Short and Sweet 9/30/2011

I knew I’d be late posting today, but I didn’t think I’d be THIS late!  I should have written this one ahead of time, but oh well – I had cleaning and “pre-cooking” to do – then a trip to the airport, thinking all the way the bottom would drop out, and we’d arrive on the Island in a downpour.  Didn’t happen!  Yeah!!

Long story short, ever since Jason and Blair arrived, we’ve been going, going, going.  So . . . . no Mystery Spot tonight, and no post except a few pics of my sweet son and his sweet wife’s arrival.  See you Monday with all the details of our weekend!

On the road to the Pellston Airport.

As soon as we arrived on the Island, Jason decided it was time for a sweater. A lot different from the 80's he left in Atlanta!

Drinks at the Pink Pony, home to change clothes, dinner at Seabiscuit Cafe, then back to the Pony to listen to live music.

So sorry for the short post, but I can’t wait to spend some quality time with Jason and Blair.  See you back here on Monday with lots of pics and news from the weekend!


13 thoughts on “Short and Sweet 9/30/2011

  1. Have an absolutely wonderful weekend! I’m crossing my fingers for perfect fall weather for you…

    Thanks very much for the Pink Pony photo-I love that place!

  2. If you see John at the Seabiscuit Cafe, tell hiim the Iowa girl that came during last January says hi! He is super nice. While visiting in January, I went to the “Lakers” high school basketball game and enjoyed watching his daughter play. She is a beautiful girl. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Have a ball with the kids. We’ll take care of ourselves and you can store up memories with Jason and Blair. Glad the weather cooperated. We’ve been watching the storms you’ve been having.

  4. Don’t be concerned about us. You have a wonderful time and we’ll enjoy anything you send our way. Family time is the most important time. Love, laugh and have a terrific visit.

  5. Not that you EVER look old, Brenda, but I can’t get over how young you look when you’re extremely happy. That picture of you at the bar with Jason and Blair makes me think you’re in your 40’s, but I KNOW you’re retired and are probably in your 60’s. Must be happiness makes you look younger, yes?

    Hope you all have a great visit! Stay warm – they’re calling for a hard freeze tonight.

  6. I bet you have a super time with the children. I was just wondering if Jason had to use a cute little white dog to meet Blair or did he struggle like the rest of us. I think he would have charmed Blair instantly had he used Spike as a cover.

    • LOL, Frog. He says there were no dogs involved on HIS end, but SHE had a cute little white dog . . . . and it’s still alive (15 1/2 years old).

  7. It looks like the weather will hold for ya’ll. Tell Jason and Blair hello. Spike lived 19 yrs 10mo. He was with us longer than the kids. Hope Ted and the pups are doing well.

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