See you Wednesday! 6.17.2012

Hi Friends!

We’ve just walked in the house from a full day of activities.  It’s after nine, and all I want to do is put on my pj’s and hop in the bed.

Hope you’ll forgive me for not writing tonight, but I promise to make up for it on Wednesday with photos from the Dog & Pony Show and the Lilac Festival Parade.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend – we’ve sure had a great one here!

Here’s a couple of photos from Wednesday’s upcoming post . . .

From the Lilac Festival Parade – Dancers perform to music played on bagpipes.

From the Dog & Pony Show – Rescued greyhounds.

Hustle on back here on Wednesday for more goodies from the finale of the Lilac Festival. 

God bless.


4 thoughts on “See you Wednesday! 6.17.2012

  1. Put your pj’s on and get comfy. I’ve seen a few pictures of the parade and can’t wait to see more but completely understand just wanting to chill out after a long day. I’ll be here Wednesday to see more!
    Tell Ted I said “Happy Father’s Day”.

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