I Cannot Believe It. 8/19/2011

Sorry folks, but this will be short and not very sweet.

I  started feeling sick Wednesday night – fever, headache, achy all over, icky tummy, etc.  It got worse as the evening progressed, and I spent the night on the couch so Ted could get some sleep and hopefully not catch whatever this is.  Today has been more of the same – except throw in that I washed two loads of clothes this morning, and all the water ran out of an open pipe in the condo below us, soaking their floor.  That unit has been sold, and they are doing some major tearing out of old stuff.  Looks like when they pulled the washing machine out down there, they forgot to “cap” the pipe.  Waiting for plumber.

Needless to say, my quality time with Blake hasn’t happened yet, but he and Ted are having fun.  They went to the Little Stone Church men’s breakfast this morning, and he’s biked and hiked a lot so far.

Hoping if I take it easy today, this will have resolved itself by Friday.  I can’t believe I’m sick with Blake here.

I’m just going to go ahead and say there won’t be another post until Monday.  By then I should be myself again, and I’ll have lots and lots of photos to post.  Sorry, I can’t even get excited about posting a Mystery Spot.  Skipping that this week also.

Now that I’ve cried on all of your shoulders for a few minutes, I’m going to go take some more aspirin and ginger ale.  I HATE being sick!

P.S.  Since I wrote the above this morning, I have slept all day, with 102 degree fever.  Can’t get warm.  Ted come home from volunteering with the news there is a “flu” bug hitting downtown, and it’s lasting five or more days.  I’m so upset.  Please God, let this get over soon, and please don’t let Blake and Ted get it.

P.P.S.  I think I just wrote my first official “negative” post.  I hate that too.


32 thoughts on “I Cannot Believe It. 8/19/2011

  1. Bree, I am so sorry you are sick with your son there!! It is miserable to be sick in the summer. A few years ago we were planning a trip to the island & my son got sick…sounds like the same thing you have. Hope you wake up good as new in the morning. :o) We will say a little prayer for you & the guys. Good Luck.

  2. I am SO sorry that you have gotten so sick. Most especially because your son is there 😦 I will pray for a quick recovery for you so that you can spend some time with your boy.

  3. Summer flu….what timing. Hope you feel better soon and that it doesn’t spread through the house. Get to bed and pamper yourself. I’m sending you hugs.

  4. Summer sickness is the worse. I hope you do feel better Brenda. I hate to tell you this but about 14 years ago I went up to Mackinac Island for a week, loved it, but when the Sunday before I had to back to work I ended up in emergency. I got pneumonia which turned into bronchitis. I was laid up from August until October. Hopefully it is a quick bug for you.

    Here’s to a quick and speedy recovery.

  5. Aw, I’m so sorry you got the bug (but you scooped the town gossip – you got it before you heard about it!!) and I hope that you can knock it down in record time! Let Ted and Blake worry about the plumber for downstairs, too. Lots of tea and I hope you have a good book, too!

  6. Oh dear, I hope you feel better very soon. I always try to find a bright spot and here’s the one I found for you:

    Blake is no longer in China where his visits were physically hampered by several days of travel, passports and customs. So while it’s terrible (and it is!) that you’re sick while he’s here for a visit, you know that you can always go out to visit him in CO or he can come back to MI or GA for another visit LONG before a year is up.

    BTW, drink Michigan Vernor’s. It’ll help you get better soon! 🙂

  7. saying a prayer for your complete healing from this bug VERY SOON….and hoping that God has beaten me to the punch and you’re ALREADY feeling better! Try to “rest in Him” and regain your strength; let the “boys” wait on YOU.

  8. I think your blog posting only shows that you are human and that we all have some days not as good as others. Yes, even on the island. May you get better quickly and make the best of it ……. lots of sleep and two furry ones to be there with you. Hope you are able to still get some good time in with Blake too once your back up and going.

