Part II – The Greatest Happinesses 10/4/2011

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.  Joyce Brothers

Our beautiful Saturday continued . . .

Blair - photographing that beautiful Monarch butterfly on Monday's post.

Lighthouse - framed by twin trees.

Next stop - the Grand. We walked in through the shade garden . . .

Jason being goofy.

. . . and with Blair on the Grand front porch, after a little shopping inside.

When we rounded the corner of the Grand to walk up the West Bluff road, we came upon one of the Grand's chefs gathering thyme in the herb garden.

Seating for four on the lawn of a West Bluff cottages.

We walked through the turnstile in front of this cottage onto Pontiac Trail, a path Jason and Blair had never been on.

Blair - coming off Whitefield Road into the Village.

We got home just in time to change and catch our reserved taxi out to the Woods.  Our kids consider a Woods dinner a family tradition on the Island.

At the Woods during dinner.

Ron, my favorite taxi driver, happened to have just dropped off a carriage full of people at the Woods when we were ready to leave. Lucky us! We didn't have to wait for a taxi! The ride through the woods TO the Woods is all part of the tradition, especially the ride home. It's dark out there, and we can always talk the drivers into telling us Island ghost stories. It was also COLD! We all snuggled under the blue wool blankets that each taxi carries this time of year.

With a 3:30 p.m. flight out of Pellston on Sunday afternoon, we rose Sunday morning, ate fresh donuts from the Carriage Museum next door, dressed warmly, and took off on bikes for a morning ride.

I left the condo a few minutes ahead of the others (because I'm normally playing "catch up"), so I was waiting at the top of the hill at the Village store as Jason, Blair, and Ted rode up.

The trees in the Village are just beginning to blaze with color.

Our first stop was the Mackinac Island airport, which is closed now for renovations. The runways have been excavated, a hump in the middle of one of the runways has been removed, and the whole area is being leveled before it is repaved. Work is ahead of progress!

On the British Landing Road side of the airport is a huge, flashing "X" which means, "If you are an airplane about to attempt landing here . . . DON'T!"

After a ride out to Wawashkamo Golf Club and the new Community Barn, Blair and I started back home . . . .

. . . while Jason went with Ted to check out a cave.

Too soon, Jason and Blair and their luggage were on a taxi going down to the ferry, while Ted and I followed on our bikes.

Ted stayed on the Island while I drove Jason and Blair to the airport. This weekend went way too fast!


Round Island Lighthouse - over the trees.

The Grand - with a "high definition" effect added.

Over the geraniums on the Grand's porch.

Round Island Passage Light - high def again.

Knowing we’ll be seeing Jason and Blair again during Thanksgiving made watching them leave much easier.  What fun we had!  See you two soon!


19 thoughts on “Part II – The Greatest Happinesses 10/4/2011

  1. It just occurred to me: where were the grandchildren? They must have been in school? I bet this was a nice getaway for Jason and Blair (not to mention a great visit for Brenda and Ted).

    The photos were wonderful! Thanks for sharing them with us!

    • Andrea, Jason and Blair don’t have children yet. Our daughter Julie and son-in-law Matt have our grandchildren – Jordan and Matthew. They live in Florida..

  2. You can tell by the pictures that everyone had a GREAT time! Jason and Blair sure do look like a fun couple. I’m loving the color change in the trees. Brenda, I forgot to tell you that we did visit the new stables while we were there and I got to meet Blaze! Bud was quite surprised that I knew who he was before he could read his name on the door. 🙂 He sure is cute.

    Andrea, Jason and Blair do not have any kids (yet) 😉

  3. Blair’s photo of the Grand looks like a vintage postcard! I love the hi-def effect-very retro! Glad they’ll be back for Thanksgiving so you don’t have to wait so long to see them and we get more Blair photos!

  4. Love the high def. photos too. Never saw those before but now I’m gonna have to check into that. Thanks!

  5. Brenda,

    They’ve gone back to Georgia after such a short time, but you packed a lot into that short time. I think you should make a record of their visit so you don’t forget. Oh, wait, you already did that. Smart girl. Wonderful memories and thank you for letting us share them.

    Yesterday was “make green tomato relish day” and today is “make green tomato mincemeat day.” I wish you could taste the cookies made with that mincemeat. My favorite.

    • Hi Lowell,

      Welcome back! I love green tomato relish, but I’ve never heard of green tomato mincement…can you share the recipe with us?

      • Yes, Jean, I’ll be glad to. I’ll send it to Brenda and maybe she’ll post it. We originally cut out the recipe from the Portland Oregonian in September, 1975, when we lived in Molalla, Oregon (love the name of that town). By the way, it’s the best mincemeat you’ll ever eat. If you need the cookie recipe, I’ll send that to Brenda also.

      • Thanks Lowell that would be great. The frost took are of the garden last weekend, but I’d love to have the recipe ready for next season.

  6. What a beautiful two days of picture taking you had! The picture of Blair and Jason on the west end of the Grand porch is the exact spot that we renewed our wedding vows two years ago after 50 years. Thanks for the warm memories.

  7. Thanks so much for the photo blog, Brenda. It kind of gives us a preview of what to expect next week as far as color goes. Gary and I are heading to Mackinaw City on Sunday. Monday morning we’ll take the ferry over to the Island for a Christian Marriage retreat. We’ll stay at the Grand Monday and Tuesday evening and head home on Wednesday morning. This will be our sixth visit to the Grand in seven years and we always feel like we are “going home” when we arrive on the Island.

    We plan to try some of Ted’s hikes that you recommended a couple of months ago. I’ve pulled out an island visitor’s guide from a couple of years ago and have already mapped out some of Ted’s suggestions. Thanks so much for taking the time to email us that info a while back.

    Can’t wait for your next post as we get closer to our trip!

    Thanks again,

  8. Love the high-def photos also. They make it look so different. Glad that you had a beautiful visit with your children and thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

  9. Thanks much for the pics and narrative relating to the airport construction project. Very interesting and useful information.

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