A Tuesday Full of Showers, Flowers and . . . a Ghost? 8/3/211

Rain threatened all day Tuesday and – according to the Weather Channel – the worst storms were due to move over Mac Island around 2 p.m., just when I would be getting off work at the Stuart House and going home.  I had already hitched a ride with a Carriage Tour driver this morning on the way downtown because the sky was so dark.  But the rain held off, and I felt silly asking for a ride – although I always enjoy talking with the nice young men and women who drive the tourist carriages.

It was extremely busy in the museum today, with lots of people asking questions – and one lady who “sensed” a male ghost upstairs.  She told me he was just a visiting ghost, not someone who used to live there, and that he was a friendly presence.  She was dead (no pun intended) serious, and said she often encountered ghosts in old buildings.  What was even stranger was that a couple of weeks ago, a teenage girl had come rushing downstairs and claimed something had “touched” her upstairs.  On both occasions, I went up to the second floor, and nothing – and no one – was there.  That made two strange happenings in two weeks, so I asked someone familiar with the Stuart House if there had been other encounters there.  She told me she had never heard of any ghosts being reported in the building, which was built by John Jacob Astor in 1817.  She also said that since most of the island is an Indian burial ground, there certainly could be spirits around.  Now, I have personally never encountered a ghost. And I personally never want to encounter a ghost.  So . . . I won’t be walking around upstairs alone anymore – which I do sometimes when we’ve gotten in a new exhibit, and no visitors are in the museum.  And if I’m sitting at my little desk and hear footsteps overhead – when I know there isn’t anyone in the building but me – you’ll be the first to know!

Some very alive visitors today were blog readers who were visiting the island.

Paul and Elaine Williams from Yale, MI are frequent Island visitors. They also happened to be last week's Mystery Spot winners! They're on Mackinac for a week this time, staying at the Pontiac Lodge.

Cathy Cislak from Indianapolis, IN was on the Island with husband Greg (who took photo). They're staying the first part of the week at the Hotel Iroquois, then moving to the Grand for a few days when their children and grandchildren arrive. Cathy was also a recent Mystery Spot winner!

Jill came by before I got off work, and after my replacement arrived, we walked to the post office, then to the bookstore so I could pick a paper up for Ted.  Rain was threatening again, but I wanted to grab some photos of the Metivier Inn, which I say every year cannot possibly have flowers more gorgeous than last year – and every year they ARE more gorgeous.

Lilacs, pinks, and whites make up the color scheme this year, with multiple flower beds on both sides of the white fence.

These gardens have been blooming for at least a month now, but every day they seem more beautiful than the day before.

Walking through this arch from the street, you can . . . .

. . . curve to the left toward the side of the Inn, or . . .

. . . curve right onto the lush lawn.

I mean seriously, don't you think the Garden of Eden must have looked something like this! By the way, can you tell what the figure is hanging from the tree?

It's a happy turtle - of course!

I just had to try out one of those lilac chairs!

Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate long enough for me to finish the paper.

Thanks, as always, to Jillski for putting up with my silliness and taking almost all the photos of me you ever see here.

I did make it home without getting drenched, and tomorrow promises to be sunny and warm again.  Let’s see.  Monday was the Pink Pony, today was pink flowers.  Wonder what I can find pink for tomorrow!


When Paul and Elaine Williams stopped by the museum today, Paul showed me this awesome pic he took of the Pride of Baltimore II sailing into the harbor this morning. The ship took passengers aboard for two 2.5-hour voyages today, and will offer one more Wednesday morning at 10 a.m.. The 157' Pride of Baltimore II is a reproduction of an 1812-era Baltimore-built topsail schooner privateer. The orginal "Pride", Chasseur, defended America's freedom during the War of 1812 by serving as an offensive weapon of war and blockade-runner, capturing or sinking 35 British vessels. As the world's most traveled historic schooner, Pride of Blatimore II sails globally, promoting U.S. maritime history, and serves as a unique learning platform for math, science and social study programs.


27 thoughts on “A Tuesday Full of Showers, Flowers and . . . a Ghost? 8/3/211

  1. Hi Brenda,

    Three more days (by my way of counting down) until we are on the island. My daughter Jenelle (also a blog follower) and I want to meet you at the Stuart House. Is Tuesday is your day to work? What time do you start and end work?
    See you soon,
    Pat Steele
    Vernon, MI

    • Hi Pat! I’d love to meet you and Jenelle! I’m switching days with another volunteer for the next two weeks, so I’ll be working Mondays, Aug. 8 and 15. Then I’ll go back to Tuesdays.

