Catching Up! 10/18/2011

Stunned.  Humbled.  Happy tears.  Grins.  Wide eyes.  Little nods.  Smiling head shakes.  Stillness. Joy.  Wonder.

I could go on . . . . but not today.  Today and tomorrow I’m going to do as promised and write and post pictures from our next-to-the-last week on the island.  Before we leave, I’ll tell you what today and your comments and emails have meant to me.  But not now.  For now, I will read each one another time or two or three – and I will hold each one close to my heart.  I love you, my friends.


I’ve been saving photos up for days now, so I’m going to spread them over the next two days, or you’ll be reading all night!

These first ones came from last Thursday.  Ted and I biked down the hill and ate breakfast at the Pancake House with Jill.  I can’t believe it, but that was the first morning we’d gone to town for breakfast all summer!  I think that has something to do with my laziness in the mornings, but breakfast is always great when you eat it out, and this one was no different.

After Ted left the table to go run errands, Jeremy (another Island Bookstore friend) came in and joined us.  Jill and I sat with him while he ate, then went roaming the streets, looking for photo ops.  We didn’t get far before we spotted Frankie and Hershey coming out of Doud’s, so they joined us in our quest.

Thursday was the first of several wild and crazy weather days. Rain had come in overnight, but the winds weren't up that high yet. Even so, the beautiful trees next door at the Carriage Museum property had lost a lot of leaves.

Everyone in town has been talking about the Halloween decorations at the Island House, so that was our first stop. Oh yeah! Creepy crawlers everywhere . . . .

. . . including up in the trees . . .

. . . and even the flag pole! Yikes!

We were walking toward Mission Point when we saw a rocking chair riding a bike . . . it was really Fernando, a dock porter who is usually balancing 10 suitcases on his handle bars. A rocking chair was a piece of cake!

Even though Fall has officially arrived with the colder weather, we still have beautifully blooming flowers. . . .

. . . that will continue on until that first frosty morning - like these gorgeous dahlias.

You know I love side streets, and this one - Truscott Street - ends at Mission Hill and is a beauty any time of year. Mission Hill leads up to the East Bluff.

Across the street from Frankie's house someone had put four chairs and a table out by the road - free to anyone who wanted to take them off. At the end of the season, you can get some great deals!

Turning off Truscott onto Wendall Street took us in front of the the western end of Mission Point Resort, where the trees were really pretty. It's this area of Mission Point where guests stay if they bring their dogs.

I can't believe I haven't been down at this end of Main Street since the leaves started turning. Thanks, Frankie, for suggesting it!

This winding little lane runs behind Mission House, where many of the State Park employees live.

This photo was yesterday's header. There are those chairs again - I cannot walk by an Adirondack chair without snapping a pic. Just can't do it.

Mission Point's gardening team this year has absolutely done a fantastic job. Each new bed is a dazzler!

The sidewalk in front of Mission Point . . . .

. . . and Japanese Scarlett Round Berry Trees (I totally made up that name - no clue).

Miss Hershey Kiss - taking a breather.

Turning back toward town now - the fort sits framed by Autumn.

Back at Surrey Ridge just in time to catch this buggy coming down the road . . . .

. . . . turns out to be Doc Bill Chambers, the owner of Carriage Tours. I think he was wondering who the crazy woman was standing on the side of the road taking his photograph. But after he went by he yelled, "Send me a copy!"

Fast forward to Saturday.  The weather was nuts.  Rain (the kind that pelts your skin).  Wind (the kind that blows your umbrella upside down).  We had plans to meet two blog fans (Sue and Andy Stejskal) at the Cottage Inn that morning (Ted had met them this spring when they were walking by the condo), but the weather was just too bad to go downtown at 10.  Instead, they met us at the Pony for lunch and to watch the Michigan/Michigan State game.  Sue is a Special Deputy with the Centreville, MI Sheriff’s Department and owns two cadaver dogs – one is Chili (an 11-year-old wirehaired dachshund who recently won a national award) and Buzz (a chocolate lab).

Sue, with a photo of Chili on her ipad.

Ted and I with Andy and Sue. They will be back on the island and staying at the Cottage Inn for Winter Bazaar (I'm jealous). AND . . . in the spring, Sue will be bringing Chili and Buzz to the school on the island for an educational program.

Brian Bailey, the General Manager at the Chip and the Lilac Tree, joined us for a while.

