Our Gang 7/11/2011

Nothing makes the island come alive to me as much as having company arrive.  Even if they’ve been here before – as Charlie and Cathy have for three summers now – it always makes me see the island anew through their eyes.  Even more wonderful this year is that Charlie, who has been limited for two summers by health issues, now has “wheels” and will be able to go almost anywhere we go this week.  No more leaving Charlie at the condo reading – Charlie is MOBILE!

Meet Red Ryder - and what a beauty she is! Charlie bought the scooter specifically with Mackinac Island in mind - bigger scooter with bigger wheels and lots of power for our hills!

Our first outing together was Little Stone Church on Sunday morning.  Patty, Cathy and I started walking down early while the guys stayed behind to help with the flat tire of another condo resident.  We were about to the Grand Hotel stables when I turned around to see if they were anywhere close by and caught them coming over the hill.

The three amigos - Ted, Buz, and Charlie (better known to all who love him as "Frog".

After the service, we all gathered behind the church for coffee and pastries.  I was determined to get a photo of our “gang”, and Jane Winston was happy to snap the photo, with the Governor’s Summer Residence and Fort Mackinac in the the background.

Such great friends and relatives - Patty and Buz, Cathy and Charlie, Frankie, Michael, and Jill.

After snacks, we all headed downtown to the Yankee Rebel for lunch.  We took up the whole sidewalk and part of the road!

Before we made it to the restaurant, we ran into the Gensman family - Chris, Georgianna and Connie. Georgianna is Dale Gensman's wife. Dale's dad helped build Round Island Lighthouse, and he has built many wonderful replicas of Mackinac Island landmarks and historical buildings, which are on display at the Stuart House Museum. That's where I met Georgianna last year.

Mike was especially excited to meet Georgianna. He met Dale on Saturday on Round Island where the Round Island Lighthouse Preservation Society were sponsoring their annual tour of Round Island Light.

When Mike was getting ready to leave Round Island, he was presented with a certificate stating he had toured the historic lighthouse.  In the center of the certificate was a photograph of the lighthouse – taken by Mike last summer.  The association had asked permission to use the photograph last year, but Mike had no idea why they wanted it.  It was really a wonderful surprise when he saw his photograph on the certificate.

By the time we arrived at the Yankee Rebel, Jill had already arranged a table.

After lunch we ladies took a slow walk home and did a little shopping along the way.  For a day that started off warm and humid, our walk home was comfortable and breezy.  We kept expecting rain all day, but except for a few sprinkles, it never came.  Another beautiful Sunday on the rock!

For any blog fans in town, I’m switching days with a friend and working on Monday at the Stuart House instead of my normal Tuesday.  I’d love to meet you if happen to be on Market Street between 10 am and 2 pm.

See you tomorrow with some pics from last week’s Vintage Baseball Game!

NOTE:  Please keep blog friend Lowell in your prayers Monday morning.  He is having cataract surgery.

Beautiful up close and personal photo of Round Island Light - taken by Mike Forrester on Saturday morning.


16 thoughts on “Our Gang 7/11/2011

  1. Hi Bree. I am writing to ask a question…did Bear get his treat of yogurt you promised a few weeks ago after he did the blog for you?? My daughter was going to ask you last week when we were on the island, but we missed you at the museum. We lost track of time & you were gone by the time we got there. My family was so disapointed that we missed you…a picture with you was the only one that got away from us on vacation this year. We enjoy your blog so much & are dog lovers too. Have a great week & thanks again for sharing your stories & pictures with us.

  2. Loved all the photos Brenda!! Every year you outdo the photos from the year before!! Great job!!
    We will be on the island on Tuesday the 19th..we are coming with about 20 family members to celebrate Christmas in July with Alyssa!! Hope to stop by the Stuart House and say hello!!

      • Loved all the photos Brenda!! Every year you outdo the photos from the year before!! Great job!!
        We will be on the island on Tuesday the 19th..we are coming with about 20 family members to celebrate Christmas in July with Alyssa!! Hope to stop by the Stuart House and say hello!!

        Brenda it isn’t this week the 12th..It’s next week the 19th and no we aren’t staying over this trip we are going to be at a cabin near West Branch for the week and we are just coming up for the day on the 19th…::)

      • Brenda, we will be on the Island on the 19th, Tuesday and we are planning on having lunch at Goodfellows with Alyssa and 25 other family members…Christmas in July with Alyssa…presents, cookies, white elephant exchange, and lots of talking. Sure hope you can stop by and share some Christmas cookies with us!!

  3. How wonderful to spend time with all those great friends and family. WTG Charlie on your new Red Ryder. You should be able to go just about anywhere now and it sure is pretty 🙂 Congrats to Mike on the big surprise, that is really very cool. Are you switching days just for the week at the Stuart House or is this for the rest of the summer Brenda?

    Lowell good luck on your surgery. I’ll be thinking of you and hurry back!

  4. Bree, the picture of you with your Entourage, when you were spilling out into Market Street, I see the Metivier gardens in the background. Could you find some time to snap a couple of pictures of their gardens for us?? We used to stay there and just loved Diane’s garden.

    We hope all goes well for Lowell!!

  5. Please let Mike know how much I like his Round Island Lighthouse photo! Wow! No wonder they used it on the certificate – it’s perfect!

    We know that feeling of being with a group of good friends on the island, and it is so special. We’ve had those big tables at the Yankee Rebel (good food!), so your blog today brought back some sweet memories. Thanks for doing what you do!

    Lowell is getting support from here, too. God bless!

  6. Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers. My appointment was for 8:45 AM in Lansing (35-40 miles away). Got there 15 minutes early and waited until 10:15. We didn’t complain because it meant someone else was probably having complications. My procedure went off without a hitch. I told the doctor before he started that I had been through this once before, so if he wanted me to, I would be glad to talk him through it. I was surprised that he thought it was so funny. He really had a good laugh. He said he had been doing cataract surgeries for 20 years and no one had ever said that before. I don’t know what I would have done if he had taken me up on my offer. I probably would have gotten off the table and walked out. Now we’re home and we’ve had lunch and I’m sitting in front of the monitor with my eye patch on, working with one eye.

    Oh yes, Brenda, I enjoyed the blog today, especially because I can “see” that Charlie is getting around so much better than before. Be sure to tell him hello for me. I’m so pleased for him.

  7. Awesome photos! I also like the one that Mike took of the Lighthouse! Prayers are sent to Lowe also for a speedy recovery. It is so nice that your friends are able to visit you on the Island!

  8. Ditto on liking the Round Island photo. Ditto also on the motorized cart. Ryba Rentals has them by the hour or day. I had to use one last visit until my knee is fixed to keep up with the kids and grandkids. They took turns riding with me and we covered a lot of territory.
    By the way I hear the Fudge Festival is being highlighted on the morning show with Kathy Lee. Know anything about that? One time I will tell you how our family gets some credit for the Festival.

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