Tweet-Up 2011 . . . and Lumberjacks!

For those of you who didn’t read yesterday’s post, my laptop died this weekend. Until I get it fixed, I am trying to work on Ted’s notebook computer.  If you happen not to be familiar with those, they were the laptops originally designed for the Ken and Barbie dolls and came with the “Ken and Barbie Pretend They Work in an Office” set. 

Just kidding, of course, but this little keyboard is driving me crazy.  My fingers are TOO BIG for this thing, and the only reason Ted can use it is because he types by “hunting and pecking”.  Good grief!  Everytime I hit a key, I also hit the key next to it, and the whole dang thing “freezes”.  Needless to say, the blogs are going to be short and sweet until I get my laptop back – except for this one.

I attended Tweet-Up 2011 on Saturday morning.  A Tweet-Up is a gathering of folks who communicate online by blogging or “Twittering” or Facebooking or any of the other multitude of social networking sites that are available on the Internet.  We’ve had a couple on the island over the past two years, and the one on Saturday was sponsored by Shepler’s Ferry and was held on their dock in Mackinaw City.

Jill and I rode over on the 9 o’clock ferry and got there in time to register and collect a T-shirt.  Shepler’s had great entertainment planned, and after some time spent chatting with attendees, drinking coffee, and gobbling donuts, we stepped out of the tent and onto a cordoned-off parking lot area.

For all you ladies who enjoyed “the Shirt Man” in the 911 story, you are going to love this one.  The entertainment was two lumberjacks from the Jack Pine Lumberjack Shows in Mackinaw City  The emcee divided the crowd into two groups – one group cheered for Tim . . .

Tim - the lumberjack

  . . . and one group cheered for Kyle . . .

Kyle – the lumberjack (those are ear protectors he’s wearing on his head – you’d be amazed how loud a chainsaw can be).  You GO, KYLE (I was in his group)!
Tim and Kyle competed against each other in a couple of the events from the Lumberjack shows.

They hurled axes toward targets . . .


. . . they demonstrated cross-cut sawing . . .


. . . I didn't time it, but they cut through that log in something like 15 seconds.


They also did a short chain saw carving demonstration - pretending to carve a bunny, but ending up with a chair for Mason (the legs on this chair were originally the bunny's ears. I've now put attending the Jack Pine Lumberjack Shows on my "things to do list". In addition to the events they demonstrated on Saturday, the shows include pole climbing and log rolling. AND - these guys were pretty darn funny too!

Ok – back to the Tweet-Up!

Jill and Chris Ann signing the display T-shirt with their Twitter account names.


One group of attendees hundled around the door prize table . . .


while another group went for the donuts!

Misty announced that there were enough door prizes for everyone to win something.  I got so excited because as names were drawn, my name wasn’t called.  I knew that the last two prizes were two Shepler tickets, and I needed those for company coming this month.  But neither of the last two names was mine!  THEN I realized that I had only put my name in the Grand Prize bowl.  I didn’t know there was a Door Prize bowl also (which is what I get for running my mouth instead of paying attention).
And guess what!  When the Grand Prize name was drawn . . . . it wasn’t mine either!

It was Dori, a loyal Bree's Blog reader, who won the Grand Prize - a Kindle. Wow!

I love Tweet-ups!  It’s so much fun to get to meet, face-to-face, the folks you chat with online every day.  On Saturday, I got to meet Kathy, who reads Bree’s Blog and had so many nice things to say.

Thanks, Kathy!

A big thank you to Shepler’s Ferry (and especially Misty Martinchek) for organizing this year’s Tweet-Up!  Great fun, great food, great folks!
If you’re on the island right now and read this blog, I’d love to meet you.  I’ll be working at the Stuart House on Monday this week – not Tuesday as usual.  Come on by and say hello between 10-2. 

11 thoughts on “Tweet-Up 2011 . . . and Lumberjacks!

  1. You made me laugh out loud with your “Ken and Barbie Pretend They Work in an Office” set!!! Hilarious!!!!

    My family and I will be on Mackinac this time next week!! I am planning on coming by the Stuart House on Monday….I look forward to having the opportunity to meet you!

  2. LOL I glanced at the photos of the Lumberjacks before reading the post and thought “Wow, first the guy who gave up his shirt and now these guys. Nice photos!” Then I saw that others must have enjoyed Joe’s pic as well based on those comments. Too funny. Thanks for the great pics (wink). Fantastic Blog on Mackinac as well 🙂 I’d love to go to a Tweet Up!
    Feel free to do a pool-side follow up with Joe hehehe

  3. Love Jackie’s comment on Joe 😉

    I wish I could have been there. I always miss out on all the good stuff going on. I’m glad ya’ll had a good and sorry you didn’t win anything Brenda, but hey, you got a T-shirt. 🙂

  4. What fun and wow-the lumberjack guys are very cute! What a nice pick-me-up for a Monday morning! Hope your laptop is fixed soon- I can’t work on those little tiny keyboards either…

  5. Down with tiny keyboards, they are for kids…lol

    Looks like everyone had fun. I hope your lap top is back very soon. I have big fingers and tiny keyboards are not for us!!

  6. Bree it was nice to meet you. I had a GREAT time at the Tweet up! In one of your previous blog’s you met my husband, Greg. (the man who got the pictures from the plane over to the island last winter, and a Shepler’s captain) I love to read your blog it’s always nice to be informed on what’s going on, on the other side of the pond. 🙂

  7. I loved the Tweetup and was so lucky to win the Kindle! It was good to see everyone and only wish I could spend more time waaaay up north Michigan. Thanks, Shepler’s for the good time, good friends and great weather! Ok, so maybe you didn’t ‘directly affect the weather, but your positive energy and great service makes you waaaay special! And, thanks “Bree” for keeping us all up to date and in the loop with your great blog! I sure hope the ‘real’ computer is up and running now!

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