Just Another Mackinac Monday

I know I’ve said this before, but whatever I have planned for each day NEVER works out – therefore, I’m going to stop planning.  Take today for example.

Ted announced he was going kayaking again, and I didn’t even blink.  I calmly said, “Have fun, my sweet”, poured my second cup of coffee, walked back out on the deck, picked up my book, and started reading.  Even when he added that he was going to blow up the kayak BEFORE he left the condo and carry all 40 lbs. of it down the hill (he ROLLED it down before), I kept myself firmly planted in the deck chair.  It was a beautiful thing to see – me, being cool about Ted kayaking.  He was so proud of me.

Have any of you read this? It's totally unlike anything I'd normally read, but Jeremy at the Island Bookstore suggested it, and I'm really enjoying it!

But then I noticed how beautiful the hollyhocks are in front of the condo this year, so I got up and took a photo.

Then Maddie started going crazy barking, and I snapped this shot . . . .

. . . . and then watched as Ted walked/ran/half-flew across the lawn, carrying a boat on his shoulders and battling wind gusts that threatened to elevate him and the boat 10 feet off the ground. Ted sure knows how to keep me entertained!

So . .  instead of reading, I got up and started cleaning house – which is always SO much easier when no one’s around.  I cleaned a little, read comments on the 911 blog, commented back, did some Facebook chatting, then cleaned a little more.  Ted called to tell me where he was on the water, and I asked him to call me back when he was on dry land.

When he did call back, he said, “Why don’t you come down to the Pony, and let’s eat lunch out on the back patio?”

I was changing clothes before he had even flipped his phone shut.

I rode my bike downtown – to get there faster – and found Ted already outside at the Pink Pony, downing one glass of ice water after another.  I ordered a beer (it was five o’clock somewhere), and then we both ordered hot wings for lunch.  It was so great to be downtown on a beautiful August day in one of my favorite places!  So many good memories at the Chippewa and Pink Pony!

The Pony back deck is the greatest place - right by the water, where a cool breeze is always blowing, and the music is always good.

They've even expanded the deck out a little more this year, so when I say waterfront seating, I mean waterfront seating! How's that for a view!

We sat at the bar for lunch so we had the whole marina in front of us.

Hmmmmmmm . . . . .

Yep! That about sums it up!

I never did get back to my book.  After lunch I stopped at the bookstore for a newspaper, went by the bank, picked up the mail at the post office, and got some bananas at Doud’s.  Then I rode my bike up Turkey Hill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  ok, ok, I was trying to see if you were paying attention.  I WALKED my bike up Turkey Hill – very, very slowly . . . then rode the rest of the way home – even took one of the trails through the woods and didn’t fall off or anything.

Oh, Ted left his kayak downtown at a friend’s house.  Yeah!!!  No more drama going up and down the hill!

Did I ever mention how much I LOVE this island . . . . even when nothing goes as planned!

36 thoughts on “Just Another Mackinac Monday

  1. Friends of our were on the island as well. Said it was a beautiful day. My hubby and I usually go to the island for a few days every summer but a new grandbaby kept us in Minneapolis this year. Ya gotta do, what you gotta do.

  2. I got to the part about riding your bike up Turkey Hill and about spilled my coffee! until I kept on reading. That would be some feat of strength to ride up that hill. I had a hard enough time walking up it without passing out! I’m glad you had a nice lunch and afternoon and that Ted is having so much fun with his kayak. Happy Tuesday!!

  3. Brenda,

    On some days I wish I could leave the real world. I know the Island would be the perfect place to be -even if I didn’t kayak.

  4. Ahh what a beautiful, relaxing, not a care in the world, with nothing to do but ..enjoy..kind of day! I’d like me one of those please. 🙂

  5. How many horses did Ted spook carrying that kayak downtown? Glad he’s found somewhere to keep it by the water. Makes it much easier…and now he’ll be out ALL THE TIME!

    • I’ve never seen it anywhere but the Pony, Andrea. I’d love one for the condo also. Maybe I’ll pick Brian’s (Chippewa general manager) brain and see where he gets them.

      • Bree, yes, please, find out if we can buy a copy of that sign. It is so absolutely true!! AND, When we were there in June, the weather was so bad we didn’t get over to the Pony. I was wondering how they were going to expand. It looks really nice, will have to check it out in September!

      • Here’s another vote for finding out if Brian can manufacture them. I don’t know how many he’d sell but it sounds like he’d definitely sell three of them!

