Oh Happy Day! 8/16/2011

Wow, were we ever busy at the Stuart House Museum today.  Someone said it was because school was starting everywhere in a couple of weeks, so parents are trying to fit in a few more days of vacation.  Sure am glad DeAna Tretinik (a blog fan) remembered I was working on Monday this week!

Meet DeAna, with son Trace and husband Shawn. They are from Commerce Township, MI and will be on the island for a few days - staying at the Inn on Mackinac.

I don’t think I’ve even mentioned this (and I can’t believe I haven’t), but on Tuesday evening at 8:58 p.m. I will be in Pellston picking up my favorite youngest son from the airport.  Blake is flying in from Ft. Collins, CO to spend a week with us here on the island.  We haven’t seen him since he moved out there in February, and we are excited!

I’m too busy getting ready for Blake’s visit to write anything that makes sense tonight, so I’m just going to post a few pretty pics.  I would put all of these in the “splendor” category . . . except the last one.

Buckets of beauties line the floor of Margaret's Garden, the Grand Hotel Flower Shop.

The perennial gardens at the Grand are absolutely awesome this season.

It amazes me that a month-and-a-half ago these plants were about 2" high. Now some are taller than I am!

All this beauty doesn't come without some human intervention - lots of man/woman hours have gone into these gardens!

And finally . . . a touch of wonder.

I have no idea if I’ll get something posted for Wednesday since it will be late when we get back on the island Tuesday night (we’ll be catching the last boat back at 10:30, which means we won’t make it to the condo until 11:30 or after).  So, if you don’t see me here Wednesday morning, I’ll be back on Thursday!

So excited!


29 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day! 8/16/2011

  1. So excited for you to be able to have Blake with you and Ted for a week!! Enjoy your time and we will understand if you’re a bit absent here!! ENJOY!!
    Loved the photos, especially the last one..absolutely breathtaking..Thanks Brenda!! 🙂

  2. The flowers are amazing! I hope to see them for myself in less then 2 weeks. I’m so excited!! Enjoy your visit with Blake, can’t blame you at all if you miss a post, some things are just more important and family is one of them. My baby girl left yesterday to go back to NM for school so I can totally relate. Enjoy your time!!

  3. It was SO lovely to meet you Bree! One of the many highlights in my day! Thanks for including my family and I in your blog today! Enjoy your time with Blake 🙂

  4. Most of those are annuals actually. Which makes it all the more amazing that the Grand spends that kind of money every year to plant those!

  5. Wonderful pictures as always, Brenda. Glad to know that your son is coming to visit. We will understand if there aren’t any posts, it’s more important that you visit with your son. Have a great time with Blake.

  6. Beautiful pictures Brenda. Thank you so much for the Mystery Spot prize! I won for the bird bath/gardens at the Windermere. For the readers, I happened to be staying there that night, so perhaps an unfair advantage…aw heck, lucky me! Take care, and am I like the only guy reader?

      • No, you’re not the only “guy” reader, and I’ll bet there are a lot of them. Old (that’s me), young and in between. I think some of them just don’t think it’s “cool” to comment on a wonderful blog that’s written and produced by an illustrious and reputable lady.

    • I know for a fact you’re not the only “guy” reader, Bob. Others comment regularly – and some occasionally. Ok guys! You’ve been challenged!

  7. Beautiful pictures. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your son!
    My son and his girlfriend enjoyed their day on the Island on Monday. I’m sure they’ll be anxious to go back. One day is not enough time!

  8. So happy Blake can spend time with you and Ted on the island. Pictures are gorgeous! The last one is stunning! Have a wonderful visit, full of fun! I wonder if you slept at all last night!!

  9. Brenda,

    I know Blake will be as excited as you are about being on Mackinac Island with you and Ted.

    The pictures of the flowers are beautiful. I love flowers, but if I can’t see the real thing, I’ll sure take you pictures.

  10. Don’t worry about the blog – enjoy your family time! We all understand, and approve.
    Your flower pictures are always pretty, but that last one’s a stunner. Wonderful!

  11. Keep your nice weather going …. I’ll be up to sing my “Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund 1976-2011” book at the Island Bookstore Thursday afternoon, August18 after speaking to the Mackinac Island Men’s Club breakfast at the Little Stone Church that morning at 8.

  12. For the ones of us that can’t take a vacation this year, you make a time and place magical. I love everything you blog about and the pictures you take. Enjoy the time with your son.

  13. Hi Bob, I’m a guy reader and an occasional commenter, tho not not the intelligent comments Lowell makes. Brenda lets me get away with a lot because Ted is my brother-in-law ,so bless her dear heart, she tries to be nice to me. And succeeds. Cathie says thanks for the photo and to save her a copy. Good wishes to ya’ll with Blake’s visit.

  14. Oh Happy Day! Bet you are just bursting with excitement to see your son!
    We’ll all be delighted to hear about your adventures, but until then relish your family and have a blast!

    Blake, have a wonderful time, enjoy that magical island and refresh your spirit!

  15. I am coming to the Island next weekend!!! I need a reminder on how to find Anne’s Tablet…is there a way to get there with your bikes?

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