What’s to Come 7/16/2011

Today the Straits were filled with ferries shuttling happy people back and forth to Mackinac Island.

By Sunday, the brilliant sails of boats finishing the Chicago to Mackinac race will be billowing under the Mackinac Bridge. Either way, it's a great day to be on the island!


9 thoughts on “What’s to Come 7/16/2011

  1. I was on Mackinac 3 years ago during the Chicago to Mackinac race. Unfortunately arrived after the winner arrived, but got there on Wednesday when a lot of the other boats were coming to Mackinac, that’s when my Mom and I took the Shepler’s Lighthouse tour. Loved that!!! We really loved seeing the boats as well. In fact we didn’t realize that the race was the weekend before, got a bonus during the tour.

    Bye the way Brenda, when are you going on the Lighthouse Tour????

  2. I also love the view from the east bluff, it’s so different then from the west side. Not that I don’t like that view, just saying it’s different 😉 Looks like a beautiful day!

  3. Oh I hope you get a few pics of the racers to share with us! My cousin’s husband and daughter are part of a crew. So glad the weather is co-operating for this year’s race. Beautiful!

  4. Hi Bree, I met you on a ride up to the Grabd when myself and friend (both from Tulsa) had just arrived on the island. I am now completely obsessed with Mackinac!
    You gave me a card with your blog published on it and I have enjoyed you so much! Can’t wait to come back and bring my family and grandchildren for the Fourth!
    We were there on July 1-4. Such an idyllic spot .
    I am an interior designer and wish you would post picture of the islanders homes up be hind the hotel. Do they pretty much look like the ones in town?
    Can’t wait to read your blog about the horse festival
    That will be going on soon!
    Sorry this is so long!
    Green with envy,
    Cindy Malchi

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