Some Goodies – and a Note 8/6/2011

I was going through some photos on my desktop today and found a few I’ve never posted.  A few of them were taken by Cathie, and today’s a good day to share them!  The first two are mine.

A perfect yellow dahlia from a Grand Hotel garden.

Find a carriage going up the hill. Ride your bike really close and grab hold of anything you can reach. What do you have? Carpooling - Mackinac Island style!

Don't know why I've never taken a photograph of this, but Cathie did when she and Charlie were here. It's a sign out at the Cannonball - hilarious!

Cathie captured this peaceful and serene shot of the little trail that winds behind the Somewhere in Time gazebo (near Anne's Tablet).

One more from Cathie. Delicate lilac flowers growing wild between the shoreline road and the beach.

Bear asked if he could say a few words before I close and publish this post:

Hi.  Bear here.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the kind words and happy thoughts I received today.  You like me, you really LIKE me!

I’m happy to report that all my booboos have miraculously healed, and you’ll also be glad to know that Maddie is practically her old self again . . . I have proof!

Dad put Maddie up on the bed, and Mom told him her readers had asked her to let me do anything I wanted to do today. So Mom said I could jump on the bed too! When I did, Maddie and I got into a good old wrestling match - just like always. My little sister is really feeling better!

This is Maddie and I when Dad said the magic word . . . . TREAT!

So, anyway, things are pretty much back to normal here.  Hope you’re having a good weekend!  Your friend, Bear.


12 thoughts on “Some Goodies – and a Note 8/6/2011

  1. Bear, I am so glad that your booboos have healed and I am also so glad that Maddie is back to her self as well.

    Brenda, I love the sign that Cathie had taken it definitely is hilarious. Sometimes it takes a set of fresh eyes to make us see something in a whole new light that we have seen all of our lives.

  2. I love Bear’s posts. 🙂
    Your doggies are adorable (and that is coming from a “cat person”, LOL!).
    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Maddie & Bear (ladies first you know),

    I’m so glad you’re both back to normal. It sure looks like your having great fun on that bed. So much better than being sick and/or in pain.


    I may be wrong (Jeff should know), but I think the beautiful flowers between the beach and the road are prickly roses, and I do mean prickly. I didn’t remember that they grew wild on the Island.

    Love that sign.

  4. Yes, I’m with everyone else. Glad that both doggies are back to feeling normal and playful again. Fun times on the bed! Love the sign at the Cannonball AND I love the Jane Seymour poster on the wall!!

  5. Glad to hear that Bear and Maddies are feeling much better. Pictures are wonderful. Love the one Cathie took at Ann’s Tablet. Thank you so… much. Have a good weekend.

  6. We all feel better when our fur-babies feel better, and since we’ve adopted your two, it makes us happy to hear about them being back to normal! Let the good times roll!
    Love the sign from the Cannonball!!

  7. So funny, so sweet! Love the photos, thank you both! So glad the pets are feeling better, and hope they have a wonderful “doggie” week end!

  8. Bree, what is the name of that yellow that you have on the walls where Maddie and bear are? I have been searching for a perfect yellow for a few years and THAT is perfect yellow!!!!!

    • LOL Jeff. If the color of our bedroom WAS the color that showed in that pic, I would love it too. Unfortunately, the lighting that day just gave it a good tone. I HATE the yellow in there. It turned out darker and brighter than I wanted. Believe me, you don’t want that color. 😦

      • Yes mine also is darker and brighter than I wanted. Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow. I did a tone lighter in the dining room Benjamin Moore Weston Flax and it is almost right, but not “buttery”? enough. It’s decent though. Still want to redo the Hawthorne Yellow to something better.

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