Oh no – not again!

Hi friends!

I’m typing this on Ted’s little Acer notebook, which is about the size of a 5×7 photo. 

My laptop died on me last night after I posted the blog, and today it won’t even boot up.  I will be taking it into Cheboygan on Monday to see what’s going on.  What IS IT with me and computers???

I can publish from this little one, but it’s very hard for me to work on it because it is so small (the keyboard is small, AND the screen is small).  Therefore, I’m going to go ahead and say there won’t be anything long and complicated being posted until I get my REAL laptop back.  I will try to get something up every day though.

Everyone please cross your fingers that this will be a simple fix for my laptop – it’s only two years old.

More tomorrow . . . . hope everyone is having a great weekend!

P.S.  I bet that header photo got your attention, didn’t it!  I haven’t been on this little Acer in a long time, and I found a folder on it with all the Winter Festival photos from two winters ago when I flew up with friends.  With this heat wave we’ve all been having, I thought maybe a couple of snow photos would help everyone cool off!

Chloe, one of the mascots from Mackinac Wheels Bike Shop, doing her favorite winter sport - downhill sledding.


Main Street in front of the Marina.

 The header is a photo of Dawn (from Georgia) and I on the left, and Mike Forrester on the right – Jill took the photo.  We’re on Cupid’s Pathway where the road divides.

11 thoughts on “Oh no – not again!

  1. In this heat wave, the pictures of the snow were a welcome break. And no – I don’t whine when it’s cold and snowy and wish for summer weather. I am not a heat baby……….thanks Bree. Good luck with the laptop.

  2. I feel your pain. The DVD/CD drive, SD slot and left mouse button have died and the USB ports are on the fritz. I was using it over 12 hours a day for the 51 weeks I was out of work, so I think I’ve used it more than I should.

  3. What a great “cool” header. I’ve always loved snow and still do, until it gets to be like a blizzard, or over 6″!! I can’t take much heat! Thank God for the a/c. I enjoyed the “cool” photos. The island is certainly beautiful in its white blanket.

  4. That’s a bummer about your computer. Hope it’s nothing too serious and doesn’t take alot to fix.

    Cool pics! 🙂

  5. I hope you get your computer fixed soon, Bree. I can imagine your frustration! Interesting how these winter photos looked (almost) appealing. You can tell we must be in deep summer to think that. Glad you were able to post them.

  6. Hope your computer is up and running soon. I just had my desk top in on Friday as I had picked a virus. Hate that. Second time in 3 months. Enjoy the weekend.
    Loved the winter pictures. I’m a cold weather person so I’m not enjoying the hear.

  7. Loved the cool pics, Mackinac is magnificent in the winter!! What am I saying? It’s magnificent anytime of the year but, it’s the best place to ENJOY winter! Please let Bear know he sure did tickle me pink with his picture, I’m so happy he and Maddie are back to being their adorable selves! Isn’t it wonderful how prayers and warm towels work? I think the magic ingredient in both is love.

  8. Also wanted to add a THANKS! to Jill, for helping with the pictures! The header pic is really cool! It was great to see you my last visit, you are always so gracious and a pleasure to talk to.
    To Cathie, I sure am glad your little trip got Brenda her story and that it had a happy ending! The prayers worked again, did you get the warm towels too? Wanted you to know I am buying a helmet when I get my new bike.
    To Bear, sorry I can’t help you out with the groomers-beauty takes pain. Our last visit to the island, my daughter saw you out on a walk with your dad. Not only did she say you were the best looking dog she’d ever seen, you were the softest dog she has EVER petted!

  9. Brenda,

    I’m sorry to hear about your computer. I wish you had a son living nearby, like we do, who could fix it for you.

    I think those cool snow pictures must have worked because the humidity and the temperature have gone down this afternoon. Nineties and high humidities are not comfortable. I feel so bad for people living in Georgia and other states in the south.

    See you tomorrow, if not sooner, here on the blog.

    • It is SO much cooler and nicer here this afternoon too, Lowell. I’m trying to get the blog done using Ted’s notebook, and I’m about to go blind! I forgot I have to work tomorrow at Stuart House instead of Tuesday, but I’m still going to try and get in touch with computer store in Cheboygan while I’m at work, and if they say “bring it in”, I’ll leave after I get off work at 2.

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