We’re Back, We’re Back, We’re Back! 5/15/2012

There are no words to express how excited we are to be back on Mackinac Island.  After the worst trip we’ve ever had TO the island, it’s as though fate said, “Ok, we’ll make your first hours back totally awesome so you’ll forget all the bad stuff that happened getting there.”

We arrived at Shepler’s dock around 1 p.m., which gave us 30 minutes to take care of picking up season tickets, taking care of seasonal parking and loading up suitcases, tote bags, and boxes.

When we arrived on the Island, a welcome committee of Jill, Loretta (who owns Martha’s Sweet Shop), Frankie and Hershey (not pictured), and blog readers Paul and Elaine were waiting to greet us!  We rode over with Mary Dufina, and she joined in with the welcome group also!  Loretta brought a bag of brownies and chocolate chip cookies to “tide us over” until dinner.  What wonderful friends!

First step off the ferry – leaving reality behind.  (Photo: Jill Sawatski)

What an awesome welcome committee! (Photo: Jill Sawatski)

First taxi off the ferry – heading up the hill! (Photo: Jill Sawatski)

We spent the afternoon unpacking (about 1/3 of the way done), then walked downtown for dinner at – where else – the Pink Pony!

Jacob, one of our favorite bartenders, snapped this shot of us in front of the Pink Pony sign. He posted it on the Pink Pony Facebook Page with the caption, “Ted and Brenda are back from Georgia! NOW we’re open!”

Ted and I are literally falling into bed three seconds after I post this.  We are so tired from three days on the road, and can’t wait to be totally unpacked and settled in.

I’ll see you back here on Friday with news of our first week.  Sadly, I have to report that my wonderful, wonderful camera finally bit the dust tonight.  I dropped it as I was trying to do twelve things at once, and it landed on the open lens, which broke almost in half.  It is a goner.  Sometime in the next few days I will need to find a new camera, but will use Ted’s until then.  That camera has been with me through four years of Bree’s Blogs.   I am going to miss it so much.

Thanks so much for every prayer that you lifted up for safe travels.  See you Friday, but you might want to check out the Dog-Eared Page before then for some doggie pics.  Love to each and every one of you.  God bless.


50 thoughts on “We’re Back, We’re Back, We’re Back! 5/15/2012

  1. Brenda, Ted, Maddie and Bear,

    So glad you’re safely on the Island and in bed.

    Sleep tight.
    Don’t let the bedbugs bite.
    But if they do,
    Kick ’em ’til they’re black and blue.

    Here’s to a wonderful, magical, Mackinac Island summer.

    PS: Brenda, I’m sorry about the camera, but then, you wanted a new one anyway, didn’t you?

  2. Glad you all made it safe and sound! I’m looking forward to another summer of your wonderful blog with you on the island. 🙂

  3. Welcome back home! I too am glad that ya’ll made it safe and sound. Nice welcoming committee on the dock. 🙂 Looks like the weather was also very welcoming. I can feel the excitement and joy of being back to the island. Look forward to a wonderful summer of blogs…as always!

  4. So grateful for your safe travels, they may not have been good travels, but we are all relieved that you all made it safe and sound. In the taxi picture, that man sitting next to Ted looks like he is having a regular conversation with Maddie. Looks like the carriage was pretty jam packed too. Question – was your luggage and boxes on there also?? Or are they delivered seperately?

    • We had a couple of bags on the taxi, Laurie, but most of it came up on a cart pulled by a dray. The gentleman “talking” with Maddie is the new golf pro up at Wawashkamo Golf Club. He’s only been on the Island two weeks, but he loves it.

      • So, you all ready met a new friend, and,,,,, perhaps had an idea for a future blog about Wawashkamo?? I am sooo looking forward to learning more about our favorite place in the whole world!

  5. YEAH!!!! Let the fun begin, after a good night sleep, or two!
    Hopefully we will be up to visit soon. Daughter is getting married on island in Sept. and we want to finalize some things. I hope we meet this time!

  6. Welcome back. I love reading your blog all summer. It gets us more excited than we already are for our annual visit in August.

    Time to RELAX and UNWIND!

  7. I just found your blog – it’s WONDERFUL! Mackinac Island is my favorite place in the country. It’s been several years since we’ve been able to come up, and I’m not sure when we’ll get back there. But reading your blog (and I’m in the process of reading ALL of it starting back in May 2009) has transported me there from southern Ohio. I also love reading about both your dogs (although I have to confess a soft spot for Goldens after having had two precious ones – sorry, Maddie). Their postings made me laugh out loud. Great job – look forward to many more pleasurable hours of “visiting”! Enjoy your summer on that little piece of heaven!

