Mackinac Island Spring Update – Vol 6 5/9/2012

Oh my gosh!  Here we are – about to leave for our fifth season on Mackinac Island.  The Horton household is in a tizzy – I’m packing, taking care of last minute details, and running to Albany for Bear’s grooming and those pesky appointments we girls have to take care of so we look our best.  In the middle of that, our kitchen renovation (ongoing since February) has finally come together this week, and Ted is busy tying up all those loose ends.  He won’t start packing until Friday, which drives me bonkers, but that’s the way he rolls.  What can I say – except I’m jealous of his organizational skills!

Our kitchen in Georgia . . . before.

And after! So excited that it is finished! We’ll only get to enjoy it a few days before we leave, but it will be waiting for us in the fall when we return from Michigan.

I’ve got some great photos friends have shared this week that will give you a little glimpse of what’s to come.  On Friday I’ll publish the final Lake Blackshear Blog post here on this site also.  That will get all of us on the same page, as we transition over from the ri’vah to Mackinac Island for the season.

Here we go . . .

Island friend Ann Levy was on the Island for the weekend and shared this photograph of beautiful trillium already blooming in the Mackinac woods.

Opening Day at the Grand Hotel!

Grand Hotel horses!  That’s veteran Daniel on the left with relative-newcomer Isaiah looking straight at you on the right. (Photo: Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau)

Inside the brand new Grand Hotel stable! I’m thinking these babies feel as though they’ve moved up to the Presidential Suite!

A foggy day at Fort Mackinac. (Photo: Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau)

This photo and the next two are samples of the beautiful artwork that is available at the new Mackinac’s Little Gallery on Market Street. This one is by Alyson Champ . . .

. . . this one by Kevin Barton . . .

. . . and this one by Kimberly Santini. . I cannot wait to get inside this gallery!

Blog reader J.P. Pearson, who visited the Island this past weekend, captured the UPS truck coming to the Island via ferry. After docking, the truck’s contents are unloaded onto a dray, and . . .

. . . deliveries are made all over the Island.  My great friend Jill arrived on the Mackinac May 1 and is already busy at work at the Island Bookstore AND sending me photos!  Here, the UPS dray makes a rainy day delivery. (Photo: Jill Sawatzki)

Super Moon over Straits of Mackinac. (Photo: J.P. Pearson)

Cyclists enjoy a spring ride down the road in front of Mission Point Resort. (Photo: Jill Sawatski)

Jill ran into Brian outside the Pink Pony, which opens Thursday, May 10. She delivered a message from Brian to Ted, “Hurry and get up here, Ted. You’re missing the opening of your favorite hang-out!”

Blog reader and Geo-cacher Joyce Kozlowski shared this photo of the Michigan Governor’s Summer Residence, which is getting a new roof!

When Joyce Kozlowski and her family pulled into Shepler’s Ferry dock in Mackinac City, they were greeted by a fog-shrouded gateway. I love this photo, which looks – to me – like a watercolor.

Greg Main was at the right place (the boardwalk) at the right time (sundown) this week. He captured everything perfectly – both buoys, Passage light and Round Island light – all blinking at the same time.

That’s all I have for tonight, and I’ve gotta go pack some more.  Please join me back here on Friday for the first post of the new season.  Excited!


25 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Spring Update – Vol 6 5/9/2012

  1. I absolutely love getting up early, grabbing a coffee at Marc’s Double Oven (the only place open at 530), and watching the cargo ferrys come in, before the hustle and bustle of the day.

  2. Made a 5:30 am visit to Marc’s also this past Saturday! I can listen to him (and watch him bake!) all day long. Funny thing about that Governor’s Mansion picture. I don’t think it’s “getting” a new roof, I think that IS the new roof. We couldn’t believe it either so we went up by it to get a loser look this past weekend and sure enough they look like cedar shingles close up. That might be it! I guess we’ll know for sure as the summer goes on!

  3. That last photo! What are the chances!! Welcome back to Mackinac Island. Do you feel like you just left? What happened to the time,surely the world is spinning faster.

  4. My heart feels anticipation for you and all of us as I look at the photos. The Island is opening up and I am excited for the summer. So glad Jill is paving the way….and Brian, too……

  5. My heart quickens each time I look at the beauty of this piece of granite. What fantastic pictures. Pack fast and drive safely.

  6. Hey, I just wanted to say this blog is very cool! I’ll be working as a soldier at the Fort this summer, and having never been to the island (or indeed, Michigan at all) I discovered the blog in my research. Just from scanning a handful of entries, you’ve already given me a far more visceral feeling for what I can expect the island to be like – I’d already heard from friends that it’s a beautiful place, but getting to learn about some of the shops and locals and that sort of thing has grounded it for me and made it sound like ever more of a wonderful place to spend a summer.

    The photos are fantastic, too! And that fog has me excited, just because I love fog. I also love dog(s) so I’m excited about the new feature devoted to them, too!

    • Hello! How exciting – a summer on the Island! We visit the fort almost weekly, so I’m sure I’ll run into you!

  7. Love the kitchen! You have excellent taste-I’ve had my eye on bar stools just like those for quite a while and plan on using them when I do my long awaited kitchen renovation. I think I have the same rugs as well!
    Thanks for the photos-being there for all of the island wake-up activity would be awesome!

  8. Love the kitchen Bree! With patience comes reward! Now you have somewhere to put your suitcases while you pack. Thanks for posting the UPS pics, my son is a UPS driver, I will have to tell him he should post for this route!

  9. When you get there I am really curious how the Bicycle Street Inn is looking. I hope it is not too noisy as I will be staying next door at Main Street Inn.

  10. I bet you are so excited to be heading north soon….and I bet you are super busy getting prepared. Great pics as usual.

  11. Safe Travels. Hope Ted does not forget anything. I know you won’t.
    I too am looking forward to visiting The Little Gallery on Market Street.
    Maybe they will have a painting there of Bear and Maddie on the rockers at the Grand. Are you doing your Mystery Spot again this year? I really enjoyed that.
    Hopefully, see you in July.

    • Catherine, that is so funny you mentioned the Mystery Spot. I was just thinking about that today. Still trying to decide, but if the interest is there, I’ll do it.

    • Love the Mystery Spot! Hope you don’t mind, my husband borrowed the idea for the school newsletter his students publish. It was a hugh hit with the students.

  12. I am so excited for you! Don’t forget to pack your patience – the roads are full of construction around here. Safe and joyful travels. Can’t wait to hear all the news next week!
    Love the new countertops! It looks sooooo nice, and I know you’re so glad that part is done before you leave.

  13. Love the kitchen………these photos are awesome, all of them! I truly hope I can make it up there next summer. Things did not work out for this summer.

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