I couldn't find a taxi anywhere when I started home that afternoon. Found out later they were delivering tons of people out to the Woods for a wedding reception. So I said, "What the heck, I'll walk home - what''s a little more rain." I turned down the end of Market Street to try and get a good shot of the waves out on the lake. I'd heard several stories about the roller coaster rides everyone was getting on the ferries.

When I reached the Grand, the gardeners had been busy. As I'd walked by going to town, they were pulling up all the annuals from the Grand's flower beds. Now they were already tilling the soil, getting ready in a few days to plant next Spring's tulips. Again - full circle.

The Grand looked majestic against that cloudy sky. Can you tell me what's missing . . . . . . . the flags. They'd all been taken in because of the high winds.

Looking down Cadotte - just after another shower.

Waves were pounding Round Island Light House.

It’s really hard to describe just how rough it’s been on the Straits the last few days, so I’m adding this photo taken aboard one of the Shepler ferries on Saturday.

This was the top deck, and, of course, there were no passengers sitting up there. That IS where the pilot house is though.

Ok – that’s all for tonight.  Tomorrow I leave on the 8 a.m. boat to cross to Mackinaw City and help out at Shepler’s for the Win-some Women Conference.  There will be 1,000 women coming and going each day Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and I’m going to be a greeter at the entrance gate those three days until 1 p.m..  And guess what – more weather coming in . . . . in fact . . . . there could be SNOW on Wednesday or Thursday.  Of course, there are also supposed to be 25-35 mph winds again.  Snow – bring it on.  Winds while I’m on the ferry – not so much!

See you back here Wednesday with some big Island changes for next year!


20 thoughts on “Catching Up! 10/18/2011

  1. We were on the island Friday and Saturday and experienced the weather first hand. Spent the afternoon at Goodfellows watching the game, because the weather was just too bad to walk around. Sunday on the way back waves were 8-10 ft. I understand it got worse later in the day. Lots of sales on the island, however!

  2. Pancake House is the best place to eat breakfast on the Island if you ask me. Reasonable prices and good service.

    That part of the porch of the Island House you show there is where my dad and stepmom got married. Funny to see it covered in spiders.

    I saved about three of four of your pics from this post, can’t decide which to make my desktop background!

    Also hope you get some shots of McNally Cottage before it is torn down Nov 1st! So sad 😦

  3. Oh, each picture is great. I love the changes of the seasons. I love the picture of the Island House, they really decorated it for Halloween. I wouldn’t of wanted to be the one to put the spider up the flagpole though.

    The picture that really is amazing is the one from Shepler’s. Seeing the waves coming over the boat, WOW!!!!!

    Thank you, Brenda for the wonderful job that you do everytime you sit down at your computer and tell us readers the story of things happening on Mackinac. As I said before, my Mom and I look forward to reading your stories, the way you write them makes us feel that we are there and also dream of a time that we can get back up there to meet the 4 of you.

  4. More gorgeous Fall pictures – I love them! I like your description of the red berry tree. It sure is pretty whatever it is. I’m glad those “spiders” aren’t real – or else Yikes 🙂 Happy Tuesday!!

  5. This is what your blog is all about … random everyday life on the island. Whether just what you are experiencing or telling another ones story. This is what keeps us all tuned in. As always thanks for sharing. Even being on the island each year since 1998, sometimes 2 or 3 times a season, I never get tired of reading what you have on the blog or seeing the photos. I agree with Jeff that a trip to the island would not be the same without breakfast at the Pancake House.

  6. Steve is right, Bree, this is what it’s all about. What a great column. You reminded me that for some odd reason we tend to ignore the Mission Point area when we’re on the island and we really shouldn’t! It’s so beautiful!!! It’s now on my list to spend some time there next trip!

    I wondered if you might “encourage” your new friends Andy and Sue to share some photos with you of their winter bazaar trip. We are equally jealous!

  7. The Island House looks great! Hope the spiders stayed on during all that wind but if not, I hope they landed somewhere where they could be rescued! Love the shot of Fernando-I watched him go back and forth with all those suitcases a few times when we were up in September. It’s amazing how much he can carry and still ride so fast!
    I agree totally with Steve-I never ever get tired of reading and seeing photos about normal everyday life on Mackinac.

