How Beautifully Leaves Grow Old 10/13/2011

“How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.” – John Burroughs

Oh geez.  I’m down to counting DAYS now.  19 to go before we’re out of here.  Where did the summer go?  It seems like three minutes ago we were right in the middle of watching the horses come off the ferry and walk up the hill to the big barns.  Now the horses are almost all gone back to Pickford in the U.P., where they will kick up their heels and enjoy a much needed rest.

I’ve asked Ted to get my suitcases out of the attic and put them on the beds upstairs.  I’m going to try and get organized (don’t you dare laugh).  All my days are filling up, and before I can say “fudge”, the 30th will be here, and Ted will be standing in the street next to the taxi yelling, “No, we can’t stay another week!”

Many of our friends have already gone south – or east or west – for the winter (don’t know any who go further north, which would be Canada).  Each day brings partings on the ferry docks and promises to stay in touch by email, or Facebook, or Skype or cellphone, which certainly makes the “partings” a little easier. 

The next three weeks’ calendar is already almost full – lunches and breakfasts with friends still here, meetings with a couple of Blog fans, and three days next week I’m volunteering at Shepler’s in Mac City for the Winsome Women conference. What a great group of ladies – almost a thousand each day will be catching the ferry to and from the Island.  I think they have me greeting cars at the entrance gate and showing them where to park.  I have to remember not to talk too long to the women in each car!

But – that’s all about what’s happening in the next 19 days.  For the last three days, I’ve been out on the island with the camera – and that’s what I want to share with you today and tomorrow.  Oh my goodness, I could stay out there from sunrise to sunset – it’s that gorgeous.

Arrowhead Stables, as we were riding our bikes home from church Sunday. It was Little Stone Church's last service of the season, and Vince and Molly (our pastor and his wife) left the island on Tuesday for their winter home in Florida.

We stopped to talk with Barb, a Village neighbor, who was walking Topaz (their family pony) down the hill. Topaz was scheduled to leave the island for the winter the next morning.

Maybe the last mowing of the season. Our weather is supposed to be changing drastically by Friday, but these last two weeks could not have been more beautiful.

Trees in front of Barn View - where many of the Carriage Tour employees reside.

Two of our neighbors, walking their bikes home on the road that runs in front of our condo.

Chief Duck's little poodle, Star - dancing in the leaves for a treat I was holding right over her head.

Still beautiful weather on Tuesday morning, so we sat outside for coffee. The tree just outside out bay window is changing into its fall dress - one "sleeve" at a time.

We went on a long walk Tuesday afternoon. We really don't have to go much further now than our own front yard to find color - it's everywhere around us.

Bright red tree over what used to be the goat petting shed at Carriage Museum.

Maddie - straining against her halter. When you say "walk in the woods", she is ready!

"Why can't I go in this tree trunk!?"

"I knew I'd find it! Fox poop - yeah!"

View from in front of the Captain's Quarters at Fort Mackinac.

I think I’ll stop right there for now, but I’ll have even more to share on Friday.  As I sit and type this, it’s Wednesday afternoon, and I’ve just returned from town.  I left in a 3/4 length sleeve cotton shirt thrown over a short-sleeve t-shirt and some khaki pants.  Half-way down the hill, the wind changed direction, and cold air hit me like an iceberg.  The fog rolled in over the harbor and flew up each street – replacing warm, bright sunshine with cool, wet air – and the fog horns have been blowing ever since.  I had to stop and buy a sweater in town to wear back up the hill.  And THAT’s how fall arrives on Mackinac Island!  LOVE IT!

Thanks to Sue Randall for stopping by to see me Monday at the Stuart House.  I didn’t know it at the time, but that was my last day working there for this year, as they decided today to close the museum for the season.

Sue and her husband were at the Grand for a few days for a Christian Marriage Retreat.

See you Friday!


13 thoughts on “How Beautifully Leaves Grow Old 10/13/2011

  1. Brenda,

    I hate to see you go south to Georgia, so enjoy beautiful Mackinac while you can. And thank you so much for sharing the beauty with us. It sure is appreciated.

  2. I have to say that this blog was kind of sad. Sad in the fact that things are coming to a close. The island is slowing closing down for the season and soon you will be leaving to go back to Georgia. Yes, I love following your Lake Blackshear blog, wouldn’t miss it for the world, BUT I will miss the island. Don’t know yet when we will make it there next year BUT I WILL make it.. God willing.!

  3. GRRR We are staying on the island Fri and Sat and the weather is supposed to be rain and cold. Just waited a few days too long.

    • I have to admit – the forecast is pretty gloomy. But, you never know, Gail – it’s northern Michigan – things can change fast!

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  5. Gorgeous photos, Brenda. I can’t decide on a favorite, but that one of Bear makes the top three!

    I also agree with Hilde that it seems kind of sad that it’s all winding down and we won’t be getting our Mackinac fix for awhile. But I’ll look forward to your travel posts and your holiday posts and will eagerly await the Spring posts next year when you start talking about going back to Mackinac.

  6. I’m glad you were able to put up some more beautiful Fall pictures and some great ones of Maddie and Bear and Star – what a cute little one she is too.
    Have a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!!

  7. Thanks for the gorgeous photos! Our summer down here was so hot and humid, it seemed to drag on and on for me. But when I think of it in terms of following your blog, it did go fast. Thanks for all of the interesting posts and beautiful photos. I don’t envy you having to pack up again! Looking forward to your GA posts!

  8. My dog Max looks just like little Star….she is so pretty! I think I’m going to miss your Mackinac updates as much as you’ll miss being there. I wasn’t able to visit this year, but I felt like I had because I live on Mackinac vicariously through you 🙂 Thanks!!

  9. Hilde wrote exactly what I’m thinking, even down to the part where we don’t know when/if we’ll be able to visit next year. But, I look forward to hearing about winter in Georgia as it’s still nicer there than it will be here and you have such fun adventures wherever you go. Good luck with all the packing!

  10. I echo Hilde’s sentiments too!! I will definitely miss my “morning read!” But am looking forward to reading all about Georgia! I wonder what wonderful things await you back home! You always seem to find great stories ….. or maybe they find you!! Have a safe trip home!

  11. Hi Bree, thanks for sharing Mackinac Island fall with us. I am going to post a “Just Sittin'” napkinwriter blog, because a sister, writer blog friend CurtissAnn, who publishes many, many fiction books, and sister Southerner as well, blogged about that one day, and I am picking up on it ……have her comphy front porch chair feature photo, but would love to conclude with Ted and Mattie. OK?

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