Monday, Monday . . . . 8/9/2011

Long, long day today!

I volunteered at the Stuart House until two and got to meet a few more blog readers!  I love, love, love it when ya’ll come by!

Karen Snyder from Niles, MI and her nephew Seth from South Bend, Indiana were on the island and stopped by to visit. Karen comments quite often on the blog. They were staying at Harbor Place Suites downtown on the water - and loving it! I've always wanted to talk with someone who stayed there to get their opinion because it's one of the few places on the island that stays open year-round AND I think it is pet-friendly. They were staying on the top floor, which has a huge deck right over the water. I've looked up there often while eating outside at Mary's Bistro and thought, "What a neat place to stay!"


Pat Steele from Vernon, MI and her daughter Jenelle - also from Vernon. The family was staying in the Mission District in a private rental home. I feel like I've known Pat forever - we chat a LOT about Mackinac!

After work I sprinted (walked very fast) to catch the 2:30 Shepler’s to Mackinaw City, then drove to Cheboygan with my sick laptop.  Someone had recommended Hiper Computer Repair to me, and that’s where I left my computer for surgery.  Seems there was a glitch with Windows 7 (imagine that), and it’s going to require a little rehabilitation.  I really, really liked the people in that shop.  They didn’t make fun of me when I called all the parts of the computer “thingys” – in fact, they kept asking me to say stuff over and over again.  On second thought, maybe they WERE making fun.  I really don’t care though – if they’ll just fix it before I go blind, I’ll talk Southern to them all day.

Coming back across, I snapped this shot of a big speedboat cutting through the water in front of the West Bluff .

My laptop will probably be ready by Wednesday, but it might be Friday before I get back to Cheboygan.  Maybe I can put up with this little baby keyboard and screen until then. 
Ted Gets a Camera
When Ted returned from kayaking that first day, he walked in the door saying, “I’ve got to get a camera so I can take photos from the water.”  So he went to the Cheboygan WalMart and bought a camera (less from $150, 12 megapixels).  Perfect except for one thing – NO VIEWFINDER!  Anyway, he hasn’t taken it out on the water yet, but he did take the next two photos, and they came out great!  Hmmmm . . .  watch out, Jill, he’ll take your job!

Daylilies at Mission Point Resort


VERY nice pic, Sweetie! If that camera had a viewfinder, I'd steal it!

Ted and I are going to St. Ignace tomorrow to pick out new flooring to replace what our leaky dishwasher messed up.   Oh dear.  Ted and I shopping together.  I better go practice up on my silly names. 
See you tomorrow!

21 thoughts on “Monday, Monday . . . . 8/9/2011

  1. OMGOsh Ted! That picture is just beautiful of Mission Point’s lawn. I’m homesick now.
    Hello to Karen and Seth. If I had known you two were headed up to the island, I would have climbed onto your bumper. I live in Granger.

  2. Ted, those pics ARE great…I DO believe I AM in trouble! I didn’t notice if your new camera was WATERPROOF tho…lol…

  3. I love your silly names. Having been married 44 years this summer, we have a few of our own. Anyway, your last blog using them gave me a really big smile.

  4. Brenda,

    Isn’t it great to be able to put faces to the names of those who comment about your blogs?

    That is one beautiful speedboat. I think it cost my lifetime income. But it’s beautiful to look at. Glad you took the picture. And speaking of pictures, Ted did a fine job too. I saved one of them. Tell Ted I said, “Thank you.”

    Your visit to the computer store made me think of what my son has told me about customers who bring computers in to be fixed where he works. Many of them will tell him that the computer isn’t working and then proceed to tell him how to fix it. He would like to say, “Then why didn’t you fix it?” However, he never has. Of course, I know you didn’t do anything like that.

    • I was just reading Jill’s and Hilde’s comments about the camera being waterproof. If Ted drops the camera in the lake, it won’t make any difference if it’s waterproof or not. It’ll be one gone camera. Maybe he should get it insured and/or tie it to his neck with a short cord.

      I meant to be humorous, but I meant to be serious too.

  5. Excellent job on the pictures Ted! They came out GREAT!. I was wondering the same thing as Jill when I first read it though…is it waterproof? I bet you could get some great shots from the water.

    Silly names…lol 🙂

  6. Fine job Ted. Brenda may run ragged taking photos for her!! Hope you get that laptop back real soon. I’d love a ride in that speed boat! Seth reminds me of a young Ron Howard when he played “Opie”, he is so cute. It looks like he is having fun and enjoying meeting the island “blog lady! He is so cute!

  7. Bree, please tell Ted that we really look forward to seeing those pictures from the water. We do not get to see the island from that vantage point very often!!

  8. Great pictures. I’m hoping someday that I will get to meet you on the Island! My son and his girlfriend are spending Monday up there. He hasn’t been there since he was in the Governor’s Honor Guard (scout troop) and his girlfriend has never been there! I’m sure they’ll both love it.

  9. Hey! I think I recognize Karen! Now at least I’ll be able to say Hi when I see her in town. Ted has a good eye with a camera. I think Lowell’s idea of a string on it is a great idea. Unless he wants to learn scuba diving too. 🙂
    Look at the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX1 9.1MP 20x Optical Zoom Digital Camera with Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization and 3.0 Inch LCD on Amazon. It has an eyepiece too. But it runs close to 400.00. That will be my next good camera purchase. I think I fell in love with the image stabilization. No more wiggly pictures. 🙂 I love photography and have lots of the island.

  10. Ted, thank you for the lovely Mission Point pictures! I hope you get some good ones from the water, but the couple of times I used a kayak there, we had to use both hands just to stay in one place against the current!! (careful going around the western breakwall and past the light – the currents along there can be brutal. Easy time going out, almost impossible coming back!) Can’t wait to enjoy it vicariously!!

  11. I just missed you Monday!! My youngest son and I spent the morning biking the island. (dad and brothers headed downstate a few days early so we were left to our own devices!) We stopped into the museum at around 2. We did however, get to meet Candy and Stella!!! I love them! They are fun! Tell them I said “Hello!” and I’ll post the pics on my blog tomorrow!

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