  9. Aww Brenda, I echo everyone’s sentiments here…get well soon!! It’s a bummer being sick, especially in the summertime AND when Blake is there but Andrea is right, Blake is not going far when he leaves and visits can be so much more often then before. Get some rest…sending get well vibes your way! 🙂

  10. Hope you feel better soon-I’ll be sending healing thoughts your way. And, I agree with Gary that it’s not a negative post at all.

  11. Brenda,

    I’m so sorry to learn that you’re sick. It sounds like the same thing I’ve had in the past and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I’ll be remembering you in prayer.

    Ted and Blake are big boys, so they can take care of themselves -and you too, so don’t be worrying about what you can’t do. Just lie there, rest, accept being waited on with thankfulness and get well soon. If you haven’t already done it, get yourself to the doctor who may be able to give you something to help you be more comfortable until you knock this.

  12. Prayers go out to you Brenda! I feel so bad for u!! Rest and let us all step in to pray for your healing and your boys protection !

  13. Awwww Brenda, hope you’re feeling BETTER this morning. At least you have TWO men to take care & pamper YOU this week! Let me know if you need anything…

  14. Brenda
    Hope you get better soon, so you can have some quality time with your son. It never is a good time to get sick I guess. I know i,ve said this before, but I love reading your blogs and what is happening on the island. Seen the other day on the web cams, some guys washing down the streets at 3 in the morning. Yes i was up at 3 because I was working the night shift for a few nights. Maybe sometime you could do a blog on the night workers on the island. Get well soon.

  15. So sorry to hear that you’re under the weather (and it’s such beautiful weather, too!) and sending even more prayerful thoughts your way. And no, you’re not negative, just telling it like it is right now for you, so that we can help. When you get tired of chicken soup, gingerale and crackers, you’ll know you’re getting better. Hope today is that day!

  16. Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well. Definately not fun and even more so while your son is visiting, but like the other comments, look at the bright side, you have two men to take care of you now. Hope you’re feeling better real quick though so you can enjoy Blake’s company more.

  17. Brenda – Sorry to hear the news. I had the pleasure of meeting you last week when I was vacationing on the island with your soon-to-be new neighbor, Janice. I met you while we were making renovation plans for her new condo below you! The good thing is that she is tearing out most of the unit to renovate.

    You and Ted have had your share of water damage already this year – first the dishwasher and now the washing machine!

    I have missed the island so much since coming home to Brookfield, Wisconsin. Your blog spot has been a way to reconnect until I return again hopefully next summer.

  18. So sorry you are sick. I hope it doesn’t last 5 days!! I was sick for 24 hrs. just days before we left for the island and I was afraid I would be sick for my vacation, so I hope you get better so you can enjoy your visit w/ Blake and hope everyone else doesn’t get it! Rest up and don’t worry about us blog readers…we’ll get by until you are well.

  19. :::: replying w/mask & gloves on as to not catch ur “virus”::::

    I’m sooooo sorry you’re ill when your son is here. That double sucks!

    I’m sending all my get well vibes up north to you!

  20. Ditto all of the above. May God speed you good health immediately. Take care and get well so very soon. Prayers to you and family.

  21. Oh, you poor thing, being sick is miserable! Gary said it accurately, a detailed prayer request! We are praying for a quick recovery and that Blake or Ted don’t get it!! Take it easy and let everyone take care of you, hope you feel better real soon!

    Steve G is not the only one up @ 3:00 in the morning to watch the street cleaners! Yes, I follow them on all the web cams hosing down Main Street. It’s actually another thing I love about Mackinac Island!

    Hoping that you are feeling better and enjoying time with Blake before this day is thru!

    • I love those street cleaners! Often I photographed them after midnight. Seems they start around the Grand at Midnight, I see them at the Windermere around 5am.

  22. Here’s to hoping you feel better soon Brenda, but one thing… you were on the couch…and doing laundry? C’mon Ted…what’s up wit dat?

  23. I’m so sorry! But not about the negative post. You’re allowed to have a bad day every now and then too. Hopeful for a speedy recovery, being sick is awful, especially with your son there.

  24. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Let Ted and Blake wait on you and get you well. I know the dogs are doing their part. Hope you and Blake are enjoying your visit anyway.

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