Blue and Green 7/17/2011

Blue water and evergreens from Sunset Rock.

Maddie and Bear - exploring Pontiac's Trail

The view over Mission Point Resort from the east end of the East Bluff.

A glimpse of the Mackinac Bridge over the bleached walls of Fort Mackinac.

The harbor through a grove of trees near Anne's Tablet

On Monday I’ll be sharing some of the flowers from the Grand Hotel gardens.  Be prepared for some of Mother Nature’s best art!


10 thoughts on “Blue and Green 7/17/2011

  1. Brenda,

    I don’t guess (I lived in Texas for 13 1/2 years) you are a professional photographer, but you certainly could be. So many of your pictures send such a wonderful message of serenity and peacefulness. I am so thankful for your talent.

  2. Ah, now you’re on my end of the island! 🙂
    I don’t see any of the Adirondack (sp?) chairs on the lawn at Mission Point. Surely they didn’t stop that!

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