    • Welcome, welcome, Pam B! I love having a new reader on board for our summer adventures! Just curious – how did you find this blog?

  8. Checked in last night before we went to bed, but you had more stamina (excitement?) last night than I did! I can close my eyes and see sun slanting in (or is it rain on the roof this morning?), smell the coffee, and hear the horses coming up the hill. So wonderful that you’re back! Can’t wait to hear where you went first (after the Pink Pony, of course!)
    All our best for a magical summer full of special Mackinac moments.

  9. Bet you guys are just whipped from all the travels. So glad you made it safe. I can almost feel your excitement. I still get choked up when I approach the ferry docks and island…it’s a feeling hard to explain, but I know you know what I’m talking about.

  10. How fantastic to smell the fudge & horses and be able to hear the sounds of bikes & horses clomping as they past your house. It sounds so great! I am heading up for a week on June 2nd and staying at the Cottage Inn so I will get to spend time with Joe-Joe. I will try to meet up with you so I can introduce myself!

    • Yvonne – also staying at the Cottage Inn June 2. Love that place! Marge and Rich are the best hosts. Maybe we can persuade Brenda to meet all the blog readers on the Island during this time to meet at the Pink Pony for drinks.

      • It will be great to meet other blog readers who share the same admiration for the Island. I met Brenda last year and she is as lovely in person and she is in her blog.

      • Lora and Yvonne – unless we have company that weekend, I’d love to stop by and meet you ladies. Just let me know the plan.

      • Brenda that would be great. I can’t speak for Yvonne, but any time you are free is fine with me. I am on the Island for a week.

  11. Yeah!! Now I get to live vicariously through your words and pictures again! Thanks for bringing “my heart’s true home” (hope you don’t mind that I have adopted your phrase) to us as I dream for the time my husband and I can be there again. Have a great season!!

  12. Glad that you made it to the Island, but sorry to hear about your camera. Also glad to hear that Maddie is feeling better as well.

  13. Welcome home Brenda. (Before you go off island to get a new camera, try Benjamin Photo. Bob stocks a lot of different kinds. I love the one I bought there last year. And hey, you would be supporting an
    island business!) Again, WELCOME!!

  14. Well, we are back home in southeast Michigan tonight. It sure was a thrill to be part of the welcoming committee for Brenda and Ted and the “kids”. We felt really special to be part of that elite group! Looking forward to seeing Jill, Loretta, Mary, Frankie and Hershey on our next trip in August….oh…and of course Brenda and Ted too. The Island was beautiful as always…doesn’t matter when…spring, summer, fall, winter….

    • Paul and Elaine – it was great to see you Monday – thanks so much for coming down to meet the boat. See you in August!

  15. You arrived right about when I thought you would! I had as much fun figuring out where you were as a kid tracking Santa on Christmas Eve. At dinnertime, I said to myself, ” I’ll bet Bree and Ted are at the Pink Pony right about now”. Glad you arrived safe and sound and sorry you had such an ordeal getting there. Hope the search for a new camera doesn’t take too long-my husband broke his favorite lens a while back while shooting a wedding-he was quite sad as that lens had been with him a very long time.

  16. Love your blog. We have walked the bridge for 51 years. So we go to the island every year. What street do you live on? Would love to see where you live.

    • Hi Sally! We live on Cadotte Ave – up past the Grand Hotel and the horse barns. We live in what the locals call “the Village”.

      • Thanks for the info. That way we can ride past your house. We have been following your blog for years. We love that island !!!!!! Thanks for your response so fast

  17. Happy you arrived safe and sound. Sorry about the problems along the way and about the loss of your wonderful camera. Hopefully you’ll fall in love with your next one. It’s amazing to me how much Paul and Ted look alike in the face….they could be twins for gosh sake! Rest and have fun!

  18. Sounds like you live there for the summer? What fun. Lately I’ve been going there for the internal medicine conference in July, and have started to feel like I need to come every year now.

    • Yes – we live here from the middle of May until the first part of November. And yes – you should come every year, maybe twice a year!

      • Wow, I’d love to spend the whole summer there. Unfortunately that will probably never happen. BTW, I just wrote about a night-time bike ride we took on Mackinac Island on my blog – that is how I found the link to yours.

    • Lora, we have one lilac tree blooming up near our condo, but it is the only one I’ve seen. Nothing downtown is blooming yet.

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