Weekend Diary 6/3/2012

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon at 3:48.  I’ve only been outside once in the last 48 hours, and that was a quick out-and-back-in for the pups to potty (and because Ted wasn’t home when they wanted to go out).  Since Friday morning, it’s been cold, it’s been windy, it’s been raining, and I have a wonderful husband who says “Why should you get wet?” (well, usually he says that).  As I write these words, it’s 49, with a wind chill of 43, and the fireplace hasn’t been off since we first turned it on around 7:30 this morning.  It’s one of those weekends that makes me feel so bad for vacationers who are only here for a day or two.

But you know what?  The Carriage Tour carriages have been running all day – filled with passengers.  I’ve seen one private tour buggy after another go by, and the wedding bells at Little Stone Church rang out twice already this afternoon.  People come, rain or not; they explore, rain or not; and weddings still go on – rain or not.  Even when it’s brrrr weather, and raining, and windy, there’s still no place like Mackinac Island!

The Chippewa Harbor View Restaurant, all decked out for a wedding reception/dinner later this evening. (Photo: Chippewa Hotel)

Cute Story

(Warning!  Warning!  If you don’t like snakes, avoid looking at the pic at end of this story!)

We have friends on the Island who have two of the most precious children on the planet.  There were three reasons this little boy and his little sister stopped by our condo (on their way home from school, with their teacher mom) a lot last summer.  Reason #1:  They love, love, love Maddie and Bear.  Reason #2:  I think they like us too.  Reason #3:  Their mom, who teaches science, told them there might be snakes in a couple of wood-covered holes in the yard.  I can’t remember how many times they came up empty-handed last year, but it was a lot.

As I was going out the backdoor last week to walk to town, this same little boy came running up the boardwalk from the street shouting, “Ms. Brenda, Ms. Brenda, I caught a snake!”  And yes, indeed he had – the very first time he checked the holes out this year he got lucky.  He had very carefully grabbed the little non-poisonous (no poisonous snakes on the Island) snake right behind his head, leaving the rest of him/her to dangle down between his arms.  Thank the good Lord I raised boys!

Well, I oohed and ahhed over that snake like it was a soft, furry puppy.  I turned him over so we could discuss whether this was the same snake Maddie had been trying to catch for the last week (I don’t think it was).  Then, after declaring, “I think it’s a girl snake” (I certainly had no plans to dispute that), he was off to show his mom his new green friend.

Two older gentlemen had walked up the hill with him, and they were still standing in the street, looking both a little amazed and a little tickled.  “I’m his grandfather,” one said.  “He was so proud of finding that snake, and he was so excited you walked out at just that moment.  I was scared to death he was going to send you into a dead faint when he ran at you like that with a snake in his hands!”

I just laughed, “Oh no – I never knew what my two boys were going to bring in the house when they were growing up,” I said.

I didn’t mention that if he’d arrived at my doorsteps with a roach, it would have been a whole different story!  I don’t even like to type the word “roach” – gives me the hebbie-jebbies!

A boy and his buddy. His mom told me later that was one happy snake when he was finally released just before nightfall.

Saturday Night

Beginnings of cabin fever setting in.  Saturday night is date night, but with the weather so yucky, we decided to stay home.  Ted cooked up a big pot of chili (perfect for this kind of weather), and now I’m roaming around the condo, trying to find something to do.  So here I sit – writing. 

Even Maddie and Bear are going nuts.  They get so used to spending lots of time outside when we’re up here – running, chasing balls and chipmunks and rabbits, flying across the yard to the Carriage Museum for treats from Denise – and now it’s been two days of only-out-for-potty breaks.  When Bear isn’t walking back and forth to the deck door, looking longingly outside, he’s putting balls in my lap and staring into my eyes with “the look”.  He always goes out on the deck for a couple of hours after dinner to bask in the cool air and watch folks come up the hill.  Maddie is pouting.  Usually Bear can engage her in a ball chase if we’re not interested.  But not tonight.

“So what if the rug out there is soaking wet!”

“Come ON! One little toss . . . just one little toss.”

I think that little boy got my snake.


What a perfect day!  We awoke to clouds, but as the morning progressed, they gave way to beautiful blue skies and sunshine.  Yeahhhh!  Following a wonderful service at Little Stone Church and a quick lunch at the condo, we packed our pockets with balls to throw, leashed up Maddie and Bear, and headed up through the Village for a long walk.

As I’ve mentioned before, up our way most of the lilacs are a little later-blooming than downtown. This deep purple bush/tree was at its peak this afternoon.

This beautiful kitty seemed to be just as happy to be out in the sunshine as we were!

Beautiful day in the Village!

Who’s who? Our walk took us up into the Trillium Heights neighborhood where we came upon some folks sitting outside in their yards with their dogs – two of which were Golden Retrievers almost exactly the same color as Bear. Bear’s on the left, then there’s Katie, a small female Golden, who is five, and then that’s Kirby, a nine-year-old male. I took lots more photos of these three PLUS two more dogs that showed up, but Bear made me promise to let HIM tell the story on the Dog-Eared Page. He’ll have that written up and posted in the next day or two.

From Trillium Heights, we circled around through the woods in back of Turtle Park, walked by the cemeteries . . .

. . . and ended up back at Surrey Hill at the Wings of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory.

How wonderful to see Surrey Hill, where our condo is located, so green after two days of replenishing rain.

Tomorrow I’ll begin volunteering once more at the Stuart House Museum downtown on Market Street.  I’ll be working there on Mondays this season from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  If you’re visiting on the Island and have a few minutes, I’d love for you to stop by and visit.  I love meeting my readers!

See you back here on Wednesday with a new Mystery Spot, some readers’ photographs, and who knows what else!  God bless.


