Sticking with Pink 8/4/2011

I’ve made this “Pink Week”, and it was hard to stick to that challenge today because I never left the yard.  But – for one more day at least – PINK is the word!

Thank goodness for backyard flowers - no clue what they are!

Front yard Hollyhocks! Pale pink and glistening from a short-lived rain shower.

And dark pink Hollyhocks . . with a couple of bees thrown in for contrast.

The reason I stayed home today. Sweet little Maddie hurt her back yesterday - we don't know how. She went for a long walk with Ted and Bear Tuesday afternoon, and was fine right up until the time came for her to climb the steps after her last potty break around 11:30 last night. She refused to climb. We called Doc Al this morning, and we're to have her "rest" as much as possible for the next 2-3 days. No steps. No jumping on anything (she won't anyway). No long walks - just potty breaks. I kept her wrapped in pink towels all day that I'd throw in the dryer and keep warm. This afternoon she seems to be feeling a tiny bit better. Healing prayers are requested for Maddie.

I think that’s it for pink.

Hoping I can get out of the house on Thursday – got to find a Mystery Spot!


37 thoughts on “Sticking with Pink 8/4/2011

  1. My prayers are going out to Maddie, Brenda. I know exactly how it is because I have 15 year old Beagle/Dachsund mix and now that she is older we have to pick her up to get on the couch and the bed everyday. There were also a few times when she did hurt her back several years ago (and just like you we didn’t know how) and she was on stricked bed rest.

    She is in my nightly prayers now, Brenda. When you mentioned Dr. Al, I was thinking you were going to do the story about him and that Maddie just got this injury for you to do a story, almost the same way as Cathie getting injured got you a story, but I know that Maddie never would do that.

  2. Poor Madie, hope she feels better soon. When I was a kid, my parents had the same breed of dog (can’t spell doc…). He threw his back out jumping off a sofa. The vet fit him with training wheels for his back legs which he used for quite some time. It did the trick. We are talking 40 years ago. Medicine has come a long way since then. Rest should do it.

  3. Sending healing thoughts for your sweet Maddie. Hope she knows her fans everywhere are praying for her to feel better. At least her mommy knows.

  4. From a canine fan and her human – rest Maddie and feel better soon. Bear – take care of your little buddy. Woof woof; Morgaine and her human Deborah

  5. The top pink flowers are Astilbe and my thought are with Maddie as well. I had a Dachshund/Chuahua mix and she went through a real bad time but we discovered she probably had a pinched nerve, thanks to a great vet who suffered from the same thing. She said ” she acts just like I do when mine flares up” so she prescribed a muscle relaxant and it did the job! Hope Maddie’s is as simple as that 🙂

  6. Oh Maddie, it makes me blue thinking of you not feeling well! Sending extra special prayers for you to get better soon!

  7. Aw Maddie, I’m sorry your not feeling well. I sure hope whatever is bothering you goes away fast. I’m sending feel good vibes to you (can you feel them?) and I know that your mom will take really good care of you.

    I actually knew the flowers in the first picture Brenda, but that’s only because I have some here. Of course they look nothing like yours. After the heat that we have been having I will be very surprised if they come back next year. They look pretty wasted right now.

  8. Brenda,

    Jeff beat me to it. We have a few astilbe, but they are the of the short variety and aren’t nearly as beautiful as those at Metivier. It must be the horse manure compost and the Mackinac air.

    Not that it will do a lot of good, but tell Maddie I’m really feeling for her. I know exactly what she is going through because I’ve had back problems and pain since just before I was 21 years ago. I hope she will be feeling better soon. Can she be given any kind of pain medicine. By the way, and this has nothing to do with my back, I should get my new glasses in 10-14 days. Oh happy day, it’ll be so nice to see again after so long.

    • Good for you, Lowell, on getting your glasses. I had no idea it took this long to get “back to normal” after cataract surgery.

