Mackinac Island Winter Update – Vol. 15

Hello Mackinac Fans!

Can you believe all that snow from last week is almost gone?  It’s true – warmer temperatures and rain took care of most of it, but I received so many more snow photos after last week’s post, I’ve just got to pass them along to you tonight.  I don’t think I would ever tire of seeing Mackinac Island dressed for winter, and I’m guessing you wouldn’t either.

Before we get to snow pics, here’s a few news items:

  • Wawashkamo Golf Course has a brand new and exciting web site.  Designed and constructed by Nate Jorgensen of Curiosity Creative, you can check it out here:
  • Becki Barnwell is opening a new gallery in the space that housed “Paintings by Richard Wolfgang” on Market Street.  It will be called “Mackinac’s Little Gallery” and will feature equine art.  The gallery will be open mid-May through October.  Can’t wait to check it out!

A sample of the equine art that will be featured at Mackinac's Little Gallery.

  • A very important reminder:  Those qualifying for Resident Passes on ferry tickets must purchase the passes prior to March 31Summer residents are urged to make arrangements to purchase those tickets before that date, even if your arrival time to the island will be later.
  • Shepler Ferry representatives will be selling Resident Passes at Cawthone’s Village Inn on March 16 and March 30 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.  Photos for the passes will be made at that time, and payment is due upon ordering.  If you are not going to be on the island before the deadline, of if you can’t make it to the V.I. on the dates listed, Shepler’s is asking that you call their office at 1-800-828-6157 to purchase your pass by phone.  In order to purchase a Resident Pass, you must meet the qualifications below:  1)  Be a registered voter on Mackinac Island; OR 2) Pay property taxes to Mackinac Island for a residence or a business; OR 3)  Have a Mackinac Island address on your driver’s license.  Cost for Shepler’s Resident Pass is $100 per adult, FREE for children 12 and under.  Passes will be valid from April 23 – October 31, 2012.
  • Our favorite bike shop, Mackinac Wheels, is open for business already!

Mackinac Wheels' web site is This photo is from this past summer.

  • Jeannette Doud reported in her Mackinac Island column in The St. Ignace News that she took a tour of the new barn being built by Mackinac Island Carriage Tours and Grand Hotel.  She said it was beautiful, with dark green siding and red windows.   Jeannette stated “it will be a wonderful place for the horses and a carriage museum.  It is a great addition to the community.”
  • The Mackinac Island Horseman’s Association was well represented this past weekend in Lansing at the Michigan Horse Council’s International Stallion Expo and Trade Show:

Island friend Jill worked the Mackinac Horsemen's Association booth, along with many other island friends. She snapped this shot of Steve Rilenge- in red coat - and Leanne Brodeur - in riding habit (both are MHA Board members, and Leanne is MHA Executive Director), who worked the booth also. On either side of Steve are Jamie & Tina, blog fans who stopped by to say hello. On the far right is Alison Cram, one of the Horse Show judges.


Abby Holstrom, who is a year-round Island resident, shared these photos, and they are amazing!

A grand old tree, laden with snow, leans out over the street that runs parallel to the Boardwalk.

Some special effects here add to the dazzle of ice, water, and the Round Island Lighthouse.

If this shot doesn't make you shiver, you must be sitting by a fire somewhere! Gorgeous!

Sunrise at Windermere Point, with the "closed for the winter" Dog House Restaurant in the foreground.

Windermere Hotel.

Sonnet Quinn a.k.a. Mackinac Mommy posted these beautiful photos of several Mission Point Resort locations:

The Lakeside Market.

The Little Golfer statue across from Bistro on the Green.

Mission Point Resort's main entrance.

This skier didn't have to worry about running over anyone as he came down the hill at the entrance to Mission Point. Those are the Violet Residence of Mackinac Island condos behind the skier.

Tranquility Point at the east end of Mission Point Resort.

The tree-lined road in front of the resort. In several of these photos, the orange snow fencing is seen.

The sheer cliff of Robinson's Folly (at the top right) is the only space not covered in snow in this pic - except for the child in the foreground.


