Mackinac Island Spring Update – Vol. 2

Yeah, SPRINGGGGGGG!  Thanks for all the “get well quick” wishes!  I think spending five hours out on the boat – on a very hot day, in full sun – was a little bit of “too much, too soon”.  I learned my lesson though, and from now on I’m going to try not to soak up all my sun in one day!

Horses, fresh off the ferry, making the turn off Main Street and heading for the horse barns.

The Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau posted a photo today of three teams of horses arriving on the Island.  A few hours later, Mackinac Island Carriage Tours was already receiving phone inquiries as to whether tours had started for the summer.   I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like we could have a very good season coming up!

I learned later that the horses arriving today were dray horses – not carriage horses – and they are replacing the teams that have worked all winter.  Yep – I think those guys deserve a little vacation time.  If you look closely, you can see the horses in the photo still have their heavy winter coats.  They’ve spent the winter even further north than Mackinac Island – outside – but that coat has kept them plenty warm.  Now that they’re back, they’ll shed that extra hair pretty fast.

A Few News Items

  • For the 18th consecutive year, the Grand Hotel was selected for the prestigious AAA Diamond Award at the Governor’s Conference on Tourism this week.  Congratulations!
  • Wanting to spend the season on the Island and pick up some money in the process?  Check out for a listing of available Island jobs!
  • Less than a month before Mackinac Island State Historic Parks will begin opening its sites to the public for the 2012 season.  For a look at the newly designed park brochures and to get info on admission dates and rates, go to

The 2014 “Seasons of Mackinac Calendar winners have been announced!  Winners are:

  • January – Rich Lind (Mackinac Island) – Island ferry amidst ice flow in the Straits of Mackinac
  • February – Sam Garrow (Marquette, MI) – Fort Mackinac Block House
  • March –  Shay Poizin (Mackinac Island) – A snowy Cadotte Avenue
  • April – Steven Moskwa (Mackinac Island) – 1000 ft. freighter makes passage through the narrow Straits
  • May – Penny Wojahn (Tawas, MI) – Grand Hotel under the dark of night
  • June – Sam Garrow (Marquette, MI) – Market Street lined with lilacs
  • July – Susan Madden (Onaway, MI) – A bright and busy Mackinac Main Street
  • August – J. Pearson (Chesterton, IN) – A summery Little Stone Church
  • September – Penny Wojahn (Tawas, MI) – The Grand Hotel aglow in the setting sun
  • October – Penny Wojahn (Tawas, MI) – Main Street Mackinac in the quiet of an early morn
  • November – Sam Garrow (Marquette, MI) – A fall foliage East Bluff and lakefront
  • December – Gaspare Calandrino (Ada, MI) – The Christmas ferry heading into the sunset
  • Both cover photos – Sam Garrow (Marquette, MI) – Fort Mackinac facing the winter and Fort Mackinac dressed in summer colors

Please note:  These are the 2014 “Seasons of Mackinac” winners.  The 2013 “Seasons of Mackinac” Calendar will go on sale mid-May in the shops of Island retailers or may be purchased online at  Can’t wait to see all the photographs, and here’s a preview of the 2014 February calendar page by winner Sam Garrow:

Did you know you can go to and see what your favorite Island Bookstore employees are reading!  They’re all there – Cass, Jeremy, Jill, Joe, Mary Jane, Meghan, and Tamara.  Just go to the bookstore link, and scroll down till you see “Staff Favorites” on the right side.  Check it out for tons of great reading suggestions!

And, speaking of books, Cara C. Putman’s publisher just sent me a copy of Cara’s new book, “A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island”.  Can’t wait to read it.  The book is Christian fiction, and it’s set, of course, on the Island.  I plan to get my copy autographed when Cara has her book signing in July at the Island Bookstore.  The book will be on shelves in May.

