Day Two on the Road – Whitmore Lake 5/14/2010

It’s been a wonderful Mother’s Day on the road.  I heard from all the children at some time during the morning – Jason & Blair, Blake, and Julie. What a blessed mom I am!

We had such a wonderful visit with Ted’s cousin Jan and her husband David, who live just outside of Cincinnati in Ft. Thomas, KY.  Ted and Jan had not seen each other in 31 years.  They played together as children in the summers at their grandparents’ cottage on Lake Huron.

We arrived at Whitmore Lake around 5:30 this afternoon!  The sun was brightly shining, the sky was blue, and it was a perfect 70 degrees. We drove out of the rain around one this afternoon. We took two VERY car-weary pups out for a long walk , then walked across the motel parking lot for our annual yellow perch dinner at Captain Joe’s Grill.

A beautiful day is forecast for tomorrow when we arrive on Mackinac Island.  Maddie traveled well today, and the battery light remained on – with no problems – for over 800 miles.  So I guess the glitch, whatever it is, must not be too important.

Thank you again for all the safe travel prayers.  I hope everyone’s Mother’s Day has been perfect.

We should be on the Island by 2:00 Monday afternoon, if all goes as planned.  So excited to start the season!

Jan and Ted.  What a great reunion!

Ted attended this school as a 7th grader. It was Highlands Junior High then.

The Daniel Carter Beard Bridge spans the Ohio River between Newport, KY and Cincinnati, OH. Daniel Carter Beard was the founder of the Sons of Daniel Boone and one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America. The bridge is known locally as the Big Mac Bridge because of its two golden arches!


19 thoughts on “Day Two on the Road – Whitmore Lake 5/14/2010

  1. Happy that all went well today. Glad that your Mother’s Day went well, as did mine. Tell Shepler’s hello for me tomorrow, tell Jill I said hi on the dock and can’t wait to be there myself and see ya’ll! Another safe travel for the rest of the way!

  2. I’ve been waatching for your post and I’m very glad today has been a better day. The weather has been gorgeous today & yeaaaahhh…the 10 day is looking spectacular even as far up as you guys!
    I’m hoping to get up to the island this summer. My bf hasn’t ever been,,,nor has Shaggy the Dog. I still owe you one of his Kayaking pics too! He’s enrolled into doggie daycare now (he has noise issues…lawnmowers, weedwackers). His doggie resume is growing 10 fold! He’s going to school, he kayaks, he fishs, and is learning how to work an agility course!
    Can’t wait to hear of your safe arrival tomorrow! Its all down hill from here! WELCOME BACK TO THE ISLAND!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Brenda! Glad for answered prayers of a safe travel day. Nice reunion with relatives and talk of the “snows”…..I will be thinking of you tomorrow……

    • LOL! Yvonne – if you asked Ted how many totes/suitcases/boxes I take, he would say “thousands”! Close – but not quite. Let me think . . . one super-sized suitcase for clothes, one super-sized suitcase for all the dog stuff (plus anything of mine I can tuck in there too), two bags of shoes, one bag of books (mine and Ted’s), one bag with my hair dryer AND Bear’s hair dryer and my flatiron and electric rollers, two totes with stuff to take into hotel rooms (one for me, one for dogs), one bag with all the financial/business stuff for six months . . . I’m sure there’s one or two more. PLUS – I shipped four boxes. RIDICULOUS! I have to cut down on this – LOL again!

  4. First of all “Happy Mother’s Day” to all Mother’s. I also want to say “Welcome Back to Michigan, we missed the 4 of you.”

    Yesterday I wanted to leave a comment about the light being on the car, you have the battery light being on, my Mom constantly has her engine light on. She has taken the car in to her mechanic to make sure that everything is okay and he has checked it with the diagnostic and said that nothing is wrong with it, so she rides with the engine light on always.

    I hope that Maddie is feeling better, I have included her in my nightly prayers. Just think, you’re not that far from your Island home.

  5. Glad you made it safe and sound so far. You’ve only got a few hours to go now! Poor Maddie-hope she stays well the rest of the trip. Good luck with the orange barrel polka-seems like there’s construction everywhere up here these days. Crossing my fingers for no delays!

  6. I enjoy your blog, especially since I worked at the Grand in the late sixties. I’ve retired early to write mysteries. My current book is a mystery set on Mackinac Island. I summer in Cedarville and get over to the island for research and good memories whenever I can.

  7. I live in MI and I used to go to Mackinaw every single summer… I miss it so much! I’m living vicariously through you right now : ) By the way, your dogs are adorable! Good luck on your trip today! I’ll be thinking of you, the weather has been good here!

  8. It’s so nice to have the four of you back in Michigan. I’d love to come visit this Summer, but probably won’t make it. I’ll enjoy the island through your wonderful words and pictures. Have a nice ferry ride!

  9. Figure you are somewhere in the neighborhood of Gaylord right about now. Take in a giant breath of Great Lake air for me.

  10. Hooray for happy travels! I’m just a “gearhead’s” wife but, I’d like to give you my two cents about your battery light. If your battery and alternator checked out ok on your truck, you might have a bad fusible link in the wiring harness to the alternator. Either way, you might be running off the charge of your battery and if so, sooner or later your battery will be DOA.

  11. Just catching up on your latest posts….hate driving in the rain. Glad your vehicle issue was really a non-issue. Hope you hate a great Mother’s Day (I think you look alot like your mom). Looks like a beautiful weather week for arriving on the island. Save travels and we’ll be so happy when you land and give us more updates and pictures! Sounds like Maddie and Bear will be glad to arrive also!

  12. Brenda,

    Somewhere along the way I think I remember you saying you would get to the Island about 2:00. Either way, Welcome back to Michigan and Mackinac Island. Isn’t the weather grand for your return? I want you to know I arranged that. Well, I did get a little help from all your friends. And I suspect God probably had a hand in there too.

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