Robert McGreevy captured another coyote on the run over the ice.

A Shepler's representative got this shot of the line of "student and teacher transportation" at the Island school. No yellow school buses here!

After looking at all this cold and snow, we start to think that Spring can’t be very far behind.  Here’s a couple of shots that may start you thinking happy springtime thoughts . . .

This is a photo from a couple of summers ago. It shows Finnigan, Mike & Jeanine Forrester's dog, looking out over Fort Street from near Anne's Tablet.

A peaceful photograph taken off the beach near the Cannonball Restaurant. (Photo by: Hailey Armstrong)

One more item.  Today Ted and I rode down to my hometown of Sylvester and talked to the Barnard Trail Chapter of DAR about the history and magic of Mackinac Island (Ted covered the history, and I covered the magic).  We had a great time sharing information about our second home, and I think the entire crowd is planning a bus trip north in the near future – just kidding, but I wish they would!

The best part of being invited to speak was getting to see so many folks I had not seen in years - including Dr. Gordon Davis, who had brought his wife Marian to the meeting (we're cousins). I also saw several ladies who I went to high school with, including . . .

. . . Mary King Gammage Givens, who reads the Mackinac blog and invited us to come present the program.

Ted and I on the steps of the Chapter house. So good to be in my hometown - thanks for inviting us!

Whew!  That was a long post!  Hope you enjoyed it and come back next Wednesday for more on Mackinac Island.  Have a great week and weekend (Ted and I will be celebrating our 23rd anniversary on St. Patrick’s Day). 

God bless.

20 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Winter Update – Vol. 15

  1. HI Brenda – the horse expo was a lot of fun!!! It was nice to see Jill there and meet a few new Mackinac horse lovers. Just wanted to point out that my gray jacket I have on says Mackinac Island on it. Since this winter was so mild, I got away with wearing it as my “winter jacket” all winter long.

    P.S. Although I still hate snow, I have to admit that the photos of snow on the island are pretty impressive.

  2. As always, another enjoyable column sending us off to the island for a few magical moments. Have Happy Anniversary, Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a great week end! Slainte’!

  3. Wow, they sure did get ALOT of snow, too bad it couldn’t have come sooner and lasted longer. The pictures are beautiful and your right, I don’t get tired of looking at those pictures at all. Just in case I don’t get to say it, (or forget, which is easy for me 😉 ) Happy Anniversary!

  4. I must have been very tired when I read the blog because I missed you’re mention about your anniversary. (That’s my excuse, and I’m stickin’ to it.) Therefore, I’ll shout it now: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

    Did you hear me?

    • Thank you all for the anniversary good wishes! It’s been a special 23 years, and we’re hoping for at least 23 more. If we make it to our 50th, we’ll be in our early 90’s. We can do that, good Lord willing!

  5. Love the Mission Pointe photos-now I have a good visual for the next time I’m running the 8 mile race and sweating to death!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Ted-hope you have a lovely time on Saturday. I’ve got friends who are celebrating their 5th anniversary that same day. So here’s to Brenda and Ted and Mike and Kelley!

  6. It’s hard to look at the snow pictures now that it’s in the 70’s here this week and way above normal temps. It is ashame the snow didn’t come earlier and stay around awhile. Have an enjoyable anniversary….each year together is such a blessing!

  7. It is always so nice to read your bog! I had a crappy day but your blog put a smile on my face. My husband and I are high school sweethearts and will celebrate our 25th anniversary this summer. We have been very blessed but it certainly has it times. We have a picture of us framed in his office and it is scripted with our wedding motto: Sometimes impossible, but never boring!

  8. Love the snow pictures!
    Happy Anniversary to another March bride and groom. We’ll be married 34 years on March 18. Time does fly!

    • Happy Anniversary, Barbara! Seems as though I have a lot of blog readers who married in March – must have been a very good month for weddings!

  9. Happy Anniversary. We just celebrated our 40th on Sunday, March 11. Both years we had beautiful, warm weather. May the Lord bless you both.

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