Hello, Fall. 9/8/2011

We’ve just returned from a beautiful dinner with friends in their lovely home, followed by a bike ride back to the condo in the dark – a new experience!

My tummy is splendidly full of delicious food and fine wine, and my pillow is calling my name.

So for tonight – just a few photos.

It's begun. It seems like only yesterday I stopped my bike in almost this exact spot and photographed horses going up the hill. Now they are coming down.

Over 50 horses left the island the day after Labor Day.

It's always sad watching them leave - even though I know for them it's the start of a grand vacation.

First came the chilly mornings, then the horses heading down the hill . . .and then, just today . . . .

. . . the first touch of color on the young trees that line the street up to the Grand Hotel. I guess it's official. Hello, Fall.


14 thoughts on “Hello, Fall. 9/8/2011

  1. Your nostalgia at the end of summer was the beginning of my time on the island, all those years ago. It’s beautiful in all the different seasosnal outfits, and I just love that you share them with us.
    Here’s a question for you: Has the number of horses on the island increased over the last 40 or so years? More tourists and more carriages, perhaps? I’d love to know! If you have the time, that is. Thanks!

    • I’ll have to ask about that Barbara. I think they’ve decreased a little in the last few years because, with the economy, tourism has been down a little. But over 40 years? I need to do a little research.

  2. I loved the photos but I am not ready to give up summer yet!! šŸ™‚ We are still planning on a trip in late September to the Island..hope to be able to catch up with you again..looking forward to seeing Alyssa too!! Sure miss that girl!!
    We are having some chilly nights here too but suppose to warm up the end of the week…Your evening sounds nice Brenda..so glad you shared the photos with us…love those horses!! God Bless!!

  3. Great photos. I loved this part in the “Ice Bridge” movie, but didn’t realize it happened so soon. I was thinking more early November.

  4. I’m with Bob, I always thought that they actually left around October though. Well they deserve a long vacation for all that they have done. Here’s to next year.

  5. We saw 5 horses going down the hill when we were there, could they having been leaving too? That seemed kind of early? I am so not ready for summer to end just yet. I wouldn’t mind Fall if it stayed here for a while, but it seems whenever summer is over it goes right into Winter here. I think I need to move somewhere warmer šŸ˜‰

    • Well, Hilde, in the south we go straight from winter into summer, which lasts 5 1/2 months, then we have a week of Fall, then a very mild winter, then it’s summer again. Don’t think you would like our summers though.

  6. Bree I’m heading to the island today! I know you will not be at “the house” anymore this season, right? I hope our paths will cross on this beautiful island.

    • Connie, I’ll be working at the Stuart House on Mondays until they close for the season. If you’re still on the island this coming Monday, please stop by! Have a great visit!

  7. I stayed on the island this past week for a Labor Day vacation and drove back to Traverse City to fly home and I noticed the trees along I75 starting to turn just a little bit. Fall is so beautiful so I am excited for the change.

    Due to your blogging I visited some things that I never took the time to see. I saw Sugar Loaf, sunset rock, anne’s tablet, the new community stables, and cave in the woods. How fun!

  8. Those beautiful horses will have such a great winter just eating, sleeping and relaxing in the peace and quiet! How they must look forward to that!!
    Lovely photos, as usual. Love the tree that is “turning”. Fall is my favorite season. This was one hot and stormy summer.

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