An Awesome Day! 8/23/2011

It’s been a grand day!  Begging off from work is not something I make a habit of doing, but it was one of my wiser moves for the week.  Ted, Blake and I enjoyed spending the whole day outside together!

Even though we got a late start – leaving the condo around 11 – we made the most of every minute after that.  A brief stop downtown at the bank and the post office, then we headed east around the island.  We only made to the Bistro on the Green at Mission Point Resort before we decided we might as well have lunch – we needed nourishment for what was ahead!

You’ll notice we’re “layered” today. It was 49 in the Village this morning, and the winds were kicking up pretty good.

Irene – I put this in just for you because I haven’t gotten your Mystery Spot prize in the mail yet. I thought you’d forgive me if you got a new pic of Small Point Inn.

Blake, riding around in the field across from Small Point Inn.

Arch Rock. Ted and I both snapped photos, but I liked this one of Ted’s the best.

This is one of the cliffs just past Robinson’s Folly. I mostly took it to contrast against that blue Michigan sky!

The lavender flowers seemed to tinge the sky and water lavender also.  Am I the only one who can see that?

Ted took this one of Blake and I coming around a curve. He surprised me!

I’ve always loved how the trees form an arch at this particular spot in the road.

So blessed.

Almost-gone Black-Eyed Susans – along the road.  Today we felt the first nip of Fall in the air.

We turned off the highway at British Landing and stopped at Friendship Altar because Blake had never been there.

Two goofs!

At the bottom of the steps to the Lookout Tower at Friendship Altar.

Ted and Blake checking out the view.


We stopped in at the Community Stable (another new spot for Blake), then rode home.  The guys took naps, and I wrote this much of the blog so I wouldn’t have so much to do tonight.  We’re going downtown for dinner.  See you back here later.

9:32 p.m.  Back at the laptop.  Dinner in the dining room at the Chippewa was awesome – Blake and I had fish, and Ted – of course – had a steak.

There just isn’t a bad seat in the house at the Chippewa!

We picked up some candy at Joann’s Fudge, then boarded a taxi home. The driver made a stop “around back” at the Grand to have a guest’s luggage removed, and while that was happening, I hopped off and ran around to the front. Beautiful sunset tonight, and the Grand is always dressed for dinner.

I just can’t believe I’ll be driving Blake to the airport on Tuesday.  These seven days have gone by way too fast, but what an awesome week it has been!

P.S.  Please send healing prayers up for my good friend Jill.  She has bronchitis and really feels bad.  She got some meds from Medical Center today, but they will take a while to work.  Love you, Jill – get better fast!


24 thoughts on “An Awesome Day! 8/23/2011

  1. so glad you finally felt well enough to really enjoy a whole day with your son, Brenda! the photos bring back memories of times John and I took that “tour” around the island with friends/family….we really DO miss living there every once in awhile:) prayers for a safe trip home for Blake, and for you and Ted, also.

  2. What beautiful pictures, an Awesome Day indeed! From the smiles on your faces looks like Mackinac Island worked it’s magic again! Glad Blake was able to see some places he hasn’t seen before, there’s always some new adventure waiting…
    Prayers for a safe trip home and a short time between visits! Also praying for a quick recovery for Jill-being sick is the pits.

  3. Brenda,

    It was so nice to be able to ride around the Island again after all these years. Memories are so wonderful, so thank you for being the instigation for those memories.

    Blake, you have a safe trip to Colorado. Come back soon.

    Jill, get well soon. As nice as you’ve been, you don’t deserve any sickness at all.

  4. P.S.S. I’m JUST FINE….don’t be worrying all your Blog Readers!!! LOL Glad you stopped in the Bookstore anyway, before Blake headed to the airport…a sad day for you Brenda. Safe travels Blake. LOVE your pics today on your bikeride.

  5. Lovely photos! My bad news is tomorrow I am calling to cancel my reservations for September. I just don’t have the money to come back this year. I am thinking maybe October could still be a possibility, but finances have gone from bad to worse.

    • Oh no, Jeff. Sometimes vacation fund dollars have to be used for other essentials, and it’s happened to everyone. Maybe October – maybe next year – the island isn’t going anywhere. See you soon.

  6. Wishing Blake a safe trip back home tomorrow. Loved the pictures of your day together! Jill…..I hope you wake up tomorrow as good as new!

  7. Is it just me or does Brenda look at least 30 years younger in some of those photos Ted took of her? I can’t decide if it’s happiness or if Ted has a magical camera. If it’s the latter, I want one, too!

    Sending prayers for Jill. I had bronchitis during and after my trip to the Island in late May and it’s no fun at all. Hoping she gets well soon.

    Safe travels to Blake! You come back soon, ya hear? Your momma misses ya!

  8. Oh my gosh, I LOVE all the pic of your ride around the island but I especially love the goofy one! My favorite so far. Sounds like a magical day after all. Safe travels back to CO for Blake. I know it’s going to be hard to say good-by.
    I know you said you were fine Jill, but sending good vibes your way anyway. 😉

  9. Love today’s photos! The brown-eyed Susans could be a header someday. And I bet you made silly faces with your kids when they were little, too! Such a sweet picture.
    Great picture od Small Point. Rene will love it!
    Aren’t September skies the bluest?
    Jill, I’m with Hilde. I know you say that you’re all right, but a good thought here and there can’t hurt! Hope you’re back 100% soon. We’re all pulling for you!

  10. That picture of the outside seating at the Chippewa makes me a little sad and happy at the same time. We were just there about two weeks ago and had a wonderful lunch in that very spot you photographed. Now my son-in-law has been deployed for the Army and we won’t see him for quite a while. We had a great few days on the island before he left.

  11. So glad you got to hang out with ‘the boys’ for the day. I really like the photo of the Grand at sunset. You and Ted are the dueling photographers now! I’ve been thinking about sitting outside at the Chippewa all summer and just can’t wait to see the new seating area! We’ll stop in the bar first and see if Ted’s in his corner!

  12. Safe trip home, Blake. You just have one body but a thousand hearts go with you. Maybe next time you can stretch your visit to two weeks. I know a couple of furry friends who will miss you as much as your mom and Ted. Jill, get well NOW.

  13. Thank you for the lovely Small Point picture! And don’t worry, I figured that little things like family and flu might delay my surprise. And anyway, I still have something to be excited about!
    I love the shore pics. And that almost-fall feeling in the air. What a wonderful time to spend with your son. And it is fun to see you in your pictures – Thanks, Ted!

  14. Thank you for the wonderful pictures all year long, I really enjoy each day.
    I talked to Jill in the bookstore on Sun., Jill is great to talk to!!!!!!! We probably passed you on the bike ride on Monday! Have a wonderful week, and thanks again for a view of beautiful Mackinac Island each day.

  15. I’ve just caught up on the last week of your blogs as my computer decided to take a “vacation” from working 🙂 I’m glad you are feeling better and that you have had a wonderful visit with Blake and I pray for his safe trip back today. Take care and Happy Tuesday!!

  16. Hope Jill is feeling better. Got the pleasure to meet her also during our visit. We have always frequented the bookstore whenever we come to the Island. Lots of “bugs” going around already….seems too early for that.

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