21 thoughts on “Weekend Diary 6/3/2012

  1. We all needed the rain so badly, I’m sure Maddie and Bear won’t mind having been displaced for a couple days when they have the nice soft grass to roll around in; and snakes to chase. In the next couple of days, if all goes well, an old ship called The Keewatin will be making her way through the straits. She left Douglas MI this weekend (after being freed from the bay that’s been her home for some time now). Long story – she’s coming “home” to Port McNicoll Ontario via the long run up Lake Michigan, through the straits to Lake Huron then down to the shelter of Georgian Bay on Lake Huron. If you happen to see her, give a wave and wish her godspeed on her journey. There are far better accounts of the history and the activities leading up to her return to Canada on line. I had heard that she may be docking at the old ferry docks in Mackinaw City for a night or two, but I don’t have confirmation of that. Her new home will be about 4 miles from me, as the crow flies.

  2. I just found your blog! I love it. I have spent the last 2 days reading your past posts and looking at the wonderful pictures. I look forward to reading your future blogs! Sue

  3. So happy your babies got to get out and about today! And you too! Tell Bear and Maddie we’re eagerly awaiting their dog-eared tale. And thanks for posting the beautiful kitty enjoying the sunshine. Great photos as usual!

  4. We had the rain, too, but the back side of that front has been gorgeous! It’s been breezy and blue sky with big white fluffy clouds blowing around for two days now. Hard to beat! So gald it cleared up for you, too. Love the cat picture, by the way.

    A long time ago, on a Mackinac Island Fourth of July vacation in fact, my husband (then new!) taught me a wonderful lesson. Weather happens. If you let it ruin your vacation, that’s your fault! We discovered the Island book store that time, bought whatever looked interesting, picked up some fudge, stopped at Doud’s for some other snacks and camped out in our room for a day or so listening to the horses go by. That was one of the most relaxing vacations we’ve ever had! And it was a lesson I’ve used several times since then. Mackinac Magic!

  5. Beautiful pictures Brenda! We are hoping to come to the island this Saturday, do you think the lilacs will still be in bloom?

    • Some will, yes. I didn’t get downtown today to see what the rain did to the lilacs, but since it was mostly light rains, I think they’ll still be there.

  6. Yeaaaaaa…we were going stir crazy down here too…..The yard/garden/flowers loveddd all the rain, but I was ready to jump off the nearest ledge!
    Shaggy found a snapping turtle … he was ohhhh sooo surprized when he didn’t want to be his new friend! Luckily he was a small snapper, bout 4″ …. so he couldnt break any skin, but sure skerred the daylights out of him! Hopefully he learned his lesson! Turtle 3 … Shaggy none!

  7. Poor Bear. It rained all day yesterday here too. But, my horses still wanted to go out – so I let them. Interesting thing. Rain makes dogs smell like wet dog. But rain makes horses smell fresh and clean??? Go figure.

  8. We never let rain bother us when we are on the island either. We were just glad to be there! I remember the first time we were there, in the middle of October, rainy and cold. We went and picked up a couple of plastic raincoats and started walking the island. Seemed like we were the only ones there. Other then the soaked feet it sure was nice. 🙂
    The picture of the little boy with the snake doesn’t bother me to look at but in person, I would have to stand back a little since I don’t like snakes at all. My boys knew better then to bring them home to me! LOL

  9. I guess sometimes we need rain to remind us to slow down a bit. Love your post Hilde. It was nice your husband felt that way. Good that he could relax.

    Always love the photos. The one of the white cat on the porch is so sweet. The black spots on kitty bring out the darkness of that window. Seems so perfectly “balanced” and serene. Great shot! Have a good week. Can’t wait to hear Bear and Maddie’s story and pictures of their new friends.

    Welcome to the Blog Sue. Now you are hooked like the rest of us!! Enjoy.

  10. What a great story-that little boy looks so proud of himself and I’m glad you were so appreciative of his prize!
    Wasn’t it so wonderful when things cleared up on Sunday? I was so worried-my husband had a triathlon in the morning and the forecast looked just awful. It was very windy but I was so glad for sunshine.

  11. What a weekend you had. Stuck in the house. We UPers call that, cabin fever. Put a fire in the fireplace, put on a pot of chili and grab a good book Hunkering down. Glad the weather has returned to normal. Glad for the puppies too. Snakes can make me want to just scream!

  12. Oh crumbs, I forgot to mention how much I liked the pics, especially of Bear, he is so sweet. Can’t wait to read the dog-eared page and here all about his and Maddie’s adventures.

  13. I can’t believe you told a snake story, Bree. We must be on the same wavelength! (Your snake story comes with a cuter smile than mine.)

  14. Last time I spent a rainy day on the Island, we were leaving – the rain covered the tears.

    Seems like you made the best of it! And I love the snake story!

  15. I saw on the radar that it looked like the rain was hovering over the northern part of Mich for days. We got alittle rain last week, but still need more. Rain doesn’t bother us either…just grab an umbrella and go….and it’s never raining in the Pink Pony or any other establishment as far as that goes!

  16. Brenda, It was so nice to meet you and your famous sidekick Jill.You both are so delightful! After I saw you, I went to get my bike from Mackinac Wheels since it had a flat tire and had lunch on the deck at the Pink Pony. I came back to my room at Cottage Inn and took a little nap. Much to my surprise the nap lasted 4 hours!!! Oh my gosh!!!! I guess I will be doing a lot of reading tonight with the book I bought at the island bookstore. Napping is a requirement when vacationing on the island isn’t it?! LOL!

    • It was great meeting and talking with you today, Yvonne. Napping on vacation? That’s a requirement for sure! Enjoy the rest of your stay – and hurry back soon!

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