A Remembrance Brick 9/14/2011

Veterans Memorial Park on Mackinac Island is a little park on Market Street across from the Island Post Office.  I’ve written stories about the park on Veterans Day for the last couple of years, and I’ve tried to convey the reverence and honor bestowed on the men and women from the Island who have served in the military, some giving the ultimate sacrifice for their country. This park is almost hallowed ground for Island residents, and is beautifully maintained throughout the year.

I’ve often noticed the inscribed bricks which make up the base of the park and knew the names mentioned there were those of Island families – laid in memory or in honor of a family member who served his/her country.  What I did not know until recently is the bricks can be purchased in memory or in honor of someone who is not an Island resident.

Because of this blog, I know there are hundreds of people who do not live here on the Island, but who love it so much they would be honored to have a brick in this park inscribed with a loved one’s name and be able to see “their” brick when they are on the Island visiting.

Because I now know this is possible, I wanted to share that information with you.

If you are interested, the facts are these:

  • Bricks are 4″ x 8″
  • There is a limit of 15 characters per row (including spaces) and three rows per brick.
  • Lettering on each row is centered by engraver.
  • Brick font is black Arial Narrow Bold Upper Case, 5/8″ high.
  • Each brick is $50.

Veterans Memorial park is one of my favorite spots downtown to take a moment to rest after a hurried walk down the hill, or just before I start back up.

The park's beauty and simplicity lend an air of reverence to the surroundings. The bustle of Market Street seems to fade into the background when you stop here to rest on a bench for a moment.

The park always looks as if it has just been groomed by hand - beautiful flowers, well-swept bricks, polished marble, and flags flying.

In some areas, families have purchased several bricks . . .

. . . but there are still many bricks yet to be inscribed.

If you’re interested in honoring someone in your family with a brick that will remain forever in this beautiful area of remembrance, please contact Rick Linn, Mackinac Island City Treasurer.  Rick’s number is (906) 847-6002, his address is P.O. Box 187, Mackinac Island MI 49757, and his email address is treasurer@cityofmi.org.

Funds from brick sales will be used for maintenance of the Veterans Park on Mackinac Island.


I’m going to a little “Ladies Only” supper Wednesday evening, so I won’t be posting on Thursday.  Join me back here on Friday morning for Random Photo Day and a new Mystery Spot!


7 thoughts on “A Remembrance Brick 9/14/2011

  1. Cousin Delbert Bunker (who began this memorial square years ago) will be thrilled to hear that this is featured in such a way – though he is not on line anywhere, I’m sure he’ll hear from someone how you have featured this wonderful spot. I may even phone him tonight myself and tell him. Delbert grew up on the island, and may still have a sibling living there – or in the vicinity – as one of the brothers was at the Memorial Day service I attended in 2008. I’ve only met Delbert, none of his siblings. We had the good fortune to meet when my best friend and traveling companion presented him with family history research she had done for him – that’s when we discovered we were “cousins” – quite a way back, but kin nevertheless. This spot is quite important to Delbert, and it pleases him that it’s special to so many of us. So thanks Brenda, for shining the spotlight on yet another of that magical island’s treasures.

  2. What a wonderful way to honor someone special and to be in such a beautiful part of the island. I remember sitting by there on our last visit. So pretty.

  3. Thanks for this post Brenda! I am going to get a brick for my dad and Tom’s dad who were both veterans! I was looking for something like this! We have a brick pathway of remembrance at our church! I used to work with Rick Linn in the 70’s at the Island House desk! Great guy! Have fun with the ladies ! 🙂

  4. I stayed on Mackinac Island for a few days in the summer of 2006 for my best friend’s wedding. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Del Bunker who then guided our group through engaging narratives on our stroll by horse drawn carriage. One of the highlights was a stop at this beautiful memorial with additional historic stories about the people honored there. He gave me a Korean War Veteran hat for my father, a fellow Veteran. Such fantastic memories!

    • Julie – though I only met him in person once (I think it may have been the summer 2006 or the summer of 2007), he is one of my favourite distant cousins of all time. I’ve spoken to him on the phone several times since we met. I was also fortunate enough to have a personal guided tour of the island by cousin Del. We stopped at countless homes and backyards where he’d introduce me as “my cousin Deborah from Canada!”. It was truly one of my most memorable Mackinac Island days. The memorial square has since held a special spot for me, after hearing his stories about it, and I always stop for awhile in that spot when I’m on the island. One year I was even on the island for the Memorial Day services at the square; a very special day indeed. Nice to see cousin Delbert’s name here in your post! He’s truly a marvelous person.

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