I believe that’s all I have for tonight, except for a few outstanding photographs from fall on the Island by Steve Fridley.  I don’t think you’ve seen these before, but if you have, I promise you won’t mind looking through them again – they’re that good!  Thanks, Steve, for sharing!

Lamplight and moonbeams at the corner of Fort Street and Main.

The Bay View - by moonlight.

A sparkling Mackinac Bridge. Did you know - as of last night - that every light on the bridge will burn blue for the month of April? It's part of Michigan's "Light it Blue" program to bring attention to autism for World Autism Awareness Day. I'll try to have a photo next week of the bridge with its blue lights.

Mission Church - so simple, so beautiful.

Mission Point Resort - the trees were turning gold, but the flowers were still in full bloom.

I checked out the calendar a few minutes ago, and we have 5 1/2 weeks before we leave for the Island.  That seems hard to believe.  Winter (what little we had) is over, spring is here, and we’re racing toward summer at the speed of light.  Not ready to pack bags yet – a little too early – but it won’t be long before the suitcases will comes out of the closet.  I wonder what surprises the summer will bring!

Have a great week, and a blessed Easter.

20 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Spring Update – Vol. 2

  1. In less than 6 weeks y’all will be traveling to beautiful Mackinac Island!!!!! I am sure there will be plenty of exciting surprises awaiting you!!!! Will you have time for a quick trip to PCB before you head north?

  2. Brenda,

    Oh those pictures! I think I like the one of the Blockhouse the best, but they are all great. Thanks to the photographers and thanks to you.

    I’m looking forward to your trip north. Have you started packing yet?

  3. Love the “moonlight” pictures! Beautiful. Well, any picture of Mackinac Island is always beautiful but those are extra gorgeous. Hard to believe that it’s almost time to head to the island. Time just goes too fast sometimes…. I sure am enjoying Spring though. 🙂

  4. Hi Bree, I live in southern Michigan have been following your blog. I love Mackinac Island so much. My husband and I try to go at least once year. Anyway, I read your reference about Cara Putman and her book. I am currently reading an advance copy and love it! I am also posting an interview I did with her on my blog, if your interested or your readers. She is giving away a copy of the book to one lucky person who leaves a comment. The post will go live April 4, sometime that morning. My blog is: (or just click on my name for this comment)
    and look for Write to the Point with Cara Putman.

  5. Bree, I hope you enjoy my book. Can’t wait to meet you when I come back to Mackinac at the end of July. Your pictures have me so eager to return! And Melissa, thanks for your kind words, too!

  6. As always, wonderful pictures! My heart jumped a little when I saw the picture of the horses…..a reminder of what is to come. I haven’t read any of Cara Putman’s books, but you have sparked my interest. I am going to check it out. Enjoy the rest of your time in Georgia! It is Spring in Wisconsin already – unbelievable. My husband mowed the lawn in March – for the first time we can ever remember! Daffodils and tulips everywhere.

  7. Have Bear and Maddie pulled out their little backpacks and suitcases yet, in anticipation of the journey north?

    • LOL, Deborah! No, but they will as soon as we pull out the first piece of luggage! Then, once they’re in the car, they’ll be all nervous until we make the turn AWAY from the kennel road. Then all will be calm and happiness.

  8. Hi Bree! When do you return to the Island? I am headed there the end of May. By the way that is the Bay View not the Iroquois!

  9. I was disappointed not to see my name as one of the winners of the photo contest. Bummer. I love the calendar and love to participate in the contest. I was selected one time a few years ago and it was my proudest moment! Thanks for the great stories/pictures.

  10. I consider myself so very fortunate to have been able to visit the island so often – this year will be my 7th visit! I always pick up that lovely calendar and look forward to getting my 2013 issue in August. Now – let’s hope the price of gas isn’t $9 a gallon by the time we hit the road……

  11. All of the photos are fabulous but I love the flowers at Mission Pointe. Congrats to the photographers for being selected.
    Have a most wonderful Easter-I hope it’s a beautiful day on the ri’vah!

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