Mackinac Island Winter Update – Vol. 7 1/11/2012

Hi Everyone!  This will be a short and sweet update tonight.  I haven’t heard a lot of news from the island this week, but I do have some photos to share.  I just took a look at the island weather report for the next seven days, and it looks as though they will have some significant snow coming in on Thursday and Friday – how much depends on how charged up the lake effect snow becomes.  Here’s hoping they get lots and lots of the white stuff – they need it!

There are several photos from Heather May I want to share tonight.  Heather is such a great photographer, and she lives on the Island year-round.  She’s also a teacher at the Island school.

Lots of snowmobiles lined Main Street at the time of this photo. As you can see, the Christmas lights were still up also. This was taken around Jan. 3 or 4.

Heather was in the right place at the right time to catch George in the winter taxi, turning the corner at Cadotte and Market.

Heather made her way up to Fort Mackinac for this shot. The last boat of the day for both Arnold and Shepler Ferries were leaving the Island for St. Ignace.

Heather added some special effect magic to this beautiful scene of Marquette Park and the marina.

A friend of Heather's risked climbing part of the way up Sugar Loaf! No way would I do that - klutz that I am!

Last pic for this time by Heather May. The West Bluff stairway.

This sunset takes my breath! (Photo: Robert McGreevy)

Both Arnold and Shepler Ferry companies are still running and will continue to do so until ice builds in Lake Huron to the point that travel by ferry would be too dangerous or not possible at all.  Shepler’s was running their “fast boat” – the Felicity – up until a couple of weeks ago and then began running the Sacre Bleu.  Since the Sacre Bleu is a freight boat, not a passenger boat, the problem arose of how to keep passengers warm on the trip across since the work ferry had no passenger cabin.  Ingenuity took over, and now a brand new service is offered by Shepler’s . . . . . . take a BUS to the Island!

When you pull into the Shepler parking lot at St. Ignace, one of their shuttle buses picks you up at your car, and your luggage, groceries, etc. are loaded onto the shuttle. Then . . . . .

. . . the bus is driven onto the Sacre Bleu and remains running the whole way across to the Island - heater going, and passengers all warm and comfy. I love it!

Swans off the Shepler dock in St. Ignace.

I wish I had more tonight, but hopefully by the next update there will be lots of news and pics to post.  I’ll be skipping a week, so the next Winter Update will be Wednesday, January 25.  Next Tuesday night, when I’d normally be sitting down to write this blog, Ted and I will be at the Beaver Creek Ski Resort in Vail. CO.  We’re flying out on Saturday (Jan. 14) to see Blake, and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are!  We return on Thursday night, Jan. 19.  Two weeks is a long time to go without blogging about the Island, but I will be posting this Friday (Jan. 13) AND on Monday (Jan. 23) on the Lake Blackshear Blog.  Tune in there for Colorado stories and photos.

See you back here on January 25.  Till then – be safe, stay healthy, and God bless   

P.S.  Safe travel prayers would be much appreciated.


19 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Winter Update – Vol. 7 1/11/2012

  1. I would love to go to the island at this time just to be able to ride Shepler’s bus!! I think that would be so awesome! The things that they think of. Love it!
    As always, you will both be in my thoughts and prayers for safe travels on your trip. Have a fantastic time and say hi to Blake for me 🙂

  2. I NEVER get tired of seeing pics of The Island…But I always feel this pull to be there….and I feel homesick even tho’ I’m not a resident….After our visits we are always counting the days until our next visit…They don’t come fast enought….I guess anticipation is part of the experience! Have a safe trip and enjoy!

  3. Awesome photos-thanks Heather! You’ve got a great eye-they’re just beautiful.
    Brenda-have an absolutely wonderful time in Colorado and don’t even think about blogging! You just relax and enjoy your time with Blake.

  4. Brenda,

    I enjoyed every one of the pictures, especially all of them. I would love to spend a day on the Island in winter, but I would want to go by bus if you please. Before I forget, the picture that you said was Arch Rock; isn’t that Sugar Loaf, or is it Arch Rock from an angle that I’ve not seen before?

    You have a wonderful trip to Colorado. Hello to Blake. I’ve never been to Vail, so please don’t forget your camera. As if you would! I think Colorado is the second most beautiful state in the west after Oregon. Of course, we lived in Molalla, Oregon, so I may just be a little prejudiced. Nah, couldn’t be. Not me.

    • Thanks, Lowell – my brain must have already been in Colorado last night when I was writing. I’m correcting that right now.

    • Oh my gosh no, Laurie. I’m way too much of a klutz. I’d probably break a leg just putting the skies ON! Just going to walk a lot and see the sights.

      • You will love the sights, that is really beautiful country there. You are so lucky to not only have your family live in beautiful places, but of course, yourselves also! You live in 2 of the most beautiful places in the country!!

  5. Thanks to Heather & Robert for the beautiful photos. Stunning sunset!
    Beautiful snow covered village. Christmas cards indeed.

    Travel prayers go out to you & hubby. Have a wonderful time.

  6. Love all the picture especially the sunset. What a beautiful place and we have it right in our backyard. Can’t wait until July when we visit the island again. I’ve never have been up there in the winter…. I going to ask my husband if we can drive up there one weekend before the snow is all gone.

  7. Pack your long johns – it’s cold in Colorado right now! But if you wait a day or two, it may get warmer. . .
    I remember incredible sunsets like the photo you showed. We don’t get them as often down here. Have you heard if the northern lights have been showing this winter? I would think with the lack of ice that they may not have been as evident.
    Oh! some mountain pictures would be nice, too! (In case you need an excuse to take some. . . ) Safe travels!

  8. Late getting on, but Heather your pictures were great. How I would love to be a resident year a round. My husbend and I have a small cottage up in Paridise will be soon adding on to for retirement soon(Lord willing). I can’t wait it so beautful in the U.P.
    Brenda enjoy your family time, what a joy you’ll have, Be Bless, Debbie

  9. This is the first time to discover your web browser site. I look at the Mackinac Island streaming video daily hoping to see what is going on….snow or no snow…etc. The truth be told, I just miss the place when I am not there. My husband and I visited 15 years ago, I fell in love with the place and have returned every year since. We come for a long visit (2 weeks) in July and a long weekend in June and October. We have brought friends, children, grandchildren, and parents to enjoy it with us.

    I really enjoyed seeing the island life/pictures out of ‘tourist season’.

    I’m puzzled tho, why doesn’t anyone take pictures of the new hotel construction? I would be interested in seeing the progress(?). It must have been incredibly sad when the old bed and breakfast was torn down.

    Also, there was a mention of old bones found in the excavation of the hotel, but I can’t find the story about them. Could you discuss it further?

    Also, we always stay at the Island House and have heard rumors about it being haunted. I enjoyed your M & M story…..I think. Do you know if the story about room 400 is true…….furniture is screwed down or it moves around by itself. Any other rooms with strange goings on?

    Thank you.

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