Wrapping it Up 7/28/2011

Whew!  Talk about a horse week!  I just have a few random photos to put up tonight, and that will end the Festival of the Horse news for another year.  What is sad is that there were many other events and clinics I didn’t even touch on.  Thanks so much to the Mackinac Island Horsesmen’s Association for all the hard – and I do mean HARD – work.  Can’t wait to see what next year brings and what surprises you will have up your sleeves for 2012!

To my readers – I hope you’ve gotten a little of the flavor of this great festival – enough so that next summer you’ll be packing up and arriving on the island to see it all in person!

Sit, Saber, sit. Just kidding. Clay Maier got Saber to lie all the way down, and he was coming back up to stand. Looks like he's "sitting" though, doesn't it!

Face to face with Toby, the Belgian.

Working the admissions table at the Grand for two of the clinics (Jill pic).

A saddle and helmet - waiting for a rider (Jill pic)

The incredible Saber again, tethered to Clay Maier (Marta Olson pic).

Pony rides were available each day at the festival. I worked an hour or two one afternoon helping fit helmets . . . (Jill pic)

. . . the children loved riding the ponies!

Some water for a hard-working pony.

Michelle Stuck and Maryanke Alexander await their time to perform (Jill pic).

The only time I saw Leanne sitting down the entire festival.

Molly and Frankie at the admissions table to the Horses, Hoofbeats & Hors d'oeuvres event at the Gate House Restaurant.

One last photo of Saber soaring over a jump (Marta Olson pic).

Tomorrow, we get away from horses – well, as far away from horses as you can get on Mackinac Island.  Ted went on an excellent adventure this morning – and survived!  You’ll hear all about it tomorrow!  See you then!


4 thoughts on “Wrapping it Up 7/28/2011

  1. Saber is such an amazing looking horse especially when he’s flying through the air as he does those jumps. Brenda looks like you were very busy the whole time the festival was going on, doing a variety of duties. I love Leanne’s seat!

    Can’t wait to hear what happened to Ted! 😉

  2. Bree I just had to tell you that you look adorable in that hat! Could be on a Mary Englebright card!

    Thank you again for such stunning pictures! I hope and pray I make it up for the festival one of these years.

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