He’s Here! 8/17/2011

Just a quick note to let you know Blake arrived safely!

The sun was just setting as his plane landed from Detroit. One of the airport security guys told me I could get a great sunset shot across the runway - he was right!

Don't know why, but they kept everyone in the plane for about 10 minutes before letting anyone get off. I think they were just trying to make me crazy !


We made the 9:30 ferry and were home by a little after 10!

Thanks for all the safe travel prayers!

So happy!


22 thoughts on “He’s Here! 8/17/2011

  1. Welcome ‘home’, Blake!! Thanks for sharing, Bree! It’s good to know he got there safely. (I knew you couldn’t stay away completely!)

  2. Nice to see you again Blake!! Glad you had a safe trip, now enjoy beautiful Mackinac and as Andrea said, some spoiling from mom. 🙂

  3. It’s always good to see families reuniting. I remember the anticipation I felt whenever I was about to see my brother. Waiting for his ship to come in from deployment overseas, the excitement was overbearing! Cherish every minute you have with him, those times are so precious!

    • Anne – I asked an airport person about that last night, and he said “no way”. They’re just trying to get some government money to help support the airport and that was the first step. Yeah!

      • Great update Brenda on the Delta service. It is so convenient to fly into Pellston and their airport facilities are so nice. Have fun with Blake!! He looks like a special son! 🙂

  4. Glad you’re “home,” Blake. As you know, home is wherever Mom is. Enjoy your stay and let your mom spoil you big time because that is exactly what she wants to do. Right, Brenda?

  5. Happy, happy day! Enjoy your beautiful family on your beautiful island with some beautiful weather coming up. Perfection!

    • Pellston is an awesome airport. I took some pics last night while I was waiting for Blake’s plane. Will post eventually.

  6. Yay, Delta. Yay, Blake. So glad you are finally home. I would imagine your mom’s cheeks hurt from smiling so much now that you are here. I’m sure Maddie and Bear are lining up for some quality Blake time. You are at the 5 star Horton Hilton. They make you feel like family and cherished guests at the same time. Enjoy. Wish we could see you again but we’ll just have to live vicariously through all the pictures we will see this week.

  7. Brenda,

    I haven’t commented on your blog before, but I have been reading it for a little over a year. I have also been reading your Lake Blackshear blog too. So glad to see that your son arrived safely. I hope he likes the Island as much as you do. I was just up at Mackinac Island last week and I wanted to stop by the Stuart House to meet you, but I couldn’t remember what day you are working this year. We come up every year and stay in Mackinaw City for a week, so maybe next year. Thank you for your wonderful articles, you give me a little Mackinac even when I am not there.

  8. I am happy for you and Ted! We are on the east coast with our son Joe on a career-seeking trip. Enjoy your son (I know I am as he returns to college when we get home)!!!

  9. That little hot-rod jet is not Delta’s – most likely a regional carrier contracted with Delta. And the aux power is often broken on those things… hence they need ground power before shutting down the engines (I noticed the ground power cart in your pics). Hence, until that power cart is ready, the anxious-to-get-off-the-plan passengers are forced to wait! Fly Private!!! ;P

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