Races, Rain, Romance, and a Few Random Shots 9/20/2011

I’m going to play “catch up” tonight with some photos I’ve been holding for a while – and a few new ones shot just today.

The 8.2 mile annual run/walk race around the island was a couple of weekends ago – the same weekend the Forresters returned for their fall visit.  With Mike, Jeanine and Siena were Mike’s sister Holly and her husband Travis, and Mike’s cousin Sam and his wife, Leila.  All the Forresters and Ted were registered for the race, so Jill and I watched Siena while they hoofed it around the Island.  Believe me – Jill and I enjoyed our morning a lot more than they did!

The runners - Travis, Holly, Sam and Leila. The walkers - Jeanine, Mike, and Ted

Sam was the fastest in the bunch - so fast, in fact, I didn't catch him crossing the finish line because I wasn't expecting him yet. Next in the group was Travis - in the rusty orange shirt. That's Sam and Siena kneeling in the foreground applauding his finish.

Not far behind Travis was his wife Holly.

Congrats to each other!

About to cross the finish line is Ted, with a very respectable 8.2 mile walking time.

Leila came in right after Ted (you can see little Siena cheering her on).

Awwwww . . . cute!

Siena ran out to finish the race with her mom and dad.

Medals all around - great job!

While all the other grownups were out running and walking their way around the island, Jill and I learned that Siena can climb walls like a little mountain goat.

We always have so much fun when the Forresters are on the Island. After church that Sunday, we all had lunch together on the outside upper deck at the Chippewa. Sam and Leila aren't in this pic because they chose to do a little more Island exploring that morning.

It was a rainy day on the island today.  Since I was working at the Stuart House, I walked over and caught a ride down on one of the Carriage Tour buggies.  Saved myself from getting good and drenched!

I didn't know if we'd get many visitors on a day like today. The rain was pretty steady for the four hours I worked.

The whole day brightened when Dale Gensman dropped by and spent about two hours talking with visitors. Dale recreates all the Island's historical buildings and landmarks for the museum. He was born and raised on the island, and his father helped build Round Island Light. He has now added "author" to his list of accomplishments with his book about Cubbie the Bear. One of the museum visitors bought two copies of the book at the Landing Gull and brought them down for Dale to sign - one for her granddaughter, Leah, and one for Leah's school. In addition to the book, Leah received a teddy bear from Dale's collection, along with a cap and scarf Dale knitted himself for the bear. That was one happy little girl!

Never let it be said that rain dampens romance on Mackinac Island.  Jill rushed into the museum a little while before my shift ended shouting, “Get your camera, get your camera!  There’s a bride and groom coming down the street!”

I rushed to the door in time to catch this radiant couple walking down the rainy street under their umbrella. I don't know if they had just been married or were on the way to their wedding, but they couldn't have cared less about the weather. Steven Blair, an Island wedding photographer, was keeping pace with them, and he was kind enough to ask them to look up to the museum porch so I could snap this photo.

Here’s a few random shots!

Beautiful mum window box at the Lucky Bean Coffee Shop.

Quite a busy day on the Island Saturday . . .

. . . made even busier by a number of Island weddings that day.

The young trees on Cadotte have turned on the color, and the older trees are beginning to turn.

Old Glory against that blue, blue sky. That's the Governor's Summer Residence in the background.

Maddie's favorite place on a cold, rainy day . . . sheets fresh out of the dryer.

Ted is having a group of his guy friends over for dinner Tuesday night, so I’m going to be a bit too busy to write anything for Wednesday.  See you back here Thursday morning!


13 thoughts on “Races, Rain, Romance, and a Few Random Shots 9/20/2011

  1. At least the weather was beautiful for the walk/run around the island. Looks like everyone had a great time. I saw the rain on the webcam yesterday. At times it looked like it was raining pretty hard. How cute of that bride and groom to walk by and not let the rain hamper their special day.

  2. I remember seeing Holly at the race-she finished about the same time as I did and I thought her outfit was so very cute! What a perfect day for a race! Wish I’d have taken a better look over where you were but at that point I just wanted my medal and a banana! Glad to hear your gang had as good a time as I did. And, I would have loved to be snuggled up like Maddie yesterday. It was a sleepy, rainy day down here too.

  3. Thanks for posting these, Brenda! I was sad not to be on the island with you all, but was excited to see the photos of my family crossing the finish line! All the best to you, Ted and the pups!

  4. Rain on a wedding day is suppose to be good luck isn’t it? It’s rained briefly for us on the island when we got married also. I would still come visit the island even in the rain! Thanks for all the great pictures!

  5. If the old saying “if it rains on your wedding day, you will be blessed with riches” is true – this couple will definitely be blessed!!! I love the picture of Maddie – our Yorkie’s favorite thing is to drag all the blankets he can find into the living room and make nests in each one. He had 3 out of Sunday! Now if I could only train him to put them back!!

  6. I love your random photo days. It’s like being on the island – you never know what you’re going to see, but it will be fun!
    I’m with Maddie – clean sheets are wonderful!

  7. Just returned yesterday from 3 wonderful nights on the Island. Even saw you Sunday morning waiting outside the Little Stone Church. (Didn’t want to be rude & run up for a photo right before service!) I’m already aching to get back to the relaxing pace of the Island! It was a fantastic weekend!

    • That is funny, Rebecca (the church story)! We would have just stopped right there and “got it done”! I love meeting my readers!

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