For Sunday 7/10/2011

Good friend Michael Forrester arrived on the island Friday to shoot video a couple of days for the Lilac Tree and Chippewa Hotels.  It’s always wonderful seeing him (although, of course, we prefer it when he brings wife Jeanine and daughter Siena along).  The whole family will be back in September!

Jill, Ted and I had a little reunion with Mike at the Pink Pony on Friday evening.

A wonderful photo from Jill of a rainy day downtown.

Under the Mackinac Bridge. Taken by Shepler's Ferry crew on a westbound lighthouse tour.

It never fails to amaze me how even the garbage cans wear flowers on Mackinac.

Entrance to the Grand stables - taken a couple of weeks ago when the lilacs were still blooming.

My talk about therapy dogs in Mac City went well on Saturday afternnoon.  It was a great audience, with lots of questions and interest.  Bear, of course, was perfect!  Thanks, Chris Ann, for inviting us!

By the time we got home, Cathy and Charlie had arrived, and we are so excited to have them with us for a week.  See you on Monday with some weekend stories from the rock!


8 thoughts on “For Sunday 7/10/2011

  1. To bad Mike won’t be there at the end of Aug. beginning of Sept. I would love to meet him! I knew your therapy dog speech would go well, after all, Bear was there to give you hints, right 😉 Love how well the garbage cans are dressed and I’m glad that Cathy and Charlie arrived safely. Enjoy and have fun!

  2. I’m pleased that your presentation at Mackinaw City went well. When I received an e-mail reminder of Wawatam Beach Association’s Annual Meeting I discovered your blog and I’ve been enjoying your fine pictures ever since. I spent 30 summers on Wawatam Beach and was Vice President and then President of the Association for a number of years. One summer I had a VIP pass on the thousand passenger steamer THE STRAITS OF MACKINAC. I could have as many free trips to the Island and take as many guests along as I cared to. I rode the old boat on its final run from the Island to Mackinaw City. All the vessels we encountered blew farewell salutes. Even the fog horn on the Round Island Passage Light blew a salute! I sold my cottage in 1983 and have only visited the Straits area a few short times since, while enroute to the Soo where my step daughter is a structural engineer. While at Mackinaw I owned a used Island bicycle which I obtained before Ryba could send it to Detroit for sale. He used to replace the rental bikes every two years. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your pix and comments.– Hartland Smith

  3. Have fun with your friends…enjoyed all of he photos. Each one is special!
    Glad your speech went well.

  4. Brenda,

    Didn’t I tell you the presentation would go well? See, that’s just one more proof that you should pay attention to your elders. Of course, I’m sure Bear was a great help.

    I’m glad Cathy & Charlie arrived safely. Have a wonderful week with them, as I’m sure you will.

    I enjoyed reading and seeing the whole blog, but the pictures of the hanging basket & the pedestrians in the rain and under the Bridge were my favorites.

    By the way, I’ll be having the cataract in my left eye removed early Monday morning. There, I told you ahead of time, just like you told me to do. That’s makes me a good guy, right.

    • That makes you nearly perfect, Lowell! You WILL be perfect if you let me know as soon as you get home and everything is ok. Prayers going up for everything to go better than well. Expect to hear from you on Tuesday (if not before).

  5. I’m with Lowell on the pictures, Brenda. Thought those two were spectacular!

    Lowell – you’ll have a few friends from here thinking about you on Monday. Let us know how you’re doing as soon as you can.

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