Clay and Saber 7/23/2011

I gave my camera two aspirin and some chicken soup last night and hoped for the best.   When I walked down the hill to get the mail on Friday, I stopped in on the second day of the Festival of the Horse and snapped a few shots of Clay Meier and his amazing horse, Saber.  The photos came out pretty good, but I can still tell something’s not quite right.  With this horse, though, it would be really difficult to make him look anything but awesome.

Saber is a 14-year-old Friesian that Clay Meier has been training three years.


He responds to Clay’s softly spoken commands instantly.


He will rear up at Clay’s special signal . . .


. . . rising higher and higher as Clay says, “Up, up, up!”  Clay and Saber, and another of his Friesians, Paris, will be performing again on Saturday, the last day of this year’s Festival of the Horse.

11 thoughts on “Clay and Saber 7/23/2011

  1. There’s a special bond between Clay and Saber, and what a beautiful horse Saber is! Hard to believe he’s 14 years old.

  2. I love those horses. What a beauty Saber is and you can see the bond between horse and man. Next year how about seeing if we can combine the yacht racing, horse show and lilac festival all in one week. We could call it the “Mackinac Island Lilac Race Horse Lalapaloosa”….yea, that could work.

  3. Brenda,

    That is one gorgeous horse.

    I’m glad your camera is still holding out. Apparently chicken soup and aspirin really work.

  4. Gorgeous animal indeed, and so intelligent too! Your photos look great as usual. Perhaps the heat was getting to the camera!

  5. Dear Brenda thanks for a wonderful time on our recent visit. It was nice of you and Ted to lead me around on my scooter to the wild and woodsy parts of the island that I had not seen. I’ve let my poor scooter rest since we got home.

  6. BEAUTIFUL photos Bree…NOTHING wrong with your camera right now! I could watch Clay Maier’s Musical Kur all day. WHAT A FUN WEEKEND we are having for Festival of the Horse.

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