Ted’s Turn 8/18/2011

Bet you thought you were going to get a post slam full of Blake pics, didn’t you!  OR . . . no post at all!

But you know me – I’m addicted to this little writing binge I’ve been on for three summers, and I had to put SOMETHING up, since I didn’t say I wasn’t going to post today.

So . . . I grabbed Ted’s camera card, and here’s a little of his work (Blake pics tomorrow – maybe – IF I can get him to sit still long enough)!

Eagle Point Cave - Located on Tranquil Bluff Trail (requires climbing).

Mission Point from the East Bluff - on a perfect day about two weeks ago.

Looking over downtown and the Straits to the Mackinac Bridge.

The marina from the front porch of The Island House (we had lunch there Sunday).

OK - I had to throw one of mine in. This is Gizmo, the little munchkin who lives across the street. He's Chief Duck's pride and joy. Gizmo loves to chase Bear around Duck's house, but so far he hasn't caught him. He HAS come away with some blonde hair from Bear's tail in his mouth though!

That’s it for today.  I know it’s been kind of a sporadic week of posts, but what can I say . . . Blake’s here!

See you on Friday with “something – I don’t know what” and the Mystery Spot!


12 thoughts on “Ted’s Turn 8/18/2011

  1. You know me, I’ll take any kind of posts and today was no different. Ted definitly has a good eye for pictures. Those are fabulous shots. I love the different shades of blue in the water. I always thought that was so cool. Looks like Gizmo is listening with only one ear. 😉

    Hi Blake!

    • Gizmo is a doll-baby. I would adopt him in a flat minute – but I’d have to fight Duck for him – and that’s not happening!

  2. Brenda,

    Tell Ted that it’s apparent that photography runs in the family. I really like the pictures, especially the one with the Bridge in it.

    Is Gizmo as whimsical as he looks? He looks like he would be so much fun.

    • Gizmo whimsical? LOL! Gizmo is a live wire who is in constant motion. Duck’s other dog is a poodle mix (she’s white, her name is Star). She and Gizmo had a litter of precious babies last year (that possibility again has been taken care of). Judy, our neighbor from Arizona who hasn’t been able to come this year, adopted one of their puppies So cute!

  3. Nice work, Ted! Love the one from the Island House-we stayed there on our first overnight trip to the Island a few years ago. I love that porch… Is Ted doing the 8 mile Run/Walk this year? We’ll be up that weekend-yay 21 more days!

  4. WOW! Ted is a great photographer also!! Great pictures! I was on the Island last Sunday and ran into Jill at the bookstore! So nice to see her again! I hope I will run into you also next time I am there!

  5. Brenda,

    One thing I forgot to mention in my earlier comment. This is the first I knew about Eagle Cave. Thank you and Ted for the picture. Can you tell me where the Tranquil Trail is located. Please & thank you.

  6. Love the sunset pix from yesterday….and of Blake, glad he arrived safe and sound. Ted’s header photo is awsome! Gizmo is a doll, as is his son.

  7. I’m late and catching up, but Gizmo looks like he has so much personality. Sometimes you can just tell how much a dog is loved.

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