Oops – It Did It Again 4/25/2012

NOTE – April 27, 2012:  Dear readers – I’m in the process of “playing with” my blog theme, and if you’re subscribed to the blog, you may receive several notices in the next couple of weeks that I’ve posted something new when I really haven’t.  Please forgive this inconvenience as I work on a new look for Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog.  You might notice that I HAVE added a second tab called “The Dog-Eared Page”.  It is currently under construction and will be a new addition this summer.  You can click there now (the tab is next to the “How It All Began” tab.  You’ll find a short explanation of what that page will be about.  The next official new blog post will be Wednesday, May 2.  Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Hello Mackinac Island fans!

Just a short note tonight.  My laptop is in the computer hospital again (Ted’s sister suggested I take it out behind the shed and put it out of its misery).  I’m writing this on Ted’s notebook (which you all know I strongly dislike).  Instead of making myself crazy trying to post an update on this little toy computer, I will just promise you (well, “promise” is a strong word, cause I guess it depends on the computer doctor) – change that to “do my level best” to post tons of news NEXT Wednesday about what’s happening on the Island.

Can you believe by this time next week we will only have 10 DAYS until we begin our trip north!  By then, I will have the suitcases out, and the packing will have begun!  The excitement is building in the Horton house!

Hoping all is well with each of you, and I’ll see you right back here next Wednesday!  God bless.

P.S.  The header is a photo I happened to save on Ted’s computer the summer of 2009.  It’s one of my favorite West Bluff cottages, and it looks out over Pontiac Trail and the Straits of Mackinac.  Ahhh . . . we’ll be walking Maddie and Bear right in front of that cottage in less than  three weeks!


21 thoughts on “Oops – It Did It Again 4/25/2012

  1. That is a gorgeous shot, Brenda! Just lovely!

    I agree with Ted’s sister – shoot the old laptop and get a new one.

  2. Ahh yes, I remember that cottage very well. One of the nicest with all those flowers and I’m with you…would love to sit on the porch and just watch the ferries. Heck, for that matter, I’d love to watch the ferries from any place on the island. 😉 Sorry bout the computer Brenda but I don’t know if I would be as nice as you and give it another chance. I agree with Ted’s sister…

  3. Brenda,

    Oh, wouldn’t that be a treat to be able to sit on that porch or in the yard and look out over the water? I know it would, from the long-ago time when I did that on Ella Chambers front porch when I was working on the Island.

    Yes, I think I agree with Cathy and the others. It’s time to blow that laptop to smithereens and get a new one. Of course, one should never point out a problem without supplying the soulution, so tell Ted and your boys they need to buy you a present. Then tell them what that present should be. Of course, you should be subtile about it. Don’t give them anymore information than the brand name, physical size, size of the hard drive etc. Surely they will be able to figure out what you want from such subtility.

    The Island is waiting for the Hortons & K-9 family!

    • Thanks, Lowell, for that solution to my problem. The next time this laptop stops working, I will seriously consider replacing it. Unfortunately, THIS time our extra funds were used to get Bear well. Got to take care of things by priority, you know! And, as you can see, the computer is back, it IS working, and it didn’t cost nearly as much to repair as it would to replace – this time anyway.

  4. Bree,
    Just want to take a moment & thank you for your wonderful blog. I have followed it all winter and felt like I had a little piece of the island with me. Looking forward to being there for a week in August although seems like forever! Have a safe trip up North and again thank you. Gail Kalnajs

  5. Bree, can you tell me what date your post on the Mackinac Island bikes was published? Devon has a project to make a video for her hs Tech class; she has picked the song: Bicycle, Bicycle and it is going to be very entertaining, I know. If we can bring up your blog, can she copy some of your photos and give credit to you in the video for them? Thanks.

      • Brenda,

        Before you put the address here, I had searched the 2011 blogs for the Bike Blog and didn’t find it, so I gave up. I was so glad when I checked again and you had replied to Napkinwriter’s comment and given the address. I read it again and found it so interesting I saved it this time. Obviously, it was worth reading and seeing a second time. And a few more times too. Thanks again.

  6. Sorry about your computer, I look forward to Wed. I am so concerned about BEAR. Is his hotspot gone I hope? Poor guy. He is sooo cute.Of course I feel like I know him. I know he could’nt have a better mommy than you. Be sure to give us an update soon. Thanks so.much.

      • I did read it, That’s what made me feel so bad for both of you. It was very well written. I’m so glad he’s so much better.Thanks so much for responding.Happy packing!! We’ll be in the U.P at the end of June. Can’t wait!

  7. Wow, it’s hard to believe how fast the time has gone! I remember when I first discovered your blog, it was about this time last year and you were counting down the days to your trip north. You must be so excited! We are hoping to see the lilac festival for the first time, and the wonderful parade. I love your photo of the West Bluff cottage. I’m always amazed at the amount of space under the porches of those places, covered in lattice. There must be enough room under there to fit my house!

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