3. We were able to visit on Friday and since I’m a landscaper designer, I always enjoy all the gardens. I was able to get over to the west bluff area and hotel and view all the great perennial and annual gardens. So, I enjoyed your pictures! We hope to get back this fall, our favorite time to visit the Island.
    Take care.

  4. The island looks beautiful this time of year. for sharing. Wish I was there. Enjoy your relaxing visit.with.Blake.

  5. We were there on Friday and it was LOVELY!
    My husband and I are hoping to get up there one more time at the end of September.
    Enjoy your time with Blake!

  6. Love that shirt too! Beautiful pics as always….hard to believe summer is coming to an end soon. We are hoping to come up end of Sept. or early Oct. Can’t wait!

  7. Love the photo of the policeman with the radar gun! I can attest to the speed violations down Cadotte as well as a few other places-I’ve almost gotten nailed a few times. Wonder how many tickets he gave out?

  8. Don’t think I didn’t see Blake sitting in my place on the couch. I guess that will be ok as a temporary arrangement.He works too hard. Enjoyed the pictures of the boats in the marina and the other stuff.

    • Frog – Blake says he’s just keeping your place warm for you! Sorry I missed talking with you yesterday – glad #1 treatment is over, and things went well!

  9. Hi Brenda! I have been busy for the last few days and haven’t gotten check your blog. I felt exhuasted reading everything such as the Harlem Globetrotters, picking up Blake, and just the daily life on the island! Are you going to be on the island next week (Aug 14th-18th)? My husband, me, and our furry child/dog (Bear) are coming to the island. We hope we can bump into you.Hands down, my favorite picture is your Bear posing in the Grand’s garden. He looks so picture perfect!

  10. Hi Bree,
    You mentioned you have readers from all over. Bet you didn’t know you have one from Kenya.
    I worked at the Grand and Iroquois the summers of ’62 to ’65. I share your love of the island and can’t wait to read your latest blog.
    I’ve taught in Kenya for over 40 years but still dream of going back to the island maybe in Sept. When it’s not so crowded one of these years.
    I, too, had wonderful grandparents who had a summer cottage on Lake Huron between Cheboygan and Mackinaw City. I never had to spend a summer in Detroit thank God.
    All the best, Bree.
    Ray yost
    Nanyuki, Kenya

    • Ray! How wonderful to hear from you – all the way from Kenya! Isn’t it wonderful that we live in an age that allows us to stay connected so closely to the places we hold dear in our hearts. Please, please try to get back to Mackinac soon. I’d love to meet you!

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