We’re in Richmond, KY! 10/31/2011

Hi everyone!

We reached Richmond, KY around 6:30 this evening, and we’re at our usual Holiday Inn Express.  When I called around noon today to make our reservation (we briefly – VERY briefly – considered trying to go further), I said, “I’d like a room for two adults and two dogs – a miniature dachshund and a golden retriever.”  The girl on the phone said, “We only take small dogs.”

“Did you say you take ‘all’ dogs?” I asked.

“No,” she answered, “We only take ‘small’ dogs.”

“Hmmmm,” I said, “We’ve stayed with you for the last four years on our trips back from Michigan, and we stayed with you in the spring this year.  We had both dogs then.  When did your policy change?”

“Oh,” she said, “It’s ok, we take big dogs too.”

Well, all righty then!

When we ordered our taxi for 7 a.m. this morning (several days ago), we mentioned that we were leaving the island for the winter, and we’d have two dogs and about a gazillion suitcases and totes (even after Ted had already carried over a gazillion suitcases and totes on Friday, and I shipped two huge boxes to Georgia.  At 6:55 this morning we were standing on our porch listening for the sound of horses coming up the hill.  Instead, we heard voices from about a block further up from us – a lot of voices.  Ted walked up the street and found out EIGHT people were also waiting for the taxi – with all their luggage AND two dogs.  There was no way we’d all get on that taxi (only one taxi was working this morning).

Five minutes later the taxi arrived, and the other folks and their stuff went down the hill without us.  The driver promised he could get back up to pick us up and have us to Shepler’s by the 8 a.m. boat.  And he did!  Yeahhhh!

We've had frost the last three mornings, and today there was ice on the boardwalk when we were loading the taxi. There was also ice on the ferry dock. Slippery walking!

Not a lot of people were leaving the island on the early ferry.

Ted stood at the back of the boat to take this parting photo of the sun coming up through the clouds over Round and Bois Blanc Islands.

We drove in very dense fog for the first hour or so. Ted and I both kept a close watch out for deer.

"Are we there yet?"

"Who cares?"

We’ll try to get an early start Monday morning and hopefully be home before dark.  I’ll check in with you Monday night – IF our service provider took care of reconnecting our DSL this week.  If not, I’ll talk with you once more on this blog when our online connections are turned back on.

Thank you for all your safe travel prayers, and please keep them going until we are safely at the lake.  Love and hugs to you all – and yes, Lowell and Brian, I waved to you both as we flew through Ann Arbor.

Note:  Ted took the header shot on Saturday as we returned from lunch at the Village Inn – our last day on the island for the season.


22 thoughts on “We’re in Richmond, KY! 10/31/2011

  1. I wondered about the fog, but glad you didn’t have slippery roads (snow) along with it. Hope you got to see some pretty foliage on your way south. It should be prettier looking at hills tomorrow instead of our flat land. My husband mentioned you at lunch today and said, “‘Wouldn’t it be funny if they were eating lunch in Perrysburg?” So, we wished you well and thought what a pretty day it was for a (long) drive. Safe travels! Your own bed tomorrow will feel soooo good!

    • We ate lunch in Dundee, Barb. As for the scenery, Ted will be quick to tell you I slept most of the day. Another back lash from not using my apnea machine – sit down in car, car starts moving, I go to sleep. I will probably be awake all night. But that’s ok – I’ll just sleep all day tomorrow again in the car. I asked Ted to let me drive some. He looked startled that I would even suggest it, and said sweetly, “Are you crazy!”

  2. Brenda,

    I saw you.

    Did you see me?

    Concerning the dogs and the motel: It pays to say the right thing at the right time, doesn’t it.

    Praying for continued safe travel for all of you.

  3. Brenda..we ate a late lunch in Dundee today too! At LoneStar…we live about 14 minutes south of Dundee and one of our sons and his wife live in Dundee…would have been neat to run into you!!! So glad you are having a good trip…love the motel/dog story…Praying that the rest of your trip goes as smooth as the first half!! Many blessings!!

  4. Do you have a nice fuzzy blankie like Maddie’s to curl up in whilst you travel? She looked quite cozy…..glad you popped in to assure all of us that stage one of your travel went well. Happy trails………

  5. Continued safe travels all the way to the lake. I’ve been thinking of ya’ll and keeping you in my prayers.Let us know when you arrive…if you can. 🙂

  6. Hope you arrived safely in Georgia. Loved all the closing pics the last few days. I will truly miss this blog of the island. Can’t wait til the spring to do it all over again, god willing.

    I especially loved the pic of you? and Bear on the ferry boat. You wonder what’s going through Bear’s mind as he leaves the island!

    Have a great winter and great Holidays with your family!

  7. Maddie is so precious in her little blanket! Have a safe trip and I can’t wait to start hearing all about the lake house. This is my first winter reading your blog, so it will all be new and adventurous for me!

  8. Glad you arrived safely! Thanks for the explanation regarding the papered windows the other day too. I loved the “walk with me” photos too.

  9. It’s Monday and I’m just catching up on your posts from the last couple of days. Thanks again for a wonderful season of great blog posts and pictures. It was nice meeting you this summer and I even got to meet and chat with Jill too. It was nice to see all the photos of the how the island looks at the end of the season. Wish I could have gotten in on some of that $4/slice fudge. I know what you mean…..leaving from Mackinac and once you make that curve and you can no longer see the bridge….you just turn and face front and make that long journey home (much longer for you than me), but still you get that same feeling of “no turning back” and “until next time”. I’ll spend this winter catching up on your posts from your Lake Blackshear blog….it will give me some good reading for the winter as I’ve never read any of your posts from that before.

  10. praying for safe travels and also protection from all the goblins that will be out and about tonight…:) we’re getting ready to pass out all sorts of treats at 6pm….I have about a hundred and twenty items so when that’s gone the light goes off! sleep well tonight in your own home…..

  11. Thank you for another wonderful year on Mackinac Island. I love the pictures and all that you write about each day, thank you again.

  12. I think we may have passed each otheron I75. We left Muskegon at 7:33 AM and headed to the Straits arriving at Cobble Beach just in time to turn the heat on and run up to the Wawatam Senior Center to eat a great chicken dinner with all the fixings. Our Villiage was just as empty as your Island post pictures. It is kinda’ fun to see the empty 4 lane streets. So glad that you and Ted had such beautiful sunny weather to travel. We had the fog as well as we drove north but turned into a gorgious day. Wish we could have seen you on the road. Fun to see the Fence sign this year. We now know that yard. Welcome home my friend.

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