  8. Love all the (fake) spiders everywhere…real ones..not so much. I love the area by Misson Point. We have a habit of going to the Bistro almost everynight that we are there to listen to the entertainment and the walk is always so pretty. Well, I don’t think the weather was quite as bad as the picture you posted from Sheplers, but it was pretty rough when we left. The captain mentioned that sitting on the top deck was probably not a good idea but I guess a few people were willing to rough it. Until we got passed the break wall and they started coming downstairs soaked as if they had just stepped out of the shower, fully clothed. It was a little funny to watch. I guess you should really listen to your captain. 🙂

  9. Brenda,

    The night before last, I started my comment as the first, but by the time I finished and hit the post button 6 or 7 others had already posted. And 63 posts before it was finished -all positive about how much you are appreciated. If that doesn’t tell you something good, I don’t know what could do it. But of course, I’m sure you know that. So, I say, “Just revel in it! You deserve it!”

    Today’s blog is no exception -as if I thought it would be. It is said that the exception proves the rule, but you’ve had not exceptions, and in my book, that also proves the rule.

    I remember -well, I do. I love wind (but not the destructive kind) and your picture of Shepler’s ferry caused me to remember the time I was riding a Star Line ferry from Mackinaw City in the mid 1950s on a day like that. First it was seeing all sky. Then it was seeing all water. Did I think that was exciting? You better believe it! I also remember standing on the sea wall where the little Statue of Liberty is and loving it when the waves would hit that wall and water sprayed up and all over me. Of course, I was in my mid teens then. Maybe I wouldn’t enjoy all that so much now. Then again, maybe I would.

    Anyway, I’ve loved walking around with you this morning. It’s made my day. It’s greatly appreciated.

  10. For someone not able to take a vacation, reading your blog takes me away to a place that looks inviting, educational, beautiful and calming. I’m sure there are others reading your blog who are like me and are enjoying a time away thru your pictures and writing. I so enjoyed every morning opening your blog to see where we are going that day. Thank you so much.

  11. Love it all. As Lowell said so well, I’ve loved walking around with you this morning. I love seeing my favorite place on earth through your eyes.

  12. I’m late responding…but ARE YOU KIDDING ME BREE???!! As you can tell by the many, many,responses already, we are NEVER, EVER bored with whatever you feel like posting on your Mac blog! I haven’t told you for quite awhile, but have many times in the past: a day,or a week without reading about what my friends (whom I’ve never even met in person!!)—the pups, Ted, YOU, Jill from the bookstore, and the cast of others…are up to on one of my favorite spots, Mackinac Island— well would be like a day without sunshine!!

    Now I can get by without the sun shining, but it brings me so much joy when I see it shining & feel it on my face..and that’s how your postings & pix make me feel. Happy & better after reading them! And I don’t mind one bit if it’s just about how your day went or what you did with guests or family visiting…Your gracious manner & caring posts make us all feel like we ARE a part of YOUR family and that we are part of that magical place, the island- even if we cannot make the trek to visit as often as we would like to.

    Love you, love the blog(s). Don’t you EVER feel you are shorting us, your just couldn’t happen!
    Jane in MN

  13. Oh, you got down to ‘my’ end of the island! 🙂 The one thing we used to love to do is to go just past Mission Point (past the tennis courts, around the corner). The lights were behind you, and you can see so many more stars! OK, maybe where your condo is you can see them, too. But on the main drag, it helps to get around that curve. and you haven’t gone sledding until you’ve gone down the hill next to the fort, or Mission hill. Young and stupid, that’s what we were – but it was fun!

    And those spiders! Love it! Wonder if I can do something like that on our front porch. . . .

    As always, thanks for doing what you do.

  14. So many beautiful pictures! My favorite is the one of the end of Market Street. It reminds me of my wife and I walking there at night during our last visit. The view of the bridge that night was great.

  15. See Brenda it is the simple things that amuse us (the readers). I don’t know what that says about us (ha! ha!) but we all love your blog. Now that you wrote about the Pancake house, I will definitely try it next summer. After being to the island many times, I haven’t stopped there but will definitely do so.

  16. O.K. Bree, I’m not going to repeat all of the above..just say ditto. You certainly packed a lot in this one. Beautiful photos and details. The rough waves always remind me of growing up on a beach on Lake Erie, in Monroe, MI. I’d stand near the sea wall and feel the power of the waves slapping against it. The trees are just gorgeous!

  17. Great photos again! We were on the island Sun/Mon.& the trip on the ferry there & back was a thrill to say the least & one I could have done without. Enjoyed our stay eventhough it was short. We got to meet & say hello to Ted at the Pink Pony Sun. afternoon….I hope he told you I said “hello”. We didn’t venture out of town much due to the strong winds, but we did make a point to go up the grand and down by the boardwalk. Almost got blown away, but we did it anyway! Our first time coming in Oct., but loved it and we’ll be back. We ate breakfast at the pancake house for the first time….it was great!

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