Lighting the Way to Winter 10/14/2011

We have a winner for our final Mystery Spot of the season!  It’s J. Pearson from Chesterton, IN.  J. and family were on the island just a couple of weeks ago and took a picture of the buggy!  Please see end of this blog post for answer.

October’s poplars are flaming torches lighting the way to winter.  Nova Bair

If you liked yesterday’s fall color pics, today’s should make you just as happy!  I’m finishing up with the photos I took on the last official sunny day of our Indian summer on Mackinac Island – and a couple of that weather change I talked about yesterday.

I love the quote I found for today . . . . flaming torches lighting the way to winter.  I’ve seen that for the past few days here on Mackinac.  The leaves have been so bright, as the sun filtered through, I’ve had to shade my eyes just to look at them.  With the coming of the rain, wind, and colder temps over the next few days, I know we’ll lose those torches.  But for a few more days . . . they burn on.

Again, we don't have to venture too far from home to find color now. This tree is right next door and is always beautiful in the fall.

Maddie in the leaves

Still at Surrey Hill - this is the old blacksmith shop that has not been in operation since before we bought our condo.

Looking through the horse corral rails.

The road leading to the back side of the Carriage Museum.

Kinda camouflaged, isn't she!

There's really nothing I can say about these next few photos. They're all taken next door on the Carriage Museum property, and with every different angle, I found more beauty through my lens.

"Man, it feels good to scratch an itch!"

My beautiful boy.

As I was about to leave the house Wednesday afternoon (the day the weather changed), Ted called from outside that there were horses in the backyard. He's been trying to get me to use up all the horse treats we brought with us from Georgia, so they wouldn't be sitting on the shelf all winter. I threw a handful in my pants pockets and went outside. The dray was picking up all the items left in the condo two doors down that the new owner didn't want. I think the driver was happy to see a bike go on board.

The horses got their treats . . . . .

. . . and then, trying to avoid rolling over our boardwalk, the driver took the dray too close to a tree and got stuck. All it took was someone climbing a ladder with a board, shoving the board under the branch causing the problem, and heaving it up out of the way. Out drove the dray.

Coming home late Wednesday afternoon as the weather changed, I paused just past the Grand stables and looked back. The fog was coming in fast, and I could barely make out anything down the hill beyond the bikers walking up . . .

. . . and as I walked my bike up the next-to-last hill from home, I could just make out the outline of our condos through the opening in the trees.

I’ve been out today (Thursday) with Jill and Frankie and my camera, and I’ll have so much to show you Monday!  We walked downtown and all the way out to Mission Point, and even though the sky was cloudy and the temps were turning cooler by the minute, we managed to find some really great things to photograph.

Also next week, I’ll have big news about a lot of Island construction that has started up now that the season is over – and one of those projects will change the landscape of our area up at Surrey Hill a LOT (more on that Monday, but here’s a hint: someone “grand” is building a new stable up in our neck of the woods).


This will be the last Mystery Spot of the season, and I’ve made it a really, really easy one.  If you have visited Mackinac Island, you have seen this object because it is right out there in the open!
The object of the Mystery Spot  is to be the first to identify where the object is located. When you think you have the answer, email me at I’ll check my email several times a day, and as soon as we have a winner, I’ll post the winner’s name at the top of this blog so you can stop guessing, AND I’ll post the full photo of the mystery spot at the bottom of the blog with the answer. Is there a prize for the winner – yes there is; but the prize is secret, and the only ones who will know what it is are the winners. To be fair, I’m asking residents of Mackinac Island to please NOT guess. This is just for readers who don’t live here . . . but would like to! And the Mystery Spot is . .

Where is it?

Don’t forget to email your answer to me at  Please do not answer in the comment section.


The antique buggy sits on the porch of "The Lenox" building on Market Street. The Lenox is home for many of the Carriage Tour workers and also houses a few of the City of Mackinac offices on the ground floor.


17 thoughts on “Lighting the Way to Winter 10/14/2011

  1. Great pictures once again! Yesterday you mentioned the horses going to Pickford. Do you know if the horse ferry (cousin to the tooth fairy) goes to a dock near Pickford, or do they go to St. Ignace and load them into trailers again? Just curious, it must be quite the operation. Thanks!

  2. All beautiful pictures. I especially like the foggy ones. I loved the fog on the island, unless it lasted for days on end! In one of the Maddie and the leaves photos, her little tail is wagging so much it’s a blur. Love it!

    Look for all of us – we’d all be there if we could! and thanks for posting. It really is fun to see the island places that ‘fudgies’ don’t take photograph!

  3. Beautiful colors for sure! Love the pictures, love the fog and love the ones of you giving the horsies treats. I can’t wait to hear more about all the new stuff thats happing too. While we were at the Grand, Bob gave me “hints” so I know a little about something 😉 Can’t wait to see it all.

  4. Brenda,

    I don’t know how you can keep composing such interesting and beautiful blogs. Your talent is so obvious with every one. I especially liked the fog pictures. Or maybe it was the gorgeous trees. Or maybe it was the horses. No, I might as well admit it. It was the whole thing.

    It’s no wonder I would like to see you stay on the Island, but I do understand your desire to go back to Georgia and long time friends, and Ted’s desire for a milder winter.

    I almost forgot to mention that one extremely foggy day when I was working at the Arch Rock Curio Shop, back in the mid 50s, we heard voices coming from out on the lake. I walked out on the walkway beside the Rock and sure enough, I could just make out either the North American or the South American through the fog. I couldn’t make out the words, but it seemed to me that ship was much to close to the underwater shelf of rock. I guess the pilot must have been a good one.

  5. Love the shot of the bikers walking up the hill…Oh that hill… My husband and I rode up it just after running the 8 mile race. What was I thinking???
    Love that you carry horse treats around with you-I do the same with doggie treats. You never know when you’ll run into a very cute dog who absolutely deserves a biscuit! I just have to remember to empty my pockets before I do laundry.

  6. I was on the live cam the day the fog rolled in and it was neat to see. The pictures are all just beautiful. We leave in the AM for Mackinaw City for a night and then over the Island for a night….maybe I’ll see you on Sunday or Monday Brenda. I’m looking forward to our fall trip….even if the weather is bad, I won’t care.

  7. Wonderful pictures – and when I see Bear so bright and fluffy, I just wanted to squish him !!!! He just looks like one of those dogs you want to cuddle with! Enjoy the week-end.

  8. Enjoyed all the pictures. Glad to see Maddie is still alert and rounding up the leaves and Bear is taking it easy. No pictures of Ted tho, do you have to bring separate treats for him? Lowell was kind to praise the good pilot of the ship so close aground. I wonder if he was just a lucky pilot. Skill or luck either one works.

  9. I read your Pickford articles that you referred to Bob. It was so beautiful that I am a bawling mess. My eyes are now all puffy and red and along with tear streaks on my makeup. My husband thinks he needs to be put me in a padded room! (Ha! Ha!)

  10. You have introduced me to many aspects of this place I thought I knew pretty well. I have never been there past mid-September so it is a treat to see her don her colorful robes of fall. I also agree that summer seemed to pass in a moment. Our fall in Kansas City has been extraordinary weather wise but dry so not so much color.

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