      • Neither did I. I didn’t know it, but it takes a long time for swelling of the eyeball to go down and of course, that has much to do with the prescription that is needed. However, I can see a lot better without glasses than I could before the surgery. The worst part of the whole thing has been the necessity of putting drops in my eyes 4 times a day. I hate that with a passion! Oh well, only 6 more days to go.

        Just listen to crybaby me. Actually, I’m really thankful that everything has gone so well and soon I’ll be able to see better than I have in decades. It’s just that I want patience -and I want it NOW!

  9. Poor baby Maddie…Hope she feels better soon. I’d love to be wrapped in warm pink towels too!!!!
    How’s Cathie doing? Hope she’s healing or all healed up by now. I had a bicycle accident myself this past Sunday during a triathlon-I was just finishing the bike leg, hit the brakes too hard and went over the handlebars. 7 stitches and the most incredible shiner I’ve ever seen…hopefully the colors will fade by the time we go to my husband’s class reunion in Niles the weekend of the 12th…And I broke my lovely pink helmet…See, I brought it back around to today’s theme!!!!

    • Annie, I’m so sorry about your accident. My “speed bump” is well and I managed to talk them out of stitches. Wish you happy healing and a great story to tell. If Brenda had been there we could have seen you in pictures!!!

  10. My daughter’s Llasa Apso jumped off or on something and did the same type of injury, she took him to an animal Chiropractor and just a little manipulation and he was back to his old self.
    Hoping Maddie gets better real soon!

    Pat Steele

  11. Prayers for Maddie. Poor thing.
    My daughter’s little Lab mix often throws out her hip in the winter (running then slipping on the ice). So painful…

  12. Poor Maddie! I agree with Barb: milk it for as long as you can, Doxie! Hopefully the Doc will have a magic pill, magic hands or both.

  13. Get well soon,. Maddie! We had a terrier who always had compression fractures in his spine – it was awful to see him in such pain! We were told to give our Yorkie one baby aspirin when he is in pain – I just think smaller dogs have a more fragile body than bigger dogs! Somehow I don’t think Maddie will suffer from lack of attention with wonderful caregivers like you and Ted!

  14. Aww, tears came to my eyes when I saw that picture of Maddie standing on the pink towels. Poor puppy, I will pray for the little cutie to feel better!

  15. Hope Maddie is feeling better.
    AnnieR hope you are feeling better and the eye won’t be so black and blue for the reunion. Were you in the triathlon In South Bend?

    • Thanks Charlotte! it was a women’s only event in Sylvania, Ohio. I was doing really well too and would have come in at least 2nd if I hadn’t crashed.. Oh well, it’s another story to add to the rest!

  16. Maddie, I happen to know from personal experience that your Mom’s loving touch and those wonderful pink towels will have you feeling great in no time. Hugs and kisses from Auntie. You’ll be back keeping your world safe before you know it. Pete and Gypsy say get well soon.

  17. Sending our love to Maddie. Hope she is feeling better. It does not take much for those little ones to injure their backs. LOL

  18. Dear Brenda, I’m sure the marvelous Madds will snap back shortly to her feisty self. She will probably resume her role of protector before you know it. It was very observant of Jill to suspect Ted’s trip down the hill with his puff up boat would terrify horses, tourists, and fudge shop owners. I heard seven had to close for awhile. The scare might have to do with the pink on the paint of the boat. Cathie has acquired a bicycle to practice on and a helmet in case something untoward happens.

  19. Please keep us posted on Maddie. As the parent of a 10 year old doxie I know about back issues. Maddie does not look over weight so you are doing very well by her there. What a great idea to warm her blankets. When our doxie hurt her back 4 years ago we actually took her to vet. that does acupuncture,(in Blissfield, MI) she needed 2 treatments. It worked wonders, but she still has to be careful.

  20. Hope Maddie is feeling better soon! She probably just over did it a bit….we do that too when we are on the Island.

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