Oops! 10/28/2011

I’m so sorry, friends, but my day didn’t quite work out as I’d hoped.  I took the 8 a.m. ferry so I could get Bear to the groomers early, with plans to go back to the island on the 2:00 ferry and have lots of afternoon left for packing chores.  That would have been fine, except I read the ferry schedule wrong (it just changed).  The boat left at 1:30 going TO the island FROM Mac City and 2 p.m. coming TO Mac City FROM the island.  Arrived at dock at 1:45, missing the 1:30 boat and stranding me in Mac City until the next (and last) ferry of the afternoon at 4:30.  By the time I got home it was 5:30, and Ted wants to take some of our luggage over to pack the car Friday morning so there won’t be such a huge load to contend with on Sunday morning.  Therefore . . . . tonight I’ve been finishing up what I should have gotten done this afternoon.

So – the closing post from the island will be Saturday morning . . . . a view of downtown at the very end of the season.  I’ll also try, before I pack the laptop Saturday night, to write whatever words I can find to wrap up the summer, so you’ll have that post Sunday morning (which I guess would make THAT the last post – geez, can you tell I’m tired?)  Anyway, the crucial word in the last sentence is “try”!  There will be a post on Saturday; I’ll try to have a short post on Sunday (I had to repeat all that so I would remember what I’d said.)

Going to bed – see you Saturday!


P.S.  The header gives you a little preview for Saturday.  Below is the entire photo.

A practically empty Main Street. You can see that Sanders on the corner has papered their windows - quite a few stores have already done that.


26 thoughts on “Oops! 10/28/2011

  1. And I bet there wasn’t much open in Mackinaw City! Sorry you got stranded. I’m almost afraid to say it, but those clouds look a lot like snow clouds. . . . but I think it’s supposed to get warmer this weekend, right? Sending you peaceful, organized thoughts.

  2. Wow Brenda what a day you had and you still came and posted…you’re a peach!! Love hearing about what’s happening now since the season is over..but as neat as the photo is, it made me sort of sad to see it so empty!! if you see Alyssa before you leave say hi for me and even a hug if you get a chance!! 🙂
    Looking forward to the last post from the Island..and praying for a peaceful trip home to Georgia for you, Ted, Maddie and Bear!!

  3. Also, I’d like to know how Halloween is there on the island from a kids point of view. Are there lots of trick-or-treating opportunities, or has many folk left, leaving slim pickins for the local goblins?

    • The children left on the island are the ones who live up in the Village, and they have a ball trick-or-treating in the neighborhood!

  4. Bob – I think they’re just curtains so people can’t see that the shop is empty. I looked here http://www.mackinaclive.com/index.asp?cam=4 and it appears that they have lots of tables and chairs up against the windows. Maybe they don’t want passers-by to see any disarray?

    Sorry to hear about your missed connections yesterday, Brenda. I hope you can get everything done today that you wanted to get done. At least it’ll be cold so you won’t be tempted to go outside and do anything!

    Try to take breaks so you don’t wear yourself out.

  5. No worries Brenda, totally understand all you have to do the next couple of days and happy as a clam with your picture. Love shots of downtown especially at a time like this. Try not to rush around for us but instead take it easy and enjoy your last couple of days you have left there. We’ll take anything, you know that. In case I don’t get to say it, safe travels home and looking forward to hearing all about the lake. 🙂

  6. We’ve made the same mistake with mis-reading the schedule….not this time of year thought, so we didn’t have to wait as long. That’s a bummer for sure. Two weeks ago we were sitting in the Mustang and watched the Birkenstock store close and he put paper on his windows also. I wondered if the stores downtown ever had an early trick or treat for the kids. Lots of towns do that.

  7. Next time you’re stuck in Mac City, head over to Mackinaw Kites and say hi to Lizbet and Glenda. They’re good friends of mine and have lots of very cool stuff that would make good presents for grandchildren!

  8. Hi Brenda,

    Just wanted to take this chance to wish you, Ted, Bear and Maddie safe travels back to Georgia. I will be sure to check in on the Lake Blackshear blog over the winter!

    Take care,

  9. Is Bear & Maggie getting vibes that something big is about to happen? Our dog, Bear, starts getting vibes when we are about go on a road trip so he will stand right beside us before we go or he will lay in the door way. Dogs are so perceptive! Have a great trip south!

    • Oh yeah, Yvonne! From the second the first suitcase came down from storage, Maddie and Bear have been right in the middle of our “space”. Maddie has been known to crawl INTO the suitcase and sleep.

  10. Have a safe trip, Brenda. God be with you both as you travel. If you want to go home a different way, you can drive through Niles and wave as you go by. 😉
    I’ll be saying hi on the Blackshear blog, when you get back to Georgia. Don’t forget to pack Dudley. He’s trying as hard as he can. 😉

    • I took a pix of McNally two weeks ago when we were there. I wonder if they are going to proceed on Nov. 1 as planned with the demolition? Anyone have any updates?

  11. I was exhausted just reading about your ferry problems !!!! Please take care and remember to “breathe” !!! Drive safely.
    When we pack to go away, our Yorkie goes into the back bedroom and sulks. He doesn’t even come to say good-bye. We have a dog sitter that comes in, but he still gives us the cold shoulder!

  12. Geezzzz…look what happens when I leave you on your own!!! “WE” LOOKED at the schedule CHANGE the day BEFORE I left b/c it WAS GOING TO CHANGE & EVERYONE gets the “leaving” & “returning” mixed up. At least you DIDN’t miss the LAST BOAT… LoL

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