Day One on the Road – Richmond, KY – Finally 5/13/2012

Hi Everyone! 

We arrived at our destination of Richmond, KY around 8:30, and I’ve just unpacked my laptop now at 11 p.m.

It’s been quite an eventful day – we were late leaving this morning, had almost an hour sitting in traffic in Atlanta, and then almost to Tennessee line we had a warning light come on in Ted’s truck. We had to pull off the Interstate and track down someone who could test the electrical system (it was the battery light that was on). That’s not easy to do on a Saturday afternoon. All systems tested “ok”, so we got back on the road.

Then Maddie got car sick – three times. Stopped to wash out truck and do laundry in the McDonald’s restroom (she threw up on a baby blanket I always carry to wrap her up in). Imagine standing in front of the hand dryer in the restroom blowing dry a baby blanket you just washed in the sink.

Then it started raining. Then when we finally got to the motel, we had an issue with the room (long story-too tired to tell). Put the dogs back in the car, where they sat until we ate a burger, then back to motel – raining like crazy while we walked the dogs. Other than that, it’s been a really nice day on the road.

Thanks for the safe travel prayers – please lift more up tomorrow – and just for good measure, would you ask that we have a really BORING day on the road. Love ya’ll!

P.S.  The Dog-Eared Page has been updated!

15 thoughts on “Day One on the Road – Richmond, KY – Finally 5/13/2012

  1. We saw a facebook post today from Caddywappus about bicycle pasta. It made me yearn to be in Mackinac. It is often a tough road to get to paradise..we’ve experienced it many times. And yet it is still home like no other place. There was a time we took a break from Mackinac for a couple years but are once again renewing our love of history of the island, wine from there, children’s toys, horseback riding, that we have once again yearned to be there…The trip to paradise is never easy…only when you miss reminisce about the past and discover new is paradise renewed.

  2. Just want to say Bree we love your posts but also know it can be a long ride getting to Mackinac. Take care and safe travel. Looking forward to your post when you arrive.

  3. Brenda,

    As you’re continuing on your way north to the Island on this Mother’s Day, may you have a peaceful journey and memories of all the good times with your children.

  4. More safe travel prayers coming your way, and hopefully much less things happening then the day before. You want boring…you got boring. 😉
    Happy Mother’s Day Brenda and to all the other Mom’s reading this blog!

  5. I asked for uneventful last time – this time I’ll ask for Bor-Ing! Sorry you had such a long day yesterday, but today has dawned beautiful up here (north of you), so come on up, the weather’s fine! Safe travels and peaceful journey to you and all others travelling today.

  6. What a trying day! The rest of the trip will be great. We have a “doxie” and a “westie” who always get car sick. Health Food Stores have a little spray bottle for motion sickness. A couple of sprays an hour before you leave works wonders. Good Luck!

  7. “other than that…” lol I shouldn’t laugh….it sounds like it was the day from hell! Good news is, you’re headed for sunshine today! West Michigan checks in very sunny just for you 🙂 Happy Mothers day & prayers for safe, stress free travels!

  8. Happy Mother’s Day, hope it was as boring as can be!! 😉 I hope Maddie had a boring tummy today too!

  9. Brenda, Just keep your eye on the prize. Was up on the island all weekend and it was beautiful-I mean drop dead gorgeous and is forcast to be the same tomorrow. You could not ask for a better homecoming. Safe travels.

  10. Still love reading your posts. Love the sweet picture of your Mother. Enjoy your island. Hope to visit the island one day. Actually, I am retiring this year. Three more days of school! Yeah.

  11. Made trips similar to this many times. Traveled from Southwest Michigan to Naples, Florida for spring break from 1980s until we sold the place in 2010. Amazed you made it to Richmond, Kentucky in one day but then remembered you started further north than we did on our return trips to Michigan.

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