Sunrise, Sunset 9/13/2011

It was really warm on the Island today – hitting 78 with quite a bit of humidity.  From all accounts, though . . .  the change, it is a’coming.

The weather forecasters say we’ll have storms tonight – some severe – and 20-25 mph winds.  After all that blows through, the high for tomorrow will be 60, and the low Tuesday night 47.  By Thursday night, we’re supposed to reach 37 for a low.

With the changing weather and the coming of Fall, it seems God gets in a really festive mood and paints our sunrises and sunsets with more brilliance than usual – setting everything ablaze with colors only He could have in His own personal Crayola box.

It’s been like that here for the last few days.

The folks at Shepler's Ferry usually arrive at work about sunrise. This week they captured this sunrise from their Mackinaw City dock . . . .

. . . same morning, same dock, same sun, different crayons.

Coming back to the Island from the Soo Locks, Ted took this beautiful photograph of the bridge in the early evening light.

He stood at the back of the ferry, and it seemed with each shot, the light changed.

Almost to the Island, the red/orange had slowly changed to dusk blue.

For pure "awesomeness", I award the prize to Holly, our friend Mike Forrester's sister. The whole Forrester clan was having dinner at the Grand this week, and Holly took this amazing photo from the Grand porch.

I’m sure there will be many more glorious sunrises and sunsets before we leave, but I wanted to share these with you tonight.  God’s Crayola box holds an array of colors only He could imagine.  I can’t wait to see what He thinks up next!

16 thoughts on “Sunrise, Sunset 9/13/2011

  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos Brenda..I had to take the first one for my wallpaper…I had been using the one you posted a while back with just the American flag in it against a beautiful sky..We had the same kind of day here and our cooler weather is suppose to hit around Thursday! Thanks for the photos! Beautiful!! God Bless…

  2. You’re right Brenda, God does have the best crayons in his box and WOW what magic he can do with them. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

  3. Fabulous pictures! I am feeling a little “melancholy” because this would be our time to go to the island. However,the good news is, we are having a grandbaby in October!!! So we are staying close to home to help out. This will be a little baby brother for our grandaughter, Gracie. Our first boy in the family in 19 years!!! Wow! I will dream about coming up next year! For now, I am seeing the island through your eyes – and what great “eyes” you have!
    Thank you!

    PS It is colder here today in southern Wisconsin too – fall is a comin’~!!

  4. Breathtaking photos! Thanks. The bottom is dropping out here in lower Michigan this week too for the weather. We may have to turn the furnace on! Once that happens, there’s no turning back.

  5. Did you have storms last night? When I visited over labor day weekend I was hoping to it would storm so I could lay in bed with the window open listening to the storm. I am one of the very few that likes storms but I love to watch & listen to them!

  6. Always love the sunrises and sunsets on the island. I especially love the sunrise from the room we always have at Small Point. I hate to sleep to late and miss it. Thanks for sharing these awesome views of God’s Crayola box.

    Supposed to turn cold here in N. Indiana. Possible frost by Friday morning. Not quite ready for that but glad to let the 90s go.

  7. We had the best trip to the island ever this past weekend. The weather was the best we’d ever experienced. The Murray was as welcoming as ever and the fish tacos at the Pink Pony were soooo good. We got a seat on the new deck right by the water-can’t get better than that when it’s that gorgeous outside! I ran a great race on Saturday-the conditions were perfect and the scenery I can only describe as what it must be like to run in heaven. We rented bikes later on that day and, thanks to reading your blog, I showed my husband some places he never knew existed! We rode by your condo-I waved-did you see me??? Just kidding…Anyways, we had an absolutely wonderful adventure. Can’t wait for the next one!

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