St. Ignace in the Rain 8/10/2011

Ya’ll will be so proud.  Ted and I managed to shop together for condo flooring for an entire hour and only reverted to silly names one time each.  His was:  “Sugar Plum, we are not redoing the upstairs just because we’re redoing the downstairs . . . please try and remember a dishwasher cannot leak UP.”  Mine was:  “Love Muffin, we are not putting sheets of linoleum throughout the condo just so we can spray it clean with the hose!”

Other than that, we had a great little visit off island to St. Ignace.  It was threatening rain when we left, but we sat on the top deck of the ferry anyway, just because it felt so good to be up there in the wind.  From the ferry dock, we walked down to Superior Carpets (they had already been to the condo and measured everything).  After picking out some samples to bring home, we decided to go down to our favorite St. Ignace restaurant – the Mackinaw Grille – for lunch.  We left the floor samples at the store, saying we would stop back by for them after eating.  Rain was still threatening, but we made it to the restaurant without the sky falling.

The sidewalks of St. Ignace are lined with gorgeous flower beds. There's just something about the U.P. weather that makes flowers flourish. Maybe they realize how short their growing season will be, so they put all their energy into being their best and prettiest really fast - before winter returns and snow covers everything once again.


This monument to the Straits of Macknac fishing industry stands near the St. Ignace Marina. Commercial fishing is still done in the area, mostly by Native Americans.

The skies continued to darken as we walked by the Wawatam Lighthouse, first lit in 2006. It was named for the Chief Wawatam, a railroad ferry that transported rail cars across the Straits for many years. Its beacon can be seen for 13.2 miles, and it remains lit year-round. In the winter, when there is an ice bridge from Mackinac Island, it serves as a beacon to snowmobilers traveling to St. Ignace from the island.
By the time the rain started, we were ordering lunch, and as we were being served, someone said, “Hello!”  We looked up to find the owner of Superior Carpet, Bruce, standing by our table.  “I knew you guys were on foot, so I thought I’d drive down and take you back to the store to get your samples, then to the ferry.  This weather is just supposed to get worse in the next hour.” 
Well, Ted and I were floored (no pun intended).  Bruce certainly didn’t have to do that.  He already knew he had our business, and he and the insurance company are working together to try and make sure we don’t have to pay too much out of pocket. 
We invited Bruce to sit with us and drink his coffee while we finished lunch.  Then he took us to the store, ran inside and picked up the samples himself, and delivered us to the ferry.  Talk about customer service!  Bruce needs to be teaching a course in it!

The ride back to the island was made INSIDE this time, as the next line of storms marched across the water.

We arrived back home to find the island had only gotten a couple of sprinkles, while just north of us there were strong storms, hard rains, and hail.  Sometimes that happens on the island – storms seem to split around us, going north and south and leaving us dry.  
Ted and I are going to a special event sponsored by the Mackinac State Parks Wednesday evening, so there won’t be a new post on Thursday.  The tour we’re going on is with a park historian, and hopefully Friday’s post will have some interesting photos and new historical facts to share.  See you Friday with that AND the Mystery Spot!

12 thoughts on “St. Ignace in the Rain 8/10/2011

  1. Wow! I’m the first? Rain is good for those beautiful flowers but I’d just as soon not have it when I’m on foot. Good luck on the flooring.

  2. Wow, what great photos………………the blues of the sky and water are so interesting and beautiful. Those flowers are gorgeous. Glad you did not get soaked during the trip. Hope you can agree on the flooring real soon!
    Bruce sounds like an A-1 fellow!

  3. Brenda,

    I especially liked the pictures of the flowers along the sidewalk and the storm moving across the water.

    You know, I was just thinking ( I do that occasionally), I don’t think you have ever had a blog, from Mackinac Island or Lake Blackshear, that didn’t have something in it that was interesting to me and pleasing to look at. Thank you for a treat almost every day.

  4. Wow, that picture of the rain on the boat is fantastic. Brenda, I can’t wait to read your blog everyday because it always puts a smile on my face. Thank you so much for writing from the most wonderful spot on Earth, because it gives me, at least, a feeling like I’m back there again.

    As for what you said about Bruce, you are 100% correct. He should teach a class and I know someone here in the Detroit area, well a lot of people who should take his course. There are so many people who just do not help out or feel that we are too much of a bother to them. They should remember with out us, they would not have a job.

  5. Love the picture of the storm across the water! One time we were swimming off of Arch rock (best swimming hole on the Island!) and looked north and saw the storm coming around the Island, lightning and all! Boy, we scedaddled out of the water quick, and hid under the trees while it poured – until the run-off down the hill produced a river between our feet! Love those storms (and miss them, here in SoCal!)
    Glad you got going on the flooring. I hope the installers have the same commitment to customer service as Bruce!!

  6. I notice such a difference in the plant life, trees and flowers alike when we travel from here in IL. to Michigan. Everything gets so green and lush and there are flowers everywhere. I saw the flowers along the sidewalks in Charlevoix, it is just so pretty like that. Makes you wonder why that can’t be done everywhere.Love the pictures of the storm coming and happy flooring! 🙂
    By the way, we need more people like Bruce.

  7. Beautiful flowers they have in St. Ignace. One of my dealers from the store are moving back up to St. Ignace, they had rented it out for a while, and now going to be living there year around. They are right on Shore Road somewhere. Anywho, pretty flowers. So nice of Bruce to take care of you, wish there were more people like that in the world today. Have a good rest of your week.

  8. Very lovely flower beds. Lots of perennials in there, I wonder if they come back every year or if they replant. A lot of plants (perennials) are salt sensitive so if they do a lot of salting with the amount of snow the UP gets, they might just replant every year!

    I will be on the Island again in less than month! Very excited. I will not be there on a Tuesday but maybe we could meet up anyway.

  9. St. Ignace is such a charming town. We always stay there for a day and night before coming to the island. I just got caught up on your posts this week. Lots going on. I’m glad you found some nice flooring without having to use too many silly names 🙂 Happy Thursday to you!!

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