It’s a Sign 9/10/2011

I wasn’t going to write this weekend, but then I got a great email from Andrea, a blog fan, updating me on her quest for a duplicate of the “Real World” sign that hangs over the bar outside at the Pink Pony (thank goodness for blog readers who follow up on the details I can’t seem to get to).  Quite a few readers commented about it, and I also got several emails with requests on how to order a sign like this one.

Thanks to Andrea, who followed up and now has one hanging in her home over a photograph she took of the Mackinac Bridge, anyone who wants to order the sign will have the information.  First though, I just had to share Andrea’s story about how she came to get her sign – in her own words:

A few weeks ago I sent an email to the Customer Service link of the Chippewa Hotel. The General Manager, Brian Bailey, got back to me via email to give me the name and number of the man who made the sign. I thanked him and called Dennis Gerathy (Sign Painter) and inquired about getting one of my own.

What you should know about Dennis is that he’s not on the ‘net. He has no email, no cell phone, and when I mentioned your blog, he said he wasn’t aware of it. I started describing you and Ted a little to him, but I don’t think y’all rang a bell until I mentioned Maddie and Bear. Then it was “Oh yah yah yah! I think I know who you’re talking about now!” (Isn’t it crazy how we Michiganders remember who you are by your dogs?)  LOL!

Anyway, it seems Dennis is a good old fashioned carpenter/sign painter from near the Traverse City area. He makes signs by hand and said he’d be happy to make me one if I could get him the dimensions.


I emailed Brian back and pleaded with him to give me some kind of dimensions – even if it was just a guesstimate of 3 feet by 1 foot or something along those lines. Well, Brian did me one better! Bless his heart, I think he actually got up there with a tape measure and emailed me back the exact dimensions: 28”x6.5”. Now that’s neighborliness! He’s #1 on my list of people to see and thank when I go to Mackinac Island again.

To make a long story short (too late!), I received my sign on Friday and wanted to give you the information so you could pass it along to your readers who said they wanted one, too.

One last funny anecdote: I didn’t realize when I put the sign over my bridge picture it would actually point toward Mackinac Island! Take a close look and you’ll see.

Here is the information for Dennis from his business card:

Dennis Gerathy

Sign Painter

4780 S. Lime Lake Rd.

Cedar, MI 49621

Phone: 231-228-4024

The sign measure 28” by 6” and costs $30 plus S&H (it was $6.00 to send from Cedar, MI to Lansing, MI). I’m not sure what kind of wood the sign is, but it’s cut from one piece so there are no seams.

To get some perspective, the framed picture below the Mackinac Island sign is one I took in May of the Mackinac Bridge (from the Mackinac City side) and had blown up. It measures 24”x 42”.”

Great pic, Andrea!

So there you go, Mackinac Island lovers!  All the information you need to order a sign pointing the way to the Island.  I better hurry and get my order in before all of you get ahead of me!

See you on Monday with the story of two ladies who came to Mackinac Island and fell in love with Friesian horses.  One bought a beautiful Friesian named Teddie and shared it with the other.  I think you’ll really like this story!


11 thoughts on “It’s a Sign 9/10/2011

  1. Awesome!! Thanks for the info Andrea. I see a lot of business heading towards Dennis’s way. Thanks for sharing the information Brenda. I’m glad I saw this tonight because tomorrow I have my son’s wedding and I don’t think I will be online much if at all 🙂
    Don’tcha just love things made in the USA!

  2. Oh my! That is just the greatest, Andrea! You know, I use a Smartboard interactive white board in my class (Adult ESL) and some years ago a friend gave me a wonderful screensaver of Mackinac pictures – a set for each season. So whenever I step away from the board for a while, it kicks in. Keeps me sane, and sometimes gets us talking about hometowns,etc. Well I’m trying to figure out where I could put your sign in my classroom! I might have to have him make it to order to fit on top of my Smartboard!

  3. Happy to help! I saw quite a few people commenting on that sign when Brenda wrote about it in early August and I’m so glad I got a copy of it. Who knows? Maybe Dennis can start making and selling them in one of the stores on the island. It might be one of those quirky things that people just gotta have!

    Thanks for posting the info, Brenda!

  4. I am so happy to have found your awesome blog. Mackinac Island is in my blood and I visit often. Your blog has become my life line to the hope that one day I will live out my golden years on the Island. I love, love, love your blog. Thank you!

  5. I just spoke to Dennis and ordered a sign. His original signs for the Chip were done as a favor at rock bottom prices for his friend. The price for my sign was $50 plus $12 ship. Priceless.

  6. Thanks Andrea! Your hard work & investigating will make it easier for the rest of us. I plan on calling him tomorrow to order my sign. He will probably wonder why all of a sudden a bunch of people are ordering the same sign! Thanks!

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