Taking Care of the Moments 8/22/2011

“If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.”  Maria Edgeworth

Please explain to me why it is that none of our grown-up children are particularly interested in being splashed across their mom’s blog for all to see.  They will tolerate it to a point, then it’s, “Mom, we didn’t come up here to pose for pictures – now turn off the camera, and let’s go have fun.”  Ted puts up with all the photos more than probably most husbands would (after making me promise on my mother’s Bible that I would never post an embarrassing photo of him – or that at least he would get to “approve” it before it was posted).  Thank goodness I didn’t have to make any such promise to Bear or Maddie!  They blissfully pose doing anything from “precious” to “obnoxious” – and keep coming right on back for more.

Of course, Blake and Jason (I’ll have the same problem with him when he and Blair come next month) have never been into “picture posing” of any sort – even as children.  Maybe it’s a guy thing.  So, with Blake leaving on Tuesday, here I sit at the laptop on a rainy Sunday afternoon, wondering how to illustrate the first few days of Blake’s visit  . . . without many “illustrations”.


That said, here’s a little slice of the week – from several sources (since I was out and about less than usual).

Ted snapped this shot - and the next one - of Blake on the day they biked out to Eagle Point Cave.

Getting to the cave entrance requires quite a bit of climbing, but Blake enjoyed seeing a spot on the island he'd never explored.

On Thursday Ted worked at the Visitor’s Center, and Blake went exploring alone.  I was still a little fatigued from “the bug from Hades” and didn’t feel like I should stray too far from home.  Blake has always been able to entertain himself quite easily, and he’s spent his days here alternately biking or hiking the wood trails (his favorite part of “island life”), wandering around downtown, reading on the back porch of the Mackinac Library or on a bench in Marquette Park, working out in the Grand Hotel weight room, and coming back to the condo in time for three squares a day – lovingly prepared by his mom, who stocked up on all his favorites.  We’ve had lots of good chats, laughed a lot, and – best of all for me – I can reach out and touch him anytime I feel like it.  Both my boys are “huggers”,  so there’s been quite a bit of that going on also.

The three of us had plans to ride bikes all afternoon after we returned from church, but the weather didn’t cooperate at all.  We rode our bikes down to Little Stone Church and rushed in just as the rain started – followed quickly by hail, which we watched hopscotch across the sidewalk outside the open side door of the sanctuary.  The rain had stopped by the time Blake and I started back to the condo (Ted rode into town for a newspaper), and being my usually graceful self, I managed to give Blake an up close view of me falling off my bike when I tried to start off on a steep incline after stopping to rest.  It was really quite artsy – I was dressed in nice black slacks and a pretty black and tan blouse.  I was wearing my bad hair day hat.  Over I went, touching down on head and elbow, with one leg in the air – hat and purse and camera flying off into the street.  You know the street, right?  The one that was just hit with an inch of rain and NO POOP SCOOPERS for the last hour.  It was charming.

Nicole at Little Luxuries grabbed this shot downtown this afternoon.

Molly Green, a friend and private tour driver, caught this eerie shot of the storm moving in over the island.

Thanks to Shepler's Ferry for this photo - and the next two. It was really wild looking out there in the Straits this morning.

A view of the Mackinac Bridge as one of the storms approached Mackinaw City.

Same spot - one hour later.

And it’s basically done that all afternoon.  Black cloud, downpour, sunshine.

Tonight I cooked every Southern man’s dream dinner: country-fried steak and gravy, rice, biscuits, and black-eyed peas with spring onions.  Ted and Blake made a huge dent in all of that and decided to finish it off with some cane syrup on the biscuits – yes, that’s CANE syrup – made with sugar cane and so sweet neither of them will need anything sugary for another week.  I can remember my granddaddy Sumner had a mule that would walk round and round a sugar cane grinder (I was probably 3 or 4 years old when I watched this).  They’d take that cane juice and make it into syrup – or just bottle it up and drink it.  Oh my gosh, it was good . . . how’d I get off on that!

It's almost nine, and Blake is sitting downstairs in Ted's recliner, checking emails . . .

. . . while Bear and Maddie keep the couch warm for me upstairs, where Ted is watching TV.

