Just Smiles 8/24/2011

In the time it took me to drive to the docks from the Pellston Airport, ferry across the Straits of Mackinac, have a snack with Jill downtown (she SAYS she’s better), walk up the hill, put a load of clothes in the washer, sit down for a short nap (I slept an hour-and-a-half), and move into the bedroom to start writing this short post, Blake had traveled 1401 miles and was texting me he had just landed in Denver.  He left Pellston at 1:50 and landed in Denver at 6:20.  Granted, he had to run from one concourse to another on the other side of the Detroit airport to catch his flight (35 minute layover, and the plane left Pellston 20 minutes late), but still, how awesome is that!

Waiting on the 11:30 Shepler to Mac City.

Heading out - it was a very windy ride across!

Last glimpse.

The beautiful lobby of the Pellston Airport - after everyone had boarded.

Heading home to Ft. Collins.

No more crying for me when Blake leaves.  I did enough of that each of the five years he was in China.  When he’d leave then, I knew I wouldn’t be seeing him again for at least 12 months.  That was hard.  I didn’t cry because I was worried about his safety, although I confess to long prayers for his safe travel whenever he boarded those excruciatingly long international flights there and then back home.  I cried because I would miss him.

Now that he’s home (the U.S.) I find myself actually smiling as he leaves us – smiling because I know I’ll be seeing him again (good Lord willing) in another few months – maybe sooner, smiling because I know he’s traveling back to what he now considers “home” – with a great job he loves, new friends, a new church, and an unbelievably beautiful spot in the U.S. to live.  I also smile because I no longer have to spend our whole time together thinking about the “goodbye day” and knowing I’ll be a mess.

As I was driving back to the ferry dock this afternoon, I prayed for the mothers, fathers, wives, and children of those who leave this country every day going into harm’s way.  Selfishly, I thanked God that I never had to bear that pain with either of my sons.  As a mom, I can imagine only too well what it must be like to be at an airport for one of those “goodbye days”.

So this is my personal thank you to the ones who serve, and fight, and protect.  And it’s my personal prayer that each and every one returns home safe and sound in mind, body, and spirit.  And to the families who watch them go, I pray for the day of their safe return and for the day you can watch them leave again – and smile.


15 thoughts on “Just Smiles 8/24/2011

  1. Beautiful Blog Bree! So happy that Blake was able to spent time with you and Ted! I also am happy that he lives in the U.S. and you will seem him again, very soon! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. I miss Blake already!
    As a mother of 4 boys and 2 girls I am also thankful that I have not had to bear that pain of saying goodby. Altho, 2 of my boys are in a career where they put their life in line each time they go to work I try to think of the positive, I would go crazy otherwise.I am with you in your thanks to those who serve, protect and fight each day and wise for their safe return home!
    Love you Brenda, just because.

    • Hilde, all of our young (and not so young) men and women who serve this country – whether in the military, or those who each day face a level of our society that thinks the “rules” aren’t for them, or those who rush into burning buildings to save lives and property, or those who are simply the Good Samaritans of this wonderful homeland of ours – to all of them – my sincere thanks and blessings and prayers for safety each day. Love you too, sweetie. See you soon.

    • Thank you, Paul! And I always enjoy looking at your beautiful photographs of couples on the happiest days of their lives. You do awesome work!

  3. You will never know what “those good bye days” are like …. brings tears to my eyes just thinking about them. My son was in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I, like you, am just happy now knowing that he is LIVING and STAYING in the good ole’ US of A …..

  4. Airports can be as sad as funerals! I am a big cry baby when I say good-bye to someone at an airport and most people would say I am a pretty laid back person but not at airports. You and Ted seemed really blessed and hopefully God will continue to bless you. Have a good day!

  5. What a beautiful post! Although, I do have to add that I’ve got a lump in my throat and my eyes are misty. Thanks for sharing!

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