We’re Home!

Hello from Georgia!

We arrived home around 5:30 this afternoon, and this is the first time I’ve taken a second to sit down.  Having trouble getting online with my laptop, so I’m posting from Ted’s tiny notebook – therefore, you know this will be short and sweet.

Thank you all for your safe travel prayers.  We had an amazing trip with no problems whatsoever – we even zipped through Atlanta in record time!

I’ll write more when I figure out what’s wrong with my laptop (seems to always happen when we change houses).  That might be tomorrow, but could be a couple of days.   I won’t change over to the lake blog until I’m up and running on the laptop, so keep clicking on Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog for now.

Got to go get some more unpacking done and eat some of a delicious looking shrimp and grits casserole Ed and Sally made for us.  The header is the sign they’d placed on our gate, so it was the first thing we saw when we drove under the carport. 

It’s great to be home!  Talk with you tomorrow or the next day!


21 thoughts on “We’re Home!

  1. So good to see this post!! Glad you are home safe and sound! Looking forward to hearing from you when things settle down..take it easy and have fun catching up with all your friends!! Blessings!! 🙂

  2. You and Ted are very blessed to have such wonderful friends in both “homes”. I’m sure everyone at the lake are just as excited to have you back as the island is in the Spring. Welcome home Brenda and Ted!!

  3. Brenda,

    Glad “ya’ll” made it to your Georgia home with no problems. Tell Maddie I said to stay away from the snakes. She’s not as big and tough as she thinks she is. Squirrels, OK, but snakes, no way!

  4. Glad that you made it home safe and sound!! Save me some leftovers from that shrimp and grits….I was in SC this past Spring and fell in love with that dish. Yum, enjoy and take a day to relax a bit tomorrow!!

  5. Warm weather, your own beds, and shrimp and grits to greet you? What a wonderful homecoming!!
    So glad to hear that it was all clear and dry on the roads. Maddie’s probably been over every inch of the yard sniffing and Bear has found a familiar spot to lie and watch the world go by. Enjoy! Life is good!

  6. Zipping thru Atlanta is a very uncommon occurence! Lucky, lucky you! Glad you made it safely. How nice it must have been to see that sign on the gate as well as the shrimp and grits waiting for you in the kitchen!

    Good luck getting your laptop back to Georgia mode!

  7. That photo sure says, “you have the best of both worlds” and Bree, you make both of them the best. Glad for the safe trip home; that was a bit of very “unlikely” Kentucky hospitality you got on your call to the motel… she must have been having a bad day.

  8. Glad you are all safe and sound in GA now. It is wonderful that the trip went so well (after you made it thru the fog).

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