We’re Home at the Lake! 11/04/2011

(Big sigh)  . . . bags are all unpacked.  Two shipped boxes have arrived and been emptied.  Hanging clothes are in closets, and folded clothes are in dresser (all of that needs pressing, but that’s not happening this week).  Ted and I have not stopped for a single second during the day (or so it seems) since we arrived home, but we’re now able to say, “We’re home!” and really smile about it.

Our trip from Michigan to Georgia was the smoothest we’ve ever had.  We left Mackinaw City at 8:32 Sunday morning (ice on boardway and ferry docks) and drove to Richmond, KY.  We were out of there by 8:10 the next morning and home around 5:30 on Monday afternoon.  Smooth sailing the whole way – even through Atlanta!

Although the fall colors had peaked, there were still a lot of burnt orange, golden yellow, and rusty red leaves clinging to the trees in Kentucky.

And once we crossed over into Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains, there were even more miles of late fall color to enjoy.

When the skyline of Atlanta came into view, it meant we were only 3 1/2 hours from our front door . . .

. . . and we cruised through Atlanta without ever once slowing down - a minor miracle!

I wanna talk!  I wanna talk! 

Hello – Bear here.

When mom and dad got all those storage things out of hiding and packed them for days and days, Maddie and I knew something was up.  We stayed pretty close that whole week – never letting them out of our sight.  We knew a trip was coming – we just didn’t know where.

Maddie slept in mom's lap practically the whole trip, but I was dad's co-pilot (since mom slept the whole trip too, somebody had to be alert!)

As soon as we turned off that big path with all the cars and trucks and bunches of lanes, even Maddie woke up.  Suddenly the air just smelled different, and we finally knew where we were going . . . . HOME to the LAKE!

When dad turned on our street, Maddie and I just went crazy! Maddie was whining so loud mom fussed at her, and I was running back and forth from window to window in the back!  Just when we thought we couldn’t stand it another minute, we turned INTO OUR DRIVEWAY!

When mom opened the truck door and the fence door, I just fell to the ground and started rolling, saturating my body in good ole Georgia grass smell . . . .

Lemme tell it!  Lemme tell it! 

Hey – Maddie here.

As soon as I hit the yard I thought to myself, “Dang it!  You go away a few months, and the moles just take over!”  So . . . .

. . . . I did what I had to do. Mom and dad were so busy carrying in stuff they didn't even notice - well for a little while anyway.

I’m back now – sorry about that – sometimes you just have to let ’em talk.

As smooth as the trip was, we should have known there would be a few little problems when we got here.  Here’s the short list:

  1. My car battery was deader than the first mole Maddie caught.
  2. My laptop wouldn’t connect to the internet, although Ted’s notebook and our old iMac connected perfectly fine.
  3. I spent 4 hours (no exaggeration) on the phone with a tech person in Lord knows where while he talked me through a thousand and one “things to try” – none worked.
  4. Ted made an appointment for me to take my car to the Ford service center in Americus for a new battery on Wednesday morning and an appointment with our internet provider to send someone to our house Wednesday afternoon.
  5. Ted jumped off my battery and was following me to Americus when his cell phone rang.  It was our alarm company saying our house alarm was going off.
  6. Ted turned around and went back to the house – false alarm.
  7. Battery installed, groceries bought.
  8. Internet person arrived and figured out what was wrong . . . .  YEAH!!!
  9. Maddie ate too many moles and got sick all over the carpet . . . UGHI

There was already a Girls Night Out planned on Wednesday night at Booger Bottom, and I was determined to go.  The theme for the night was “Sell Your Gold”, and a jeweler we all knew was there to buy any old gold and silver jewelry anyone wanted to sell.

Sally - waiting for the dollar value of what she was selling.

Lake Ladies - so good to see them all again!

My turn again, mom!

Maddie and I hung around while mom and dad unpacked all their stuff - making sure things were coming OUT of those bags instead of going IN!

When I could finally relax, I assumed my favorite sleeping position at our Georgia house - on my back, neck turned so I only have to open one eye to see what's happening, and one leg anchoring myself under the couch cushion (mom would have a fit if I did this to the couch in Michigan).

I've said hello to that big dog that never moves on the back porch - it's too bad he doesn't get to travel with us, but I don't think he would fit anyway. He's not very friendly either - didn't even say "welcome home".

My turn!

I've laid off the moles for a while - everything in moderation, you know. But since we've gotten home, I like to sit on the back porch and make sure everything is as it should be. Mom and dad depend on me for that.

Bear and I have been waiting for the squirrels to come back, but mom says it will take a little while. Dad put up the bird feeder yesterday, and as soon as the birds and squirrels smell all that seed, they'll be all over the place again. The great furry one and I LOVE to chase squirrels!

Ok – maybe I can finish now.

Is it good to be back?  Oh my goodness, yes.  I told someone last night at Girls Night Out that what we do is a different way to live.  We really have two lives, each of them wonderful, with marvelous friends in both places.  The magic of Mackinac Island will always call me back, but the joy and peace of returning to my roots is special in a totally different way.

Our homes aren't big or fancy in any way. But they both fit us perfectly and offer us water and woods - the two things we love about nature the most.

Our first morning back Ted stood on our dock and took a photo of our house as the sun rose (the header photo is from that morning also).  The sun’s light was reflected in our windows, turning each of them golden, and when I saw his photograph, I thought “We have magic here also.”

It’s good to be home.