  2. I for one have no doubt you will find something pink for Wednesday! Awesome pics of the gardens at the Metivier. I can see why that turtle is so happy! 🙂 Oh and I love the hat Brenda!!
    What I wouldn’t give to take a ride on the Pride of Baltimore II. How cool would that be..
    Thanks Jill for putting up with Brenda and all the pics you take! 😉

  3. Those gardens are so beautiful! I will be on the Island next Sunday the 14th. Maybe I will see you walking around! last year I seen Jill by the Grand Hotel!! I will look for her at the bookstore also!

  4. Your 1st photo of the Metivier Inn is now my desktop. Stunning, Brenda! You should submit some of these for the yearly calendar contest.

  5. I just thought to myself today, I wonder what the Metivier’s Gardens look like, I hope Bree takes a pic soon! And here they are!

    Those gardens are simply divine. And check out those astilbe! WOW!! Nowhere have I seen bigger or better astilbe. Diane has a talent in her gardening and her crafts (she makes those flags in the garden).

  6. I was REALLY hoping to meet you today Brenda! We were in the Fort until after 3pm then got on the ferry after 4 wonderful days on the island. As we walked past the museum, I was commenting that I missed meeting you and my kids were disappointed also. They really wanted to meet “the blog lady”. 🙂 Back home in Indiana now so maybe next time. Thanks for continuing to bring my “future home” to me on a daily basis!

    • Awwww . . . Sorry I missed meeting you and your family, Steph. But I can guarantee your kids enjoyed the fort a lot more than meeting “the blog lady”! LOL.

  7. Brenda,

    First off, I noticed the Michigan and the Michigan State t-shirts that the Williams were wearing. I don’t know how they can look so happy when their household must be a constant argument. It must be that being on the Island trumps everything else in life.

    The Metivier Inn flowers are so beautiful. And The Happy Turtle! Well, (in a yard like that – on Mackinac Island) how could he be anything but happy?

    When I saw the picture of the Pride of Baltimore II, WOW! Thank you Paul Williams for that picture! And thank you, Brenda, for including that picture.

  8. Hi Brenda-

    I have been reading and enjoying your blog for quite some time. Mackinac Island is one of my favorite places ever, and I can almost feel like I am there anytime I want just by reading your updates. My husband, kids, and I have been vacationing there often since my 9-year-old daughter was a baby. Both my daughter and son have also fallen in love with the Island, and my daughter already talks about spending summers working with the horses when she is older.

    We will again be visiting for a few days the week of August 15th. I wanted to know if there were any ‘off the beaten path’ activities, walks, ‘must dos’ that you could recommend. I would especially like to explore some of the interior of the Island, but don’t quite know where to start.

    Thanks so much for your insight~

    • Nancy, the first thing you need to do – right off the boat – is go to the Tourism Bureau and pick up the excellent map of the Island they have there. OR – walk to the Visitors Center (across from Marquette Park) and purchase the guidebook for $1.00 – this is an excellent resource also. You won’t go wrong by just following the map into the interior of the island and taking off on any of the trails. I’ll also email to you Ted’s favorite “hiking” trail, which he put together for another reader a while back. It’s quite rigorous, but if you want to really “get into the interior”, this hike will get you there.

      • Thanks for the ideas, they sound perfect! Do you ever work at the museum on the weekends? Would love to stop by and say ‘hi’ while we are there….

      • No weekend work, Nancy. Just Tuesdays (or Monday, if I’m switching with someone).

  9. Beautiful pictures as always. Thanks to you and Jill. Do you have any idea what the two shades of pink flowers are inside the fence at the Metivier Inn. They are wonderful.

      • Inside the fence are astilbe. Very tall variety actually. Most are much shorter. They are a shade lover and MUST be kept moist.

        In order in front of the fence are impatiens, snapdragons, roses, cleome (spider flowers). Behind the fence are astilbes, purple coneflowers, sedum, and more impatiens.

  10. Tell Jill that I enjoy her bubbly personality when I visit the book store. I get to the island about once to twice a year and she is always helpful and has a smile. Have a great day!

  11. I am constantly amazed at the surreal beauty up there! It’s like living a fairytale. I’m glad that you are there to enjoy it. You and Ted truly deserve it.

  12. I made a quick, one-day visit to the Island in June and thought of you, but didn’t have time to connect. Planning on a couple of days stay in September—maybe then!

  13. The Metevier is one of my favorites places….not only because of the flowers but because it’s where we got married. Celebrating 10 years this year!

  14. Hi: My Husband and I visited the Island every year from 1960 until 1990. We always stayed at the Irquois Hotel, and had a fantastic time. Our children grew up on the week ends we were at the Island. Really miss the times, so when I found your Blog, I enjoyed reading all your articles and pictures. Thanks for doing such a good job. Will keep on reading.

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