Teasers 7/13/2011

Sometimes God smiles down and grants a perfect day, and this has been one.  We’re all tired tonight (even perfect days make you tired), so I’m not going to go into all the details until Friday’s blog, but I hope the “teasers” below bring you right back to hear all about it then.

Our day started at the Mackinac Island airport. From there we rode out to the new stable, and from there . . .

. . . to the Cannonball for lunch.

This "drive-it-yourself" horse was getting to rest his hooves while his drivers ate lunch.

From the Cannonball at British Landing, we rode back into town (about 3 1/2 miles).

Charlie got to see lots of places he hadn't seen before and took lots of pics.

The boys rode on into town while Cathy and I stopped off at the Grand to check out the gardens around the pool.

And I must say the Grand was looking pretty spectacular on this beautiful summer afternoon.

I don’t plan to post on Thursday, but I’ll be back on Friday morning will all the details about our perfect day.  Who knows?  By Friday, we might have had two perfect days in a row.  See you then!


16 thoughts on “Teasers 7/13/2011

  1. It’s really starting to look like summer (and less springy) on the island!

    I’m so glad Charlie got to see the places you all have been telling him about!! I feel bad that he’s been there 2 other times but couldn’t go do as much. Thank God for that scooter!!!

  2. Brenda,

    I am so glad Charlie is enjoying more of the Island, but oh, those flowers in the Grand Hotel Gardens. I sure do like flowers and it’s so obvious Mackinac Island has plenty of them. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. I forgot to mention that I went to the opthamologist (sp ?) for my next day check up. He told me I’m doing better than almost all of his cataract removal patients. Do I have something to be thankful for or what?

  4. Happy for Charlie–finally getting to see the island that we all love. Lowell, happy to hear you are doing well. I’m headed north this morning. Sunday evening I will sleep on the Island.

  5. My head was spinning all day looking for you all. We did the rida around the Island,the Cannonball,and the flowers and pool at the Grand. Must have been just behind you. So happy for Charlie. Say Hello to both of them from me. Cathy needs to stop at colonial Michilimackinac again to see me!

  6. Well ,I for one, can’t wait till Friday to hear all about it. I love perfect days! I also love the flowers at the Grand. I’m glad Charlie is getting to see places that he couldn’t before. I bet he’s having a blast! Enjoy! 🙂

  7. Good for Charlie and Lowell!! I’m sure Charlie feels like he is in heaven now that he can see so many gorgeous places. Beautiful photos Brenda, as usual!!! I’m so very happy Judy told me about your blog a few yrs. ago. It has brought me countless hours of joy. I’ll be busy planning the trip with my family for next summer. Hope to meet you then, God willing!!!

  8. I’ve been dealing with three (beautiful!) grandchildren this week, so I’m a little slow catching up on details about Lowell. I couldn’t be more tickled! So happy for him that it’s all ‘looking good’! And I’m tickled for Charlie who got to see so much of what he’s only heard about. It really was a perfect day!

  9. I am trying to find gardens around my home to admire that are like those on Mackinac. I found one today! Reminded me of walking around there and photographing the island. Not quite the same though! Can’t wait til September.

  10. Oh Bree I just love all the isla
    nd pictures. Great news about Lowell and it is nice to see Charlie getting around on his wheels!

    I had a question for you…Did you ever think about writing any blog for weddings on the island? My daughter has started to look into having one next year. Any different ideas for venues? Would like ideas from locals or visitors if anyone would be kind enough to offer their suggestions.

    We hope to be up in mid Sept. I look forward to saying hello to you in person Bree.

    One more question. Sorry. What camera do you use? (If you don’t mind me asking)

    • Hi Connie,I use a little Power Shot A530 (Canon) that is four years old and about ready for a replacement. Only problem is I can’t find one I like as much as this one! LOL. They just don’t make them with viewfinders anymore, and I don’t like using the LCD screens. Any church on the island is an excellent wedding venue. Of course, I’m partial to Little Stone Church, but there’s also St. Anne’s, Trinity Church, and the Mission Church. And there are many venues that aren’t churches – like Mission Point, the Grand Hotel, the gazebo on the East Bluff, etc. Google “wedding on Mackinac Island”. You’ll get lots of help!

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