I’ll begin posting the Mackinac Island Winter Updates on Wednesday, November 9, to this site.  I hope you’ll return here each week to find out what’s happening on our favorite rock.  We’ll try and get through the snow season together, and we’ll be returning for spring on the island before you know it.

See you Wednesday from Mackinac – through the eyes of the lucky ones who remain there, and I hope you’ll join us for winter in Georgia at http://bree1976.wordpress.com.

God bless.


21 thoughts on “We’re Home at the Lake! 11/04/2011

  1. So happy you made it home safely and are all settled in. LOVE hearing from Bear and Maddie! They always have such great things to say. Just like their momma 🙂

  2. My family is once again cracking up at the dogs talking. Thanks for letting us see stuff through thier eyes too. We love dogs at our house & enjoy the stories & pictures of your 4 legged friends. Glad you had a nice trip.

  3. Maddie – your Canadian canine pal Morgaine sympathizes with you on the “oh I ate wayyyyy too many rodents” issue – having made her humans clean up the after effects far too many times. But, a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do, right! And Bear – you look so content. You two continue to take care of your humans – you’ve got a very special pair of companions in your life and I know you all treasure each other. Brenda – thanks again. Welcome home. Ted – enjoy being back in Georgia – but whatever will you do to keep busy with no snow to shovel? Have a great weekend.

  4. I could just about feel your joy, excitement and content at being back home in Georgia. So happy that it was smooth sailing all the way home. Great hearing from Maddie and Bear, they always make me smile. Girls night out sounds like it was a winner all around. I don’t suppose anybody made out like a bandit 😉 Absolutely love Ted’s picture of the house. It’s a definite WOW! 🙂

  5. Brenda! Brenda! Brenda!, what a gift you give to us. thank you for your words, pictures your sharing of yourself through this blog. you show us joy of life and you remind me to watch and see the joy in the little things in my own. I am still unpacking and now i am determined to find fun in each box.
    And if that happens you have done your job for the day.
    We miss you both.

    • Oh, Bonnie, you made me grin really big reading your comment. You are a dear. It’s funny about unpacking boxes. I shipped two home from the island, and it was like opening Christmas gifts when they arrived because I had no idea what all I had flung into each one. I can’t imagine how much fun you’re going to have opening YOURS! Let the good memories take over, Bonnie – the other ones aren’t worth wasting your time over. Love you, and hello to Don! Expecting ya’ll to be frequent visitors to the Horton Hilton next summer!

  6. It is so much fun to read the “dogs” comments! Our Yorkie caught a squirrel last week and it was disgusting. Our grandaughter (5 yrs old) caught him and gave him a good talking too!! As long as he doesn’t bring them into the house, I’m okay. Glad you had a nice trip home – it always seems to take forever when you are heading back home. The picture in the Smokey Mountains is breathtaking ! We still have some color here in Wisconsin but not a lot. Take care!

  7. Funny thing … I started reading your blog because of Mackinac Island. I continue reading your blog because of YOU! Thanks for the great stories. (Thanks Maddie and Bear too!!! Our pug Griffin wants to come hunt things with you. All he’s got in his yard are bunnies and mourning doves!))

  8. So glad that you are all home safe and sound. I will miss the blogs from Mackinac, but will be sure to check in once a week for the “scoop” on what is going on up there. I do have to say that this blog today made me laugh right out loud!! Love it when the dogs get to have their say!! You are a very talanted writer Brenda and I will be looking forward to the next one!! Have a blessed weekend at home with all of the Lake friends!

  9. Glad you had a good trip home. Lovely photos. Love the sun reflection in the windows.

    Maddie and Bear are such hoots! They are very smart pets. I like how they keep an eye on you and Ted. Someone has to! Have a great week end at home enjoying your home and friends. Some of our trees here in MI are still gorgeous!

  10. Glad to hear you made it home safely and without a lot of traffic. The colors on the trees in Kentucky and Tennessee just make me want to move there for the winter – a secret desire I have anyway.

    Maddie – I wish you could come visit me for a little while. The new place we bought is over-run with moles and I am not sure how to get rid of the little annoying critters. Maybe on your way back through Michigan in the spring, you can stop off to help me out. I am afraid one of my horses will trip in all the holes they are making and hurt themselves.

    Bear – So glad that you were there to help be the co-pilot while all the girls took a nap. Somebody had to be there to make sure everything went smoothly.

    • Dear Ms. Tina: I would love to come help you out with your mole problem, but the holes I dig to get to the moles would be more dangerous for your horses than what the moles are doing! Mom says she’s going to break HER leg one day stepping in one of those ’cause dad can’t keep up with filling in the holes with dirt (I’m a lot faster than dad – course I’m a lot younger too!). Your friend, Maddie. P.S. The fur-ball says “hi”.

      • Dear Maddie – Well, thank you for considering stopping to help. Guess I will have to figure out how to get rid of them myself. Tell Mom I hope she never breaks a leg – and tell Dad that all the exercise of filling in the holes will help keep him young!!!!

        Thanks again,

  11. First time on your blog and have enjoyed your posts! I live in northern lower Michigan and missed going to the island this summer, but will definitely be up there next summer!

  12. Hello , I am new to this site , I enjoy reading what you have to say about Mackinac Island , I am interested in the story about the uncovered remains of someones ancestors found while building something new. I believe it happen back in November of 2011 , Is there any update that you can share.
    Thank you sincerely for your time

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