Woman’s Prerogative 7/12/2011

I changed my mind!  No vintage baseball game pics tonight – I’ll get them up eventually, but  I took a lot photos today, and I want to share those with you instead.

About 10 minutes before I should have been walking down the hill to work this morning I checked the radar on weather.com and saw a big blob of red and yellow closing in on the island.  I hurriedly got all my stuff together and walked over to the Carriage Museum where I begged Denise for a ride downtown on one of the empty wagons, and she said, “Sure!”  I climbed on with Josh and talked his ear off all the way down the hill.  As we turned off Cadotte onto Market, the skies opened, and when he let me off at Astor St., I made a mad dash for the Stuart House – not anywhere close to as wet as I would have been walking down.  Thank you Denise and Josh!

Josh, coming back by the Stuart House a little later.

I have no idea who these folks were, but I filed this photo under "where not to stand in a thunderstorm".

For about two hours the rains came down. Several people who were only on the island for a day trip came into the museum. I always feel so bad for those folks. I kept telling them the rain was supposed to be over by noon . . .

. . . and around 12:30 the clouds began to part, and the sun came out!

Frankie and Hershey came by to visit, as did Marge (she and husband Rich are innkeepers at the Cottage Inn) and their dog, Joe Cocker (who was so anxious to get inside to visit with Hershey he looked like he was about to fly out of Marge's arms).

After the rain stopped, Cathy ran inside the museum to tell me she and Charlie were downtown shopping.

A little after two, I met up with Cathy at the rest area across from Little Stone Church - then we walked up to the Grand's flower shop, Margaret's Garden.

After checking out the garden shop and finding a dozen things we wanted to buy - but didn't - we sat down outside in the shade and waited on Charlie to come up the hill.

This haywagon was just ahead of Charlie on the Red Ryder . . .

It's always good to know a guy with "saddlebags" when you're loaded down with packages!

We went out to dinner at the Seabiscuit and soon Patty and Buz came in.  Then Joyce (a blog reader) and her family arrived.  We all ended up sitting at almost touching tables and having a great time talking and laughing with each other.  Life in this small community is just so much fun!

Tomorrow we have plans to get out on the backroads and really give the Red Ryder a try-out.  Charlie’s looking forward to seeing all the places we’ve been telling him about for the last two summers – back tomorrow night with pics of all the fun!

Note:  Lowell’s cataract surgery went spectacularly well.  He was home and resting by noon and is thankful for all the prayers.

P.S.  Don’t you love how I’m only posting a photo or two during the week!


16 thoughts on “Woman’s Prerogative 7/12/2011

  1. Hi Brenda,
    How nice. I get to see Joe Cocker’s cute little freckled nose again. We stayed at the Cottage Inn on the 6th and besides petting Joe’s fuzzy nose, I had my best nights sleep of the whole trip in the Somewhere in Time room. Marge and Rich were very, very, nice and their flower garden is wonderful. That horse manure makes flowers grow unbelievably.
    I heard from Jill that you were off island on the 6th.
    So maybe next time, I’ll be able to say “Hi!” in person.;-)

  2. Sounds like everyone is having a blast on the island! Good to know that even a little rain doesn’t stop anyone from having a good time. Charlie will get a whole new perspective once he gets to go places that he couldn’t go before. Have fun Charlie!

    Happy to hear about Lowell! Tell him we miss his stories here and to hurry back.

  3. Just caught up on your last two posts. Love all of the beautiful photos, as usual. So happy Charlie got his “freedom wheels”. I know he has to be very happy and thankful for that. I am hoping for a trip to the island next June with family members. Lots of planning to do!

  4. Chop Cherry Salad at Seabiscuit is now on the list for when we come up in September-thanks for the tip! Love the photo (and the name) of Joe Cocker! He really does look like he’s ready to fly!

  5. I’m glad to hear that Lowell is doing well. I keep him in my prayers. I like the Red Ryder and that Charlie can go where he wants to now around the island. I wonder what was going through his thoughts when he was behind that big hay wagon going up the hill – it was really stacked high with hay!
    Happy Tuesday!!

  6. Great pictures Bree! I always feel like I am right there on the Island! So glad Lowe is doing well also. Have a wonderful evening!

  7. It’s great that Lowell’s surgery went well. I’m looking forward to seeing his stories again.

    I *do* love how your just posting “a photo or two”! As long as you enjoy posting them, we’ll enjoy seeing them no matter how many.

  8. So glad we ran into you at the Seabiscuit and got to meet Patty & Buz as well since we missed everyone at the Pink Pony. I almost felt like an islander myself. :o) Had a great time chatting.

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