I’ve called the Stuart House Museum and begged off working tomorrow.  I just don’t seem to have spent nearly enough time with Blake yet, and he’s on an early afternoon flight Tuesday.

How quickly the time is flying, and I think that’s why the quote at the beginning of this post spoke to me.  If we can take care of all our moments together – no matter how few they are, no matter how far apart they are spread – if we can just make sure each of these moments is as special as it can be – the years will take care of themselves.

So as soon as I sign off here, I’ll jump in my jammies, run the pups to the other end of the couch, and see what the guys are going to watch till bedtime.  I’m a very happy mom tonight – just taking care of a few moments.


23 thoughts on “Taking Care of the Moments 8/22/2011

  1. Pack everything you can into tomorrow. Sorry you have had such a rough time with the flu. Just love on him while you can and you can visit sometime this fall or winter. Hugs to all.

  2. Brenda I can assure you that it’s a guy thing. My two girls will pose anytime anywhere but when it comes to the four boys…forget it! One of them will do anything not to be in pictures including hiding their face behind whatever is available. That being said, take each moment you can and hold on to them as long as you can..that’s what matters the most…

    I watched the rains on the webcam today…I’m just hoping for a little bit of good weather next week..it’s been such a strange summer..

  3. Brenda,

    I sure am glad you’re enjoying your moments with Blake. Bottle up those moments for later.

    Don’t worry about him posing for pictures, just take them. If he says anything, just remind him that you’re the mother and you don’t have to ask his permission. You know, it’s that “I’m the mother, that’s why” that you see on t-shirts now and then. Actually, I don’t think he really minds. After all, pictures are memories and all of you will treasure them as the years go by.

  4. I have so few pictures of my girls when they were little – the minute they sensed a camera they would turn around and mug for it! No candid shots! BTW, I think Ted’s picture of Blair in the woods is just magnificent!! And the storm pictures are great – really makes you feel like you’re right there! I feel so sorry for those poor horses in the hail!
    Enjoy tomorrow and store up the memories until next time!

  5. Oh no, some of your Blog Fans stopped in the Bookstore & they are coming over to the Stuart House to meet you Monday… 😦
    Blake, the week just flew by so fast but I know you had a great time on Mackinac. Come back soon & safe travels Tuesday.

  6. So glad you’re feeling better! Hope you have better weather today and have a great adventure with Blake. Although, as long as you’re spending time together I imagine it doesn’t matter if it rains!

    Do you only work at the museum on Tuesdays? We’ll be up on Friday morning the weekend of the 10th and I can’t remember your schedule…

    • I’ll start back working Tuesdays in Sept., Annie, IF they have the museum open. All the other historical buildings close this Saturday, but they usually keep us open longer.

  7. I’m so sorry you had another fall, and a messy one at that. Hope you are feeling a lot better by now. I know you will enjoy the rest of your visit with Blake. Time does rush by us. The storm shots are great.

  8. I’m glad you’re successfully fighting off the “bug”! Take it easy for a little longer. It seems like we “classics” take a little longer to completely strengthen to normal. Just wondering, didn’t hear, if you had to get a brand new computer or if the old one was able to be revived? And, Blake is one handsome dude! So happy you got to spend some time with him!

  9. We were travelling downstate from Indian River to NW Ohio on Saturday, and missed most of the rain and impressive sotrm clouds. Wow, but those were some clouds! I’m with Irene, and worry about the horses and the dogs and the people who get caught in those fast, hard rains.

    So glad to hear you’re feeling better, and can enjoy Blake and his visit! Somehow, I just knew you’d be ok on Saturday. I can’t believe that summer’s winding down already! We saw leaves (not many) changing colors south of Gaylord. Too soon!

  10. Hi Brenda: It was so great to meet you and your family on Friday night! I look forward to reading your blog and looking at the pictures every week. I’m just sorry my girls and I missed Bear and Maddie. I hope you enjoy the time you and Blake have left. We were on our bikes when the second storm started to roll in on Sunday. We were lucky and made it to the ferry before the rain hit. Strange weather day!

  11. sigh think I caught ur bug….feeling the chills & aches move in. I’m sitting in the sun, absolutely freezing & its 76 degrees…Not a good way to begin the work week!

    You’re right, those “moments” are precious & make the memories we cherish.

    Glad ur feeling better!

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