Doggone It! 7/7/2011

Hi.  Maddie here. 

Bear and I were sure glad to see Miss Patty and Mr. Buz arrive last week because we knew they were bringing that little Bailey along with them.  Bailey is some kind of royal dog – a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel – but to Bear and me, he looks like a little bitty cocker spaniel.  He’s a cutie too, and I bet we could make some really pretty babies together – IF either one of us could make babies anymore.  Oh well, no use dreaming about that.

What we all CAN do is play together!

Of course, it would be a lot easier to play if Dad would ever take this dang leash off me! Even Bailey's mom let HIM off the leash so he could run around. Geez!


So I had to stand there and watch as Bailey cleaned out Bear's ears . . .


. . . and as Bear tried to gnaw off Bailey's face.


Dad thought he could make me feel better by starting a game of chase. Well, duh. If I have to run with DAD attached, how can I get away from anyone?


See! Here they come. I'm so dead!


Tagged! But I never give up . . . .


. . . I escape! But Bear is breathing down my neck (which makes me run harder - phew!)


BODYBLOCKED! Would somebody please call a FOUL!


Let me up! Let me up!


I'm serious, Dad. Let me off this leash right this minute, or you're going to be in BIG trouble! MOM . . . tell Dad to let me off!


Finally! Take THAT Bailey. You don't need that lip, do you Bear?


Oh no, Bailey. You can run, but ya can't hide. You are SO going down!


You might be a cutie pie - but you need to learn who's boss around here!


One down. Where's Bear?


Hey, Maddie! Come over here and look at this!


I was just listening to this grass grow, and all of a sudden this little flower right here told me we should all stop fighting and be friends.


Bear is so going down.


22 thoughts on “Doggone It! 7/7/2011

  1. It’s about time we heard from you, Maddie. You show the others, especially Bear who’s boss. LOL

    I’m glad that Dad finally took you off the leash.

  2. Maddie, you are a regular rabel rouser. Save some of your energy for me. I’ll give you a run for your money.

    • Can’t wait for you to get here, Aunt Cathie. Tell Uncle Charlie that I want a ride on his fancy “bicycle”! Maddie

  3. It’s nice to see Maddie and her friends having fun, and getting all of that exercise. Ted must be exhausted!

  4. That is to darn cute!. Even with those short legs, you are still a superdog Maddie. Glad you got to show them who’s really boss! 🙂

  5. I could watch dogs play all day long-such wonderfully cheap entertainment! It’s one of the things I miss most about not teaching my obedience classes…They sure are having fun! Glad Maddie finally got her freedom. She sure is the boss of that pack…

  6. Hey, Boss Maddie,

    It’s so good to see your blog. Thank you. You sure gave me some chuckles this morning. A great way to start my day.

  7. If that was a contest of ‘Who’s the cutest dog?’, there must have been a three way tie for first! Oh, such good pictures. They sure gave Ted a run for his money, didn’t they?! Love your comments, Maddie!

  8. Maddie, my 3 year old granddaughter’s 2nd favorite game on Mackinac Island during rainy days was, “Chase” from her cousins. She’d squeal, “Chase me Andrew, Chase me Andrew”, then “Save me, grama, save me grandma.” Her first favorite game was night time Hide n Seek in the big dark Duffina cottage – squeals and laughter all through the cottage.

  9. Love those animals! We have a Yorkie and our neighbor has a King Charles Spaniel (Brown & White) – they kiss through our fence! “Spike” the little Yorkie loves to go after large dogs and he drives them crazy. They just kind of look at him – like, what is up with you anyway?? Every morning I read your blog before I start my day at work – its so nice to have something so much fun to read! Thank you, Jeani

  10. Brenda, I just want you to know how much I enjoyed this! You are so talented. I sat here and just laughed out loud – I could just see Ted running with Maddie. You also take the best pictures. Thanks for sharing your stories.

    • SO good to hear from you, Patty! I hear ya’ll are really having a hot summer this year. We’re having as especially cool one up here – and I’m so not complaining! Thanks for the comments – I told Ted what you said and he laughed! Bless his heart, he has to put up with me talking about him all the time – he’s a really good sport.

  11. Love your dogs! Bear is too precious. We lost our golden in November at 13 1/2. We have two golden mixes at home (red boys). Can’t forget my sheperd mix either. 😉

    Nine days until we arrive in MI!

    Regen in Louisiana

  12. Maddie I am so glad to see that your Mom made your Dad let you off of your leash!! Looks like you kids had a great afternoon!! Your Mom took some great pictures and I got a good laugh from looking at them and reading your captions!!

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