  6. sounds like the kind of “Mackinac Day” that I used to enjoy…..minus the kayaking:) loved seeing the expanded back deck at the Pony, too. can you believe I never sat out there? 8 years on the island and there are quite a few places that we missed….but then again the view from that porch of OURS:) couldn’t be beat, either:) once again, loved living on the island “through you” again….!

  7. Wow-I’ve had to carry windsurfing sails in gusty wind-no fun. Yay Ted for making it to town! Thanks for the tip on the expanded deck at the Chip-hopefully it will be sunny when we’re there in September so we can sit out there. And, I love that sign as well-it would look good in my beach themed bathroom! Thanks!!!

  8. OK, so in 15 years of going to Mackinac I have NEVER eaten at the Pink Pony. You are starting to make me think something is wrong with me! I am a big fan of Horn’s however so I guess I usually have ducked in there instead. With limited meals while I’m there I have to pick carefully. I am really thinking of stopping by the Pony in September though.

    Oh and gorgeous hollyhocks! I hope they are still blooming in September when I am there. The one I had in my own yard got to about 6 feet and blew over in a storm 😦

  9. Love the pics of the sign and the beers all lined up. I just put the beer pic as my screensaver. Just imagining I was sitting at the bar deciding which one to order. We are coming to the island on Aug. 21 for 5 or 6 days. We can’t wait! Even our kids can’t wait!

  10. Love the Pink Pony patio too and love that sign…I remember commenting on it last year when we were there. Leaving this Sat. for the Island for a week. I hope it’s just as nice. What day are you volunteering? Monday/Tuesday? Any requests from the “fruit belt” area? It’s a bumper fruit/veggie season this year.

    • Karen, I met someone else from Niles today in the museum, but Lordy I can’t remember their names. I’m trading with another volunteer for the next two weeks, so I will be working on Monday, Aug.8 and 15 – NOT on Tuesday, Aug. 9 and 16.

  11. Hi Bree! Love the Pink Pony also. It is always the first stop of ours right off the ferry!

    Could I please ask readers, and you, of course, where they would stay on the island? We usually stay at Grand but think we may like to try something different this time. Hope you don’t mind me asking.


    • Connie, we’ve only stayed in two places on the island – the Chippewa and the Cottage Inn. Both get excellent endorsements from us. BUT, there are so many wonderful hotels and inns on the island! I’m sure you’ll get a lot of other favorites from readers.

    • Connie, like Brenda said, there are many nice places to stay. I really don’t think that there is a bad one. We have stayed at Mission Point, Murray, Inn on Mackinac, Lake View, and Harbour View. All of them have been wonderful to stay at. We do like Mission Point the most though because of it’s location and their beautiful front lawn. I always feel like we are going home at the end of a busy day on the island.

      • Thank you JoyceK and MaryMcH! I’ll look into your recommendations.

        I look forward to getting to the island after a few years away.
        Thank goodness I had this blog to keep me updated!

        Thanks to Bree!

      • You’re welcome Connie. I almost forgot the Grand Hotel. We stayed there this past spring when they first opened up, before dress code is enforced. Loved staying there but would never make it when the dress code falls into effect. We spend too much time out and about around the island and would be kicked out the first evening for coming in late and not being dressed. I have even had a dream about that happening. LOL

    • Brenda is right….lots of good places. We’ve stayed at the Metevier Inn, Market Street Inn & The Inn on Mackinac. I would recommend them all.

  12. School started back on Monday in Tennessee with 100 degree temps. Oh how I wish I was living your life right now!! Keep up the great blogs. They are my escape to my favorite place on earth.

  13. Brenda, sounds like another lovely day on Mackinac Island. I also thought wow, she’s doing great riding up Turkey Hill. That would be a goal of mine but I don’t think that it will happen. I was hoping to get up to the island last Sunday, but it didn’t work out. Hopefully come in August on one of my days off.

    Connie, I’ve stayed at the Grand Hotel twice, Mission Point, Chippewa and this past June at the Lilac Tree. I loved the Lilac Tree, loved being downtown. I’d stay at the Lilac Tree again in a heart beat.

  14. Love the sign at Pink Pony as well. You are soooo right, it does sum it all up!
    If you make it up Turkey Hill riding, you most certainly better get an award or something for that! Last summer after we had pushed our bikes up Mission Hill and were huffing and puffing, a lady came “riding” up with a Burley cart behind her bike with a child in it. Our mouths dropped and we just looked at her and said, “how did you do that?” She smiled and kept on her way.

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