Mackinac Island Winter Update – Vol. 11 – 2/15/2012

Happy Valentine’s Day, and hello from the . . . . . fairly cold South!  We’ve had a few days of early morning 20’s (even had a fire in the stove one morning) and high temps in the 50’s.  In other words, it’s felt like wintertime down here since the weekend, and that’s a good thing!

Ya’ll will have to forgive me tonight, but I’m going to kind of throw together this post.  It’s been a crazy week here.  I was summoned for jury duty on Monday, and even though I haven’t been called yet, I spent Monday AND Tuesday at the Americus courthouse, have to go back on Wednesday, and now I’m trying to get out the door with my Sweetie for Valentine’s dinner at my favorite ri’vah restaurant, Daphne’s.

Sooooo . . . . . here’s a little news and some great photos and links for you to check out!

  • You know that little shop I talk about and shop in all summer on the Island – Little Luxuries?  Well, oh my gosh, Nicole (the owner) now has her store online, and you can shop till you drop from the comfort of your home (but ONLY if you’re not on the island – if you’re ON the island, for sure GO TO THE STORE!).  Nicole says she’s a little short on merchandise right now, but by the time the store reopens May 1st her web site will be filled with all kinds of goodies you can order online.  Some of my favorite things are already available!  You can get started by going to the link below the logo.
  • This isn’t specifically about Mackinac Island (but it IS about Michigan), and some of you might have already seen this on the NBC news the other night.  We all know that this winter we’ve been getting some spectacular Northern Lights displays.  If you think they’re beautiful from earth, you should see them from the International Space Station!  The very first video on the link below clearly shows Detroit and Chicago and the outline of the state of Michigan in the night sky.  Jaw-droppingly (is that a word?) awesome!
  • Hurray for Tony Lucca, a Michigan musician who has performed on Mackinac Island many, many times.  He’s been chosen on The Voice!  Video here of his story and his appearance on a recent Today Show:
  • There’s a great new video out on the Festival of the Horse, with footage from the 2011 festival.  Watch it here:
  • OK – This is HUGE!  Remember the photos and video from Vera Bradley posted a couple of weeks ago?  Didn’t think it could get much better than that?  Well, it did!  Vera Bradley is giving away a trip to Mackinac Island.  The Grand Prize winner will win a trip FOR FOUR to the Grand Hotel for a three-night stay.  Included is airfare FOR FOUR from anywhere within the continental U.S., ferry tickets, and selected meals.  OH.  MY.  GOSH!!  Deadline to enter is March 10, and you can only enter once . . . . hurry and get your name in!  Also – FOUR 1st Prize winners will receive a Vera Bradley Grand Traveler ($118 value) in the Spring color of your choice.

Island Photos

The only way to and from the Island now that the ferries aren't running is via Great Lakes Air. (Photo: Mary Slevin)

The lighthouses sure look small from way up here! (Photo: Mary Slevin)

Sunset. (Photo by Mission Point)

The setting sun sets homes and ice aglow. (Photo: Heather May)

A recent cloudy, cold morning. (Photo: Sonnet Quinn - a.k.a. Mackinac Mommy)

Same morning - different view. (Photo: Sonnet Quinn)

Full moon over Shepler dock in Mackinac City. (Photo: Shepler Ferry)

The Welcome, Shepler's smallest ferry, is getting a facelift while in dry dock for the winter. Can't wait to see the "new" Welcome! (Photo: Shepler Ferry)

These last two photos (one of which is the beautiful header photo today) are from good Island friend Liz Burt, who teaches at the Mackinac Island Public School.  Her blog is

She captured this one on her way to school early one morning. Liz, hope you enter this in the calendar contest!

No words needed.

That’s it for this week.  Hope everyone is doing well and getting just the right amount of snow.  God bless.


12 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Winter Update – Vol. 11 – 2/15/2012

  1. I never get tired looking at Mackinac Island pictures….I don’t think there would ever be such a thing as a ‘bad’ island picture. It is such a beautiful place and I just love the ombiance(sp?) there. The minute I get off the ferry it’s…ahhhh…..

  2. The pictures are beautiful. Winter does allow for some awesome sunsets and sunrises. But as beautiful as they look, they also look very cold and I am so ready for Spring! Hope you and Ted had a wonderful dinner. 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos-Heather and Liz really know how to work with natural light.. Very beautiful and much appreciated on this grey downstate day!

  4. I love all these winter photos – and they’re such beautiful ones!
    It would be perfect if someone who reads your blog won the Vera Bradley trip to Mackinac!

  5. Wonderful pictures! The one that made me cry was Sonnet’s picture of the road in front of Mission Point – walked that road many times with snow, without snow, and with slush. Seems there’s been a lot of slush this year – but beautiful, none the less!

  6. To all of you other bloggers, I just entered the Vera Bradley trip which I am going to win so the rest of you can stop entering. Ha! Ha! The Forbes article mentioned Bald Head Island. I have vacationed there and it is beautiful but Mackinac Island will always be my paradise.

  7. Would love to know what some of your “favorite things” are from Little Luxuries. Also, didn’t you forget one thing in your post?? Didn’t I see your picture in the most recent Towne Crier?? Front and center in fact! I’m sure everyone got their paper by now. It was so nice to see!

    • Awww . . . thanks for mentioning that, Karen. Haven’t received the Town Crier yet, but knew it was in Jeannette’s column in The St. Ignace News. For anyone wondering what we’re talking about, the photo is of Ted, Blake and I on our ski trip to Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado. As for my favorite Little Luxuries items, I can’t think of too much in that shop I DON’T like. Especially fond of all the bath and body products, home accents, kitchen items . . . . like I said, all of it! Make sure you keep checking back every week to see what she’s added. She’s just back from market, and is going to have so many new items this summer, as well as all the favorites from the past.

      • I’ll keep checking her on-line store and will stop in when we are back on the island. I wondered how the soaps were that are